Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shern Is In The Hospital With Viral Fever

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Shern was having surging high fever the night I came back from KL. His temperature went as high as 39.2 °C (that's 102.56 °F) .

I was sweating as much as him. I was sweating with fear.

After 2 doses of paracetamol and his fever was still hovering at 38.6-38.8 °C, hubby and I sent him to the hospital at 9am on a Saturday.
He was admitted straightaway after arrival when the nurse took his temperature which shows 38.8 °C.

Doctor checked on him and found no rash, no marks, no sore throat, nothing. Which means that it is not HFMD.

Dr. Chiah needed Shern to take a blood test to confirm that it is not dengue fever. It was a painful process to watch 2 nurses holding Shern down while 3 ml of his blood was being taken with Shern howling the place.

Shern was very, very whiny and very, very clingy to me. He refused his milk from the bottle. He only wants my breasts. He refused all food. He refused water.
In the end, I had to feed him water using a syringe which he cries everytime I feed him.

I could not leave the hospital. Hubby and the rest came and went. But I couldn't leave.
I am very thankful that most of the time, there is someone here with me, usually my hubby during the day and ah-yee at night.

This enables me to eat, go to toilet and sleep while knowing that Shern is being attended to.

Today he is better. He ate half a banana, mashed. And also drank milk from the bottle once. However, his cranky-ness is still at its peak.

Like hubby says 'It is not only Shern being admitted to the hospital, it is ALL OF US' :)

I hope both of us can go home tomorrow.

So What Did We Do In KL?

Hubby & I had a little getaway to KL this week. Just a short 3 days 2 nights trip there.

So what did we do there?

Besides attending the seminar, we 'cari makan' in KL. So this post will be mostly about FOOD in KL!

We stayed in Swiss-Garden Hotel which is walking distance to Bukit Bintang. So we were in that vicinity the whole of our trip.

We had tea break at the Food Republic @ Pavilion.
Tasted the horrible RM3 ice-kacang from Desert House that Peter complained non-stop.
But I like my RM5.90 set of Boluo Yau with 2 half-boiled eggs and hot tea from Toast Box.

Ice-Kacang & Boluo Yao Set

Also tried the Fried Oyster aka Oh Chien which is supposedly nice. The KL Oh Chien is the 'dry style' where the eggs are fried dry and wet with sauce like Penang's.

The portion here is reasonable for RM8. Oysters were huge in size but just a few pieces.
I find it OK but hubby didn't quite like it. Maybe because he was full with the Teppan Yaki we had earlier.

Fried Oyster

The Teppan Yaki set we had was RM15. Came with a bowl of soup, drinks and rice. Took the Beef Slice Set. Comes with beansprouts and green vege as well as side dishes.
The Chefs cook for you on the spot and serves it on the hot plate in front of you.


Had another meal at Pavilion. This time is Madam Kwan's.
I've always wanted to try the food there but the place is always packed.
Tried the Nasi Bojari which is their recommendation.
It's Madam's tri-coloured rice with assam prawns, beef rendang and deep fried chicken drumstick.

Portion was huge. But then taste-wise, nothing special. But it is an expensive plate of rice - RM20+.
Hubby tried the Sweet and Sour Fish with a side order of white rice. Nothing special as well except for the price. Pricey at RM20+ and RM1.90 for the rice.

Nasi Bojari & Sweet and Sour Fish with White Rice
However, we both like the service there. Although the place was fully packed, the service there was excellent. Waiters/waitressed were attentive and orders were taken fast. Food was served promptly as well. Iced water were being refilled without being asked.
And when I asked for sambal, they served it on a small plate with some limes. I like it.


After our meal, they also brought a bowl of water with lemon slices for us to wash our hands. I guess all these are the reasons why we pay RM20+ for a bowl of nasi lemak-look-alike! ;)
Before we left the place, Peter spotted Madam Kwan herself and we took a picture with her.

With Madam Kwan's

Next, we also tried the Lot 10 Hutong food court @ Lot 10.
Someone recommended us to eat there as the place is quite new and heard that most of the famous hawkers were there.

Lot 10 Hutong

Saw many people eating the 'tai lok mee'. Could not locate the stall. In the end found out that the dish is called Hokkien-style Mee at the Kim Lian Kee stall. This dish is also recommended by my friend Kah Mun.

Kim Lian Kee Stall and it's 'Tai Lok Mee'

Also tried the Mango Pomelo desert at another stall.

The ice-shaving is not the normal ice. You can really taste the fruity taste in the ice-shaving. I like it. Costs RM8.90 but is good to share. Too big portion and 'jelak' to eat alone.
Mango Pomelo desert

Now, to our luxurious meal. We went to Prego @ The Westin Hotel in KL for lunch.
Yes, to the 5-star hotel for lunch. I was quite sceptical when Kah Mun suggested the place for Italian food because I was afraid we would come out a pauper. But then Kah Mun told us she has the Privilege Card which entitles her to 50% discount. Then I was like 'OK. Let's meet there' :)

So off we went to Prego @ The Westin Hotel, KL.

They served us free appetizer of a big, warm bread with some salsa-like dip. I like the bread. The crust is cristy and the bread inside is warm and soft. I had 2 big slices of it.


We ordered a Carbonara, a spicy-something-pasta and a pizza with the longest list of ingredients in the menu ;)


I like the huge prawn - succulent and tasty. The pasta tasted normal though.
But I like the carbonara pasta. Really tasty and good.

As for the pizza, I didn't quite like the mushroom-y taste although usually I love all kinds of mushrooms. And I find too many olives on the pizza. I hate olives.
But then the Tiramisu was to die-for. Really big serving of tiramisu in a glass. It was only RM10.50 after discount. Real value-for-money.


We couldn't finish the pizza. Had them packed it up for Kah Mun's hubby and we were asked to sign a paper which states something like this 'Pls don't blame us if you get stomach ache or food poisoning if you eat this take-away' :P
We were really very full after that.

Take-away Pizza

We wanted to dine at one of the restaurants in Starhill Gallery initially. The place was so beautiful. Every restaurant has its own decorations and it is really special.
Look at the beautiful decorations.

Deco at Starhill Gallery Restaurants

We didn't dine there in the end because I could not put my heart to spend so much on just a meal. Saw a Chinese Restaurant there which has a menu that says 'RM599++ per person for the whole abalone'.

I was like 'per person?'. shit. We ran for our lives.

However, we had another luxury break. The Godiva Cafe @ Pavilion.

I couldn't resist chocolate. And when Kah Mun says the chocolates there are real good, I decided to try it out. Have something.

These delicious luxury chocolates are around RM10+ per piece. Hahaha.

The price explains why I didn't buy them.

All I had was a Godiva Hot Dark Chocolate drink.

Godiva Dark Chocolate

They serve the chocolate drink in a teapot with a candle stand so that it will remain warm all the time. Ahhh....

I like it. Wanted to order the chocolate ice-blended initially but then I was cold. So ordered the hot one instead.

That was basically what we did in KL. Eat. Eat. Eat.

2 of us

So did we buy anything back?

Hubby bought a book for himself.

I bought 4 tops and 1 pants for Shern, all at 50% off. And 2 books for Shern. Oh, and also a set of cutlery for Shern at 40% off.

Nothing for myself. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yiu-Shern - 8 months

22 Feb 2010

Yiu-Shern's 8 months Milestone

Government Clinic
We did not bring Shern to see Dr. Chiah this month for check-up because there are no immunisations needed. So instead, I brought him to the Tg. Bungah Gov Clinic for a weigh in and measurement.

Shern's growth measurement:
Age - 8 months @ 8 Feb 2010
Weight - 8.80 kg
Length/Height - 72 cm
Head Circumference - 47cm

Shern gained only 0.3 kg. Looks like his weight gain is now becoming more stable and gradual. However, he shot up 3cm in length.

Hair Cut
Shern cut his hair for the 4th time on the 27 Jan 2010. I prefer his hair short because his hair texture is spiky and hard and thus all stand up when they are too long.
Furthermore, the weather is so hot nowadays so it is more cooler to have short hair. And I also think Shern looks smart in short hair ;)

Achievement Month
This month is achievement month indeed.
Crawl - Shern started learning how to crawl earlier this month, and within just 2 weeks, he could crawl all over pretty well.
And by the end of the month, Shern was able to pull up to standing position. Whoahhh....
Teething - Shern's Upper Teeth both left and right Laterel Incisors are out. His Lower Teeth left Lateral Incisor tooth is also out. (pls click for Shern's Tooth Chart update)

At the end of the month, Shern fell sick for the first time in his life. I did blog about it earlier as well.

We received a used walker from one of our relatives. Shern got pretty excited being inside it initially, playing with the toys at the front. However, after awhile he got bored with the toys and whined to be carried out of the walker.

Well, it seems like he doesn't really like being in the walker although we tried putting him in many times. To him, it is like being in jail. Maybe because he already knows how to crawl and thus prefer his mobility using his whole legs than just pushing about in his walker.

Well, it is better this way as walkers of this kind is supposed to be dangerous for babies/toddlers.

9 Feb 2010
Funny Faces
Shern likes doing funny faces. Sometimes it tickles us so much when he was caught on candid camera for his funny antics.

13 Feb 2010

7 Feb 2010

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window? Woof! Woof!
Mum always sings to Shern this song whenever she brings this toy doggy out for Shern to play. Shern seems to like it.

6 feb 2010
Another toy he likes is the Bouncing Cow which belongs to his cousin, Chao Chao. Shern likes to bite the cow's ears and when being sitted on top of it, he bounces his bon-bon too. Ooohh..shake your bon-bon, Shern! :)

16 Feb 2010

Shern Is Getting Really Tall/Long
Look how tall/long Shern is now. Last time, he used to be just a teeny weeny 'lil baby that fits nicely in our arms. Now everone is having difficulty carrying him to sleep. His legs are long.

16 Feb 2010

Mummy & Son Bonding
I get to spend lots of time with Shern. And when I see Shern smiles, I get all happy.

9 Feb 2010

Below pic is taken at QBM.

6 Feb 2010

I Believe I Can Fly
I love these two photos of Shern flying!

20 Feb 2010

More of Shern

Here ar more photos of Shern. Look how much he has grown!

6 & 20 Feb 2010
20 Feb 2010

3 Of Us
Lastly, a photo of the 3 of Us.

7 Feb 2010

How Is Mummy Doing?

My period came after 8 whole months! :)

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

This week Bake Of The Week is Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins adapted from

Actually Pat was asking me to bake her some sour-ish lemon-y desert during dinner at Starview. I did not promise her anything. But when I was home on Monday afternoon, I searched the internet for some easy-to-make lemon recipes and I found one which calls for ingredients which I already have.

Flour. Butter. Eggs. Sugar. Baking Powder. Salt. Poppy Seeds. Lemons.

Recipe calls for 2 lemons but I only had one. Well, I just made-do with what I have. I tried to squeeze as much juice as I could from the one lemon I have. And to make the muffins more lemon-y, I also poured in 1/2 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice in the batter.

Which means I only have very little lemon juice left for my lemon glaze. Totally out from the recipe.

Nicely browned and burst top muffins fresh from the oven.
Fresh from the oven to the wire rack for cooling

With sugared lemon glaze

The smaller green containers are for friends and the big container is for family of course. My family has many mouths and they are big fans of my bakes, you know! :)

All packed ready for friends and family

Pat says they were yummy. But lemon glaze a little sweet for her. Not sure if they are really yummy to her or she just simply praise in hope for more deserts from me ;P

Giving some to Angie for her little boy Ee Jay. And the rest will be gobbled up by the Tan Family :)