Friday, October 19, 2018

Khye's Kindy's Graduation & Concert 2018 Welcome Speech

Khye giving a Welcome Speech in his Grad & Concert 2018 - 29 Sep 2018

Khye had been chosen to give the Welcome Speech in his Kindy's Graduation and Concert 2018.

There were 3 student (4 because of twins) representative for the Welcome Speech.
One will be giving a speech in Bahasa Malaysia. And the twins will be giving a speech in Chinese.
As for Khye, his speech will be in English.

We were extremely proud parents to say the least.
Khye wrote the speech together with his headmistress, who guided him on the grammar and structure of his speech. 

I felt that it was a really great experience for Khye.
He learnt to write a speech, and then to memorize it and to practise it again and again.
He now understands what "Practise Makes Perfect" means. ;)

Khye's name in the Program sheet. 

Just 3 days before the concert day, Khye developed quite a bad cough. 
We brought him to see his paed and also let him rest at home. 
Luckily he was all well again and could attend his concert and graduation with a smiling face.

Khye spent 3 years in this Kindy and he obviously was looking forward to this and to enjoy the concert with his friends. 

And now time for his much practised speech.
I was so glad he was so brave enough to speak in front of a thousand audience.
Yes, you heard me right.
One THOUSAND audience consists of daddies, mummies, ah kongs, ah mas, geges, jie-jies, mei-meis, didis. Hahaha.

I love how gungho he was.
He told me his headmistress told him to "talk like a soldier", thus his serious face. Hahaha.

Here are some photos of him while giving his gungho speech.


Anyway, so proud of him.
And so I really need to blog this down so that I can just refer here to see how proud I was of my 6yo! :)

Vern's 3yo BABY SHARK Themed Birthday Party

Vern's 3yo BABY SHARK Birthday Party - 22 July 2018

As I now have 3 kids and 3 birthday parties to plan, I get more and more slack.
For this party, I planned and prepped the deco just a week before. *gulp*
And now the posting of the party. 3 mths late. *erm, sorry guys*

And also thanks to my dearest friend Josie for the jpg of the sharks. 

Made some cupcakes and food toppers and a frame, birthday cake topper, and the compulsary bunting. That was about all.

And last minute, I made the mini golden brown with the "3" for the birthday boy!

As for the awesome one-of-a-kind BABY SHARK Birthday Cake for Vern, click to read all about it.

And look at our ad-hoc Baby Shark Video Invitation. lol.

Prepping of the dessert table was on the morning itself, and we got everything ready by the time the guests started arriving at 12noon.

I always felt that the bunting (except the cake!) is the most important deco of the whole place. It sets the mood.  

A few closed up of the decos I made.

A dish broughy by one of the guest....our good friend Linda and Saiful. ;)
My kids' favourite food. 

One of our little family of 5.

3 of us. 

Birthday boy. 

Vern proudly showing that he is 3 years old with his fingers. 


The 3 brothers *brothers are forever*

With Ah Kong & Pho-pho

With Ah Kong & Ah-Ma

With gramps and Min-yee & Yee-Pho

With mummy & daddy included in it.

Min-yee wanted a photo with him alone.

With our very good friends Justin & family.

With our good friends Linda & Saiful & family. 

With the Mah-s.

With the Cheong-s kaufus and kaumous and yee-yees.

Singing of the birthday song.

A short clip of the birthday song.

Make a wish.
One. Two. Three. Blow.


Presents. :)

Thank you all for coming and thank you for the presents and angpows.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Vern's 3yo BABY SHARK Birthday Cake

Vern's 3yo Baby Shark Birthday Cake

Vern celebrated his 3rd birthday in July and I haven't blogged about it yet. *sweats*

He loves the Baby Shark song from Pink Fong (well, which toddler doesn't?) and so I decorated his cake with Baby Shark theme.

I ordered a plain light blue cake from Brix & Baume. 
See how 'white' it looked? It had just a teeny hint of blue which was actually not noticeable at all. *failed plain cake* 

So I just made do with what I had.
I made the Baby Shark family topper with Daddy Shark, Mummy Shark & Baby Shark and also with the word ' HAPPY BIRTHDAY' on it.

Put some shark gummies around the cake sides and some candies to form the number '3' and stuck 'Yiu-Vern' topper and also 3 candles.

Ta awesome One-of-a-kind BABY SHARK Birthday Cake for Vern.

Very simple cake indeed.
And Vern didn't mind a bit. He was actually very happy to see his favourite sharks cake.

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