Monday, April 4, 2016

Conversation with Khye @ 3 Years Old

I'd started Conversation with Shern updates since Shern was Shern was almost 2+yo.
As Khye could only repeat words after me after he turned 2yo, it was much later than his bro when he could actually expresses his feeling vocally.
But since then, it was no stopping Khye on what he wants to say, until now.

So I would also like to capture some conversation we had with Khye.
I'd kept this blog post in draft form for like half a year or more, adding more as time goes by. So this conversations all took place when Khye turns 3 'til now.

So here hilarious little sunshine Khye.....


Khye HATES the Koolfever patch we put on his forehead when he has a temperature. He calls it 'sick-sick'
So the other day I took out a panty liner (which looks almost the same as the Koolfever patch as it is also white) and Khye saw it so.
Khye: No sick-sick (while covering up his forehead).
Me: No, this is not sick-sick.
I then stick the panty liner onto my panty.
Khye: Oh, mama put sick-sick inside pants.
Me: "_"


Khye loved the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and especially loves the part where the caterpillar ate so many things on Saturday.
So after a meal at home, this is what Khye said while rubbing his big tummy.
Khye: Ahhh....Khye ate so many things, just like the Very Hungry Caterpillar!


I always treat 'please' and 'thank you' as the magic words in the house.
Khye was asking for some Yakult, and so I wanted him to say please.
Me: What is the magic word, Yiu-Khye?
Khye: Abracadabra!
Me: "_"


These days, whenever he doesn't like something, especially while playing with his koko, he would say this.
Khye: Hmmph....I'm not happy with you (and proceeded to walk off in a huff!)
(And after 5 mins or so when nobody went after him)
Khye: Ok, I am happy with you now! (Coz it is soo boring to be angry alone! 😝)


The other day, we heard the conversation between the two brothers and it was hilarious.

Shern: Yiu-Khye, are you a Buddhist or a Christian?
Khye: I am Yiu-Khye.
Shern: I know, so are you a Buddhist or a Christian?
Khye: I am Yiu-Khye only.
Shern: Arrrgghhhhhh.........

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