Monday, December 29, 2008

17 weeks old

My little angel is about palm-size now, with a crown (or top) of the head to the rump (or bottom) length of about 5 inches.

This week, little angel is all about practice, practice & practice in preparation for birth. One important skill my little angel is practising is sucking and swallowing - to get ready for that first suckle at my breast.

3 Gorgeous Christmas Presents

I know it is a little too late to declare my christmas presentss. Well, I don't always receive christmas presents, but this year I am so happy to receive not only three of them but three GORGEOUS presents.

1) L'Occitane en Provence - from Chiao Ju
I received a mini collection L'Occitane products which consist of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, soap and hand cream (phew!) from Chiao Ju.
They are simply marvelous. This is my first time using L'Occitane products and I'm already addicted to them. The after-smell is kinda like a 'baby smell' and I love it!

(notice the cute card came with it? It is a ballerina. Note those shoes. I love ballet shoes!)

2) Photo album with baby pictures in it - from Mun Yi
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw those photos. Mun Yi really took so much trouble to search for almost 50 different photos from the net and have them developed to put them inside the album. The baby photos are so cute. I can't stop looking at them!

Don't believe me? Look at some of them yourself...

3) Scrapbooking materials - from Mindy
Mindy got me pregnancy scrapbooking materials from Smidapaper. How thoughtful of her! Eh..mind u. Those few bits of papers/stickers are expensive! I laugh just by reading some of the stickers which read 'Push!', 'Timing the Contractions!', 'Finally Here', etc...hehe.
I can't wait to scrap!

(photos were taken using my Nokia mobile so they are not so clear...pls pardon me!)

This year no Christmas presents from darlin' as usual. Haha. No complains because I didn't get him anything too :P
Darl...I will be waiting for my birthday present next month! :D

Sunday, December 28, 2008

'Followers' widget

I added a 'Followers' widget at the top right sidebar in my bog. Those who are my fans can click 'follow this blog' and your small profile pic will be added into my blog.

Just wanna try this out. It should be fun to know who are my fans :D

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Langkawi Anniversary Photos - Sneak Peek!

Remember our Langkawi Anniversary getaway end of Nov? Well, thanks to Win Win and John Kay, we have some amazing photos.

I don't have all the photos yet, but below are some previews Win Win gave me:
Pls excuse my big tummy. I was 8 weeks pregnant at that time. :P

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Minor yeast infection / 16 weeks 5 days old

My checkup appointment was not due yet until 2 weeks later but I had some itchiness in my vagina area and thus wanted to seek out treatment before it got really bad.
And sure enough, Dr. Eric said there is a minor yeast infection. He said it is nothing serious and a tablet will clear it.

Little angel is now 16 weeks and 5 days old according to his size during the ultrasound. Dr. Eric saw his willy again. I couldn't see it as my eyes were not trained to read the ultrasound screen and when Dr. Eric tried to point it out to me and darlin', little angel got shy again and crossed his legs.

My blood test results are out and everything is normal which I am happy. :D

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mixed Feelings

I guess some people are angry at me for not letting them know I am pregnant before I announce it to the whole world in my blog. Am i bothered by them?
I would lie if I say No. I am actually. A little.

I actually told a handful of people about my pregnancy beforehand. This handful of people are mostly my family and relatives of course.

But then I still think I have the right to choose who I wish to tell it to. I should not let them make me feel guilty.

One of my friend told me she was hurt by not knowing beforehand. And when I told her the reason, she said I am giving excuses. Actually, everything that I said she felt that they are excuses.
Anyway, I realized that she was so busy feeling hurt and angry that she did not congratulate me on my pregnancy at all.

And now as we are all matured, i feel bothered by all these 'childish behaviour'.
Most of my good friends were not angry at me for finding out about my pregnancy through my blog. They congratulate me without hesitation the moment they see me online or they leave congratulatory messages in my blog comments section.
So why should she feel this way?

Anyway, I feel good to type this. It is a nice feeling to let this off my chest.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Island Hospital Maternity Package

Took a few brochures from Island Hospital during our last checkup. We wanted to plan our budget and thus looked at some of the maternity packages available.

The rates above does not include all the extras...not even forceps nor episiotomy. Everything else will be considered additional charges.

I would say it is rather expensive if we were to choose single room accomodation. We are not sure if husband are permitted to stay overnight if we choose 2-bedded room.

We plan to ask for a tour of the maternity ward sometime soon and we will then decide.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Updates! Updates!

Phew...time passes by so fast! In a blink of an eye, my CFP Module 1 exams is just around the corner. Sunday morning 14th Dec to be exact.
I've been super busy preparing for my exams (who believes me by the way? :P) that I don't have much time for anything else.

Suddenly, I feel like blogging. Blogging about all the updates in my life for the past few months. One by one....*drum roll* please....

2 Years Anniversary
Peter & I celebrated our 2 years of marriage (ROM) 2 days ago. We didn't actually go out for dinner. We just stayed at home to talk and hug and kiss. Nothing beats the feeling of being near your loved one.

Weddings - Carol & Chia Loon / Justin & Siow Sen
One of my best friend and also Peter's best friend's 'Picking Up the Bride' session fell on the same day 7th Dec 2008. It must be a very auspicious day.
We are so happy to see both couples tying the knot with their soulmates.

Lumut Trip with Family
8 of us spent 3 days in Lumut just for pure R&R. (Parents, Ah Yee, Min, Peter & I, Jia Li & Jia May) Weather was good and we caught many siput. Erm...correction...we did not 'catch' the siput. The waves just washed them ashore just for us! :)

Little Miracle in my Stomach
Last news to update all of you. Yours truly is now 14 weeks pregnant! :D
Didn't want to spread the news earlier because I was still in the 1st trimester and pregnancy was not stable yet.
Please don't expect to see me in pregnancy clothes or looking huge.
You can hardly know I am can hardly see the bump! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's a BOY! - 14 weeks 3 days old

Dr. Eric showed us little angel's willy today. He spread his legs apart and we could see it clearly and it looks huge to me. ;0)
Then when I asked to see it for the 2nd time, little angel turned shy and crossed his legs and refused to show us anymore.

Mum said it is pretty early to know the gender as little angel is only 14 weeks 3 days old. But I guess it is easier to detect a little boy compared to a little girl as boys have willies.

Peter is so happy. He said he is gonna pass down all his cartoon DVDs (transformers, masked rider, iron man, pokemon, etc) to his son.
Dad should be happy too to have a grandson to accompany him to play pingpong many years later :D

Dr. Eric also scheduled me for a bloodtest for antenatal screening (he already instructed me to go fasting during the last checkup). The nurse at the lab is very good. Usually my blood veins are very slim and it is difficult to find it, but he did it after awhile (not long in fact!). Great job!