Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Huggies Dry Pants: Change For Better Convenience’ Roadshow!

*this is a sponsored post

Hello to all mummies and daddies out there!
Let me give you a shoutout for
upcoming "Huggies Dry Pants: Change for Better Convenience" roadshow happening from 25 February 2013 to 3 March 2013 at Mydin USJ!
My kids and I have always loved all these roadshows. They usually promises us a good time there, with
live performances, special promotions, giveaways, games, magic tricks and activities to keep us entertained. There is always something for everyone!

And also not to forget that there will be free samples of Huggies Dry Pants and lots of chances to win goodies!

Where: Concourse, Mydin USJ
When: 25 February 2013 (Monday) until 3 March 2013 (Sunday)
Special Announcement: There will be sessions of the Huggies 30 Second Diaper Change Challenge and performances every day at 10.30am, 2.00pm and 8.00pm.

See if your baby can do this wearing this Huggies Dry Pants! I'm sure Khye can't YET though! ;)

The grand finale will be happening on Sunday 3 March 2013 at 8.00pm – 9.00pm! 
You should check it out if you are in KL!  

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review: Storksak Emily Diaper Bag

My sis, Shu-Wen bought me this fabulous Storksak Emily Diaper Bag.
It's like one of the branded bag around and is a pretty expensive diaper bag.

OK, let me tell you why I super duper love this diaper bagbag.

First of all, it doesn't scream 'diaper bag'. I hate diaper bags which have cartoons pictures on it, or with bold bright colours. All I wanted is a nice 'adult bag' which is practical and plenty of space for me to keep all my baby stuff.
And Storksak Emily just fits the bill! Simply and classy. Need I say more?

Secondly, it is lightweight. It barely weighs anything when it is all empty inside and is just the bag. It just doesn't make sense to have a heavy diaper bag because as you all know, we put a gazillion things inside the diaper bags. So imagine carrying a ton of things and also the weight of the bag.
This Storksak Emily is lightweight and thus I am happy that the weight I am carrying are all the stuff I've put in and just a little more.

Although lightweight, this back is very roomy medium-sized diaper bag. Not too small and not too large. It has plenty of pockets and space for everything.
I love the many pockets On the inside are two larger pockets, one mobile pocket, two smaller ones, and a zippered pocket for your valuables.  Also a detachable inner bag

Look at the stuff I put inside the bag.
In one of the large pockets, I've got 5 diapers in there, and in the other I've got a change of clothes for Khye, a bib, a pair of booties and mittens, and a hat.
In the smaller pocket, Ive for a pack of wipes and I put my Bottom Balm tub and hand sanitizer in the other smaller pocket.
And I put my mobile in the mobile pocket.
In the zippered pocket, I've got a pacifier in there (though Khye is not using it). And I keep my money and credit cards in the detachable inner bag.
After all these, in between the pockets there are still space for me to put in the padded changing mat, a nursing cover, a recycle bag, a change of clothes for Shern, and also a small Tupperware of snacks for Shern.
Look at all that!

I wish the changing pad that comes with it is a little less bulky. But if you see it another way, though a little bulky, it is well padded and generously sized at 23 ½ by 14 inches.

And my most favourite feature and these 2 built-in thermo insulated bottle holder on each side, hidden yet my bottles are kept insulated.
In it I can keep Khye's warm bottle of milk, and also Shern's bottle of water. I can keep one side warm, and the other cold if I like it, coz they are separated. Yay!

And on the outside of the bag there are two zippered pockets. I sometimes keep the hanky there as well for easy retrieval.
But most of the time I keep my personal stuff here. This is where I keep my mobile and also my car keys.

This bag is made with soft nylon fabric inside out and is easy to clean.
With this material, water spilled outside will not be soaked in, but will just ran off the side of the bag. I spilled some milk on my bag and was glad to see the milk juz ran off the side of the bag.

And it comes with a leather bottom which I love.
There was once I put my bag on top of a wet floor which I did not notice. When I noticed it, I quickly took my bag off the floor and was glad that water did not seeped into the bag because of the leather bottom.

I also like the long adjustable shoulder strap with contrast stitching. And the workmanship is good too. I also like the gold metal buckle and rings that made this bag so simple, yet classy.

I hand it behind the stroller most of the time if Khye sleeps in it. But I need to remember to take it off when I wanted to wheel the stroller up the escalator, because is is dangerous to balance the weight of the baby in the stroller with an addition of the diaper bag as well.

And best of all, I feel that the straps have great weight distribution and didn't hurt my shoulders although heavy. Yes, it is heavy for I put a gazzilion things inside, not to mention water bottles in there as well. But even carrying it around for hours, I do not feel the strain or that it hurt my shoulders. Fantastic.

What I like to see improved is that I wish that the zip opening of the bag is a little larger. Sometimes it can be difficult to get what you need when you are in a hurry.
And then of course I wish this bag is not so expensive. In Malaysia, it is selling for about ~RM500, which I find is rather expensive for the average mums. But on the other hand, the Allerhand diaper bags are also in the same price range.

Anyway, I wanna give a kiss to my sis, Wen for buying me this bag. ;)

***Please take note that this post is NOT sponsored. I received this bag as a gift from my sister. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).

Monday, February 25, 2013

Breastfeeding with Khye - Part 3 (5 months)

So much changes since my last update 2 months ago.
From trying to increase back my supply, I am now trying to reduce my supply. What an irony.
Let me explain by saying why.

After getting the Medela Calma teat, Khye suckles better, but he still prefers my boobs than the bottle. This is how I know: When I'm not around, Khye drinks very little from the bottle. He actually just drinks just enough to survive, which is like 1-2oz for the whole afternoon. And the moment I stepped into the door and whipped out my boobs, he suckles like crazy. What about that?

I can laugh all I want, but it is actually not funny at all. This means that I am quite stressed when I am out, as I try not to go out too long, as I know my baby is hungry while waiting for me.Which means that I can't travel without my baby. Boo hoo.

I've tried all methods. I tried being the badass mummy, and didn't care and just shove the bottle into Khye's mouth when it is feeding time. But he wouldn't take it. At most an oz or so and then he would cry as if we were torturing him. He's a grumpy baby when it comes feeding time. He is really much happier without the bottle. He won't scream 'hungry murder'. He would just be his normal happy chappy baby after drinking that oz.

So therefore, I gave up. No, I did not give up breastfeeding him. I just gave up shoving the bottle into his mouth. It is alright that he just take an oz or two and stop. It is alright that he just drinks enough to survive until I'm home and then he suckles like sucker fish.

Khye is so chubby he can go on diet a little. Hehe. Oh ya, did I mention that he weighs 9.05kg @ 5 months. I was like 'oh golly' when I read the weighing scale at the paeds.

So for the past 2 weeks or so, I've been just direct latching him almost all of the time.
And if I do go out for a few hours, I'd just go, and I know he is alright because I'll just feed on demand. If he doesn't want it when I'm not home, and he is not crying, then is ok. And when I'm home, I'll just latch him on.

23 February 2013

Since it has been 5 mths and my milk supply should be rather established by now. So these days, I tried not to express too much. I want my supply to just be enough for Khye's demand. So I just express to relieve engorgement. I know direct latching him would be enough to meet his demand.

But by trying to reduce my supply in these 2 weeks, I experienced a blocked duct once last week. I felt a lump on my right breasts and it was painful around the area. I got a bit scared and quickly tried massaging it every time I latched on Khye, and I also tried to express it out. I didn't want it to get worse and having a mastitis, which sounds so scary to me.
I was lucky and it was gone in 1-2 days. Phew.

So since Khye drinks not much nowadays, all my frozen ebm has been donated out. I'd donated about 10 bottles (~50oz) to a stranger mum, and 60 bottles (~300 oz) to a mummy friend. I'll be continuing to donate that the mummy friend every time I have extras which Khye couldn't finish.
I feel good donated it out to a friend in need.

Ok, so let's look at Khye @ 5 months @ 9.05kg ;)
22 February 2013

I'm not worried that Khye is all roundy and chubby now as he is fully on breastmilk. Because I know that once he gets mobile, he would be all slim and thin then (just look at his bro!).
So now I'm just gonna devour and appreciate all the roundness of Khye!

Monday, February 18, 2013

My 31st Birthday

Yes, I am this old already. Haha.
I actually celebrated my birthday end of last month, and I didn't have the time to sit around blogging about it.

Anyway, on my birthday, many people asked me what did hubby got for me for my birthday. I guess many wondered how hubby could top the great itinerary for my 28th birthday, the iPhone he got for me on my 29th birthday, making me suddenly having one of the most trendiest handphone around, and the precious Tiffany & Co's 18k Gold Pendant he got me for reaching the big three zero

Tada...hubby gave me nothing this year! Haha.
To be honest, it is not nothing. He gave me a wonderful day and made me feel extra special on that day, but he didn't get me anything physical.
And was I disappointed? Well, actually NO.

We are like this. We don't really give each other anything on special days all the time. We do it once in a while. Sometimes we just went out for a meal or have a little date together, and we would feel all lovey-dovey and happy that we take time off to spend some to with each other.

But we did have some makan celebration for our tummy, started off with Haagen-Dazs, as a pre-birthday treat, thanks to the postcard from Haagen-Dazs stating that the birthday girl gets 30% off any purchase.
So the whole extended family tagged along and had some yummy ice-creams.
One order per person, no sharing allowed! Wow, we felt really good 'coz we could eat the whole ice-cream all by ourselves!

Shern was so happy eating my free scoop of ice-cream. haha.

Below is a rare photo of just the two of us.
Yes, being parents of 2 kids now, we rarely take couple pics. Usually are of the kids or with the kids. So below photo is a treasured photo taken by my beloved sis.
Thanks Min.
28 January 2013

Oh ya, hubby actually did planned a Surprise Birthday Party for me of my ex-schoolmates at Edo Ichi on my birthday itself. But due to his lack of planning skills, it backfired and thus, no surprise party! haha. But I love him for that even though it backfired!
So ended up only the whole family went to Edo Ichi for a feast! We ate so much that we were entitled for the member card! Woo hoo!
29 January 2013

The birthday girl *ahem* with my favourite New York Cheesecake.

Look at Shern eyeing at my cake. He couldn't wait to blow the candles! haha.
Eh, min, where's the video?

Look at our feast at Edo Ichi!
Still lovin' the salad there. Best!

No wonder I'm like so fat now. Sigh.

And then I went to Gurney Plaza at bought myself all the macarons flavours available at Valerie. Costs me RM72. Really pokai.
But my gosh, it was really delicious.
I remembered eating some of bad macarons at someone's party and it tasted so sweet, I felt diabetic.
But the ones in Valerie was super delicious. But really expensive.
I love the Earl Gray flavour the most.

This is the failed surprise party. Hubby postponed it and only 2 of them could make it. Thanks Shuey and MY. Well, it was good too. We had fun trying out almost everything Small Potato had on their Appetizer menu. :)
Nothing beats childhood school friends!

And not to forgot my crafty friends who celebrated it with me at Victoria Rossa. Their scones were good. Tea was good too, but I didn't really like the atmosphere there. Victoria Rossa was all high and mighty. We ordered clotted cream to go with our scones and the serving served was so little that we almost laughed out loud. It was like just a pinch of it, seriously.
And they only refilled our teapot once. More than that and you've gotta pay for it. First time I've heard of a place not refilling hot water for your tea. Wow, it was as if hot water is super expensive!

But Cindy and Josie made up for it. We had fun chatting and talking about everything on earth, including breastfeeding and such. Haha. It was good!

And best of all is that they gave me one of my favourite things at the moment! Washi tapes! Haha!
I'm super washi-fied!
I ordered some from them already but they gave me an extra 8 more. Eight. E I G H T washi tapes for free. So generous of them!
Ain't they beautiful?
Ok, you can get it from Cardpuccino too. Just don't buy all the nice ones. Leave some for me!

And all this sums up my birthday celebration.
Oh ya, my sis gave me a lipstick. Yes, really time to change my lipstick. The last one I had I'd been using it for more than 10 years! Eeewww....:)

Ok, now I'm counting down for my birthday next year!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shern on Rapid Penang Bus

I had promised Shern ages ago that I'll bring him sit the Rapid Penang bus. So sometime last month, we finally brought him for a to and fro bus trip.

Shern got pretty excited about it. Woke up and was in a good mood. I changed him into a cotton t-shirt and shorts and sandals so that it won't be so hot. And with a bottle of water in hand, he was good to go.
13 Jan 2013

Yes, we needed to drive to the bus stop. Although it wasn't that far away, it was too hot walking to the bus stop at 10.30am.
So 3 of us (Khye stayed at home 'coz he was too little for such expeditions!) together with Pho-pho took the car to the bus stop. Lol.

The sun was glaring and shone right onto us at the bus stop. It was too hot to be sitting there, so what did we do?

We stood behind the bus stop to avoid the scorching sun! Haha.

Barely 5 minutes later, the bus arrived.
Our plan was to take the bus to Komtar. Have some lunch there, then we would take the bus home.
The bus fare was RM1.20 for each adult. Shern rode for free.

Shern got a sit, and the first thing he asked was 'Where is the seat belt?'
It was kinda difficult to tell him that there are no seat belts in the public bus, because I'd always told him that without wearing a seat belt, he would fly off! But luckily he did not question me much when I said no seat belts here.

But for that seat the window was behind him, so it was difficult for him to view out.

Then hubby found a seat somewhere behind and Shern quickly got into his lap.
He had a better view out the window then and he was happy. ;)

I somehow loved this overexposed photo of the 3 of us, so I will just post it here. Hehe.

We let Shern pressed the bell and we got down at Penang Road, just outside the Ong Kongsi.
I grew up at my grandma's house behind this road and so I had some photos taken at this Ong Kongsi before. So mum suggested that we take some photos there as well.

Then Shern asked me to take a photo of him with a bus just outside the Ong Kongsi. :)

We then walked over to Prangin Mall and had lunch at the JL Gourmet.

A photo of hubby & me.

After that I went to Parkson Grand's nursing room to express my milk (the fate of the breastfeeding mum when Khye is not with me!), while mum, hubby & Shern browsed around waiting for me.

After I'd finished, it was almost 1.30pm and Shern was tired because it was his nap time.
So we walked over to the Komtar Bus Terminal to wait for our bus.

Saw a board which tells you which lane to wait in for your bus. The board was quite detailed and clear.

And then I was so surprised and impressed to see this electronic board which tells you which lanes' buses are arriving in 5 mins or less. I guess they have a GPS system of some sort installed in all Rapid Penang buses. 
The only thing is that the board is quite small. We were in Lane 1 so we could read the board well. If you are at Lane 5 or so, then it would be too far for you to read the board.
But nevertheless, I was still impressed with Rapid Penang.

And just like just now, our bus arrived in 5 mins which we knew after reading the electronic board.

In the bus, Shern fell asleep and woke up by me to press the bell.
It was a good trip and Shern was happy to be able to sit in a bus! ;)