Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yiu-Khye - Week 2

...growing even in his sleep


Khye's bilirubin level continued to go up. It showed a reading of 214 when we took him to the Tg Bungah gov clinic for testing on 21 Sep, Friday. The next day, we noticed Khye was more yellow. And the gov clinic is closed on weekends, so we couldn't get any bilirubin reading done.
So we decided to bring Khye to Island Hospital to see Dr. Dan.

Khye was then admitted to Island Hospital for phototheraphy on 22 Sep, Sat. His bilirubin reading was 256 the next day and then dropped down to 186 and then 164. He then got discharged but his reading went up again to 192 on 27 Sep, Thu.

Dr. Dan did mention now that Khye is more than 10 days old, it is not harmful if jaundice level is below 250. So now we are continueing to monitor him and also to sunbathe him (praying for sun and less rain). And I pray that it is not breastmilk jaundice like his brother, in which he was yellow for more than a month.

Of Poo-s and Pee-s

Khye poos and pees about 15 to 20 times a day. I know, coz he wears lampin during the day, and thus I could count the number of diapers he changes.
Everytime he pees, there is usually a small amount of poo inside it. So even if he wears disposable diapers, I still need to change it so frequently. The only difference is that I get more broke if I use disposables. :)
His stools is golden yellow in colour, in which his peds said is a good colour, and getting him to poo more is actually good to get rid of his jaundice. But by the number of lampins need to be washed each day, I think he is doing very well.


Khye is still on mummy's milk. He is like a little piranha and he latched on rather roughly at times. At the hospital, the nurses there spoon-fed him 4oz of my ebm. My little baby gobbling up 4oz of ebm......that's a big appetite for a less than 2 weeks old baby!
I need to make sure my milk production can keep up with my baby's appetite.

Back at home, he is on direct latch so I have no idea how much he suckles, but i assume he must have 3-4oz every time. Anyhow, as long as he seems contented after every feed, then it should be alright. Sometimes, he could not drain both my breasts, so I need to express out after his feed, and this is how I manage to store up to 20+ bottles of ebm in my freezer.

Little Toe on his Left Leg

We noticed Khye's little toe on his left leg was scratched when Khye was discharged from Island Hospital on 25 Sep, Tue. The next day, we noticed that his little toe was swollen. We got a little alarmed and brought him to see peds on Thursday. Dr. Dan said he had no choice but to start him on antibiotics as it was quite bad. We were told to monitor him and in case it got worse, then to bring him back on Sat.
It looks OK but we still brought him back to see the peds. Dr. Dan then reassured us it is getting better and asked us to continue with the meds and to apply Fucidin cream on it.


Khye has been an angel, really. He sleeps well on his own in his secure sleeper bed, and don't really need to be carried. He could just lie down there quietly by himself.
At night, he sleeps well and wake up every 3-4 hourly for feed. Sometimes 2 hourly if he fuses. Overall, he sleeps well and is well rested.


Khye had a photoshoot with Karen Sim from K Studio. The photo above is by her and is so pretty, I love it so much. More photos to be shared later.

How Is Mummy Doing?

I am basically fine, other than a little infection on my c-sec wound. But it has been much better with antibiotic. As this confinement period is less stressful, thus I am more relaxed and I believe this is why I have more milk compared to the previous time. And coupled with breastfeeding knowledge from my experience, I am producing more milk this round.

However, I am kinda feeling bored staying at home. I'm so glad 2 weeks is over. 2 more weeks to go and I'm free!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yiu-Shern - 39 Months

This is my big boy at 3 years & 3 mths old, cheeky as ever.

22 September 2012 - 3 years & 3 mths old


He has not been growing any heavier much these days. We stand on our home weighing scale every night before sleep, and he is about 14kg.
But he has grown so much taller. We have this free height measurement sticker that we stick on our wall and I measure Shern's height from time to time. The last i measured him, he was about 97cm tall! He is shooting up well so far.


Shern has been loving school, though he never really talk to me about what he does in school. Everytime I ask him 'What did you do in school today?', his answer would be 'play toys'. Haha. But anyway, my aim was to let him learn through play, so is ok. After all, Shern is only 3yo. I plan to let him have all the childhood he can have!

Since I'm in confinement now, hubby has been preparing Shern for school every day. I'm so proud of both of them. Proud of hubby because he could handle him, and proud of Shern coz he behaves very well.


Shern has been eating quite well. His new favourite is fried rice. I can put in french beans n carrots (chopped into small pieces) and yet he still eats them. Then Shern would declare to everyone proudly that he iseating his vege! Haha
And of course he still loves his eggs or any black sauce (tau ewe bak sauce). And one hawker food he likes is beehoon koay chiap. This hawker food is not easily found in Penang. But whenever we frequent the stall in Kuching Lane, Shern loves it. It's about the only hawker food he really fancies.\\

Big Brother

Shern is promoted to Bog Brother title after Khye is born. Shern has not yet really grasp the significance of having a baby at home yet, because for now during confinement period, Shern is in my mum's house.
But whenever he sees baby Khye, he would pat him to sleep, and also asks that he carries baby. There was even several times he sang to Khye, and I am amused to see that he uses a soft, whisper-y voice when he sings to Khye!

This is what Shern did when I told him to smile to the camera. Then I asked him to smile again with his eyes open. It seems that whenever he smiles big, he needs to close his eyes! Hehe.

22 September 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yiu-Khye - Week 1

19 September 2012

Khye is nursing very well. He is quite clever and could latch on pretty good even on his first day. I'm happy because he should be getting the colostrum he needed on his first few days before my milk kicked in.

In a blink of an eye, Khye is 1 week old. How time flies.
My hefty 3.99 kg baby looks like this on his first day of birth.
14 September 2012 - 1 day old

We took some family photos at the hospital.
Khye with Mummy & Daddy - 14 September 2012
Khye with Shern koko and Mummy & Daddy - 14 September 2012

Faces of Khye

And in just a week, he has got so much facial expressions.
15 September 2012

 17 &18 September 2012

 19 September 2012

21 September 2012


After being under phototherapy for his jaundice, Khye's bilirubin level dropped from 256 to 164. Dr. Dan then announced that he can go home on 19 Sep 2012. We were so rejoiced hearing this.

How is Mummy Doing?

This time around, time passes by more quickly than Shern's time. Maybe because I'm more experience and know what to expect. And I didn't have the post-partum blues like what I had during Shern's time. 

I did what I could to minimize the occurrence of the baby blues. I took single-bedded room to get more rest, and also hubby stayed with me to give me support.
With more rest and a positive attitude, I could express more milk. At only Day 5 post delivery, I could express 5oz of milk! I'm so proud of myself!

During Shern's time, everything was pretty chaotic at home.
Overall, I'm a more happy mum, and so much less stressful being a second-time mum! ;)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hello World, meet Khye

Name: Lim Yiu-Khye (林优恺)
Gender: Boy
Born on: 14 September 2012
Weight: 3.99 kg (8 lbs 12 oz)
Length / Height: 54 cm
Head Circumference: 35 cm

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pregnancy Hemorrhoids/Piles Is Killing Me - Week 39

Week 39 - 11 September 2012

I'm in Week 39 already and 'Lil Bub is still sitting comfortably in my tummy.
But I'm not so comfortable now.

Starting this week, my hemorrhoids/piles are getting worse, and it is really bothering me. I don't use to have piles. But during this pregnancy, I'm starting to have them because I am carrying baby very low throughout my whole pregnancy.

But when I went to see gynae yesterday, Dr. Eric says 'Lil Bub's head is engaged so low that we can't even see the top of his head in the ultrasound scan. So this means the baby's head is really giving me the pressure down there. The continuous pressure from the baby is pushing everything down, thus pushing those piles out. He assures me they will get better after delivery. Sigh. I certainly hope so.

With the baby's head so low, no wonder it hurts down there when I try to lift my legs, so I had difficulty wearing my pants. And my whole belly is also getting so low that i need to walk with my two feet apart, and so I waddle.

And the scan shows baby is 4.1kg. Omg. But doctor says it is not that accurate, and baby should be about 3.8kg only. And then baby head is still big. When I heard about this, I was like, oh no....can I still push him out?

But the best news of all is that 'Lil Bub finally turned and faces back! Yay!
I'm still 3cm dilated and doctor says my cervix is now as soft as 'tauhu hua', which means I'm like super ready to give birth.

Doctor says there is no need for intervention yet (inducement) because my water level is still good, and there is no high blood pressure or whatsoever. And he said he thinks 'Lil Bub should be coming out this week. Well, he had said that for the past 2 weeks and it isn't happening yet! Lol.

Anyway, if 'Lil Bub is still being stubborn, then I would be admitted next week and intervention will happen. So we will see.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fabulous Pressies from Wen

Storksak Emily in Black
I was eyeing this Storksak Emily for quite many weeks already.  What stopped me from buying is that it is a tad expensive. Ok, it is an expensive diaper bag, and I was looking for further discounts or something to pop up.

And so I was really, really, really surprised when I saw a big parcel arrived at my doorstep yesterday. I knew I didn't order anything online that would arrive so early. And when I opened the parcel and saw this bag, I was ecstatic. And I couldn't believe it when I read the little card that came with it that reads it is from my sis, Shu-Wen, who is in South Africa.

And she not only got me this diaper bag, she also got me a Flyebaby Portable Seat for 'Lil Bub. This seat is supposed to have many uses, and creates a comfortable and safe seat for baby.

I haven't really checked into this product so I won't say too much about it yet. I will most probably do a review of some sort on this when 'Lil Bub has a chance to use it for awhile.

But now I feel like I'm the trendiest mum around. Haha. 'Lil Bub has got many gadgets waiting for him to use and I know I'm going to love this new trendy diaper bag of mine.

Thanks Wen for the super, duper, nice pressies.
I love these pressies, but I love you more. Can't wait to see you in March!

Info and Photo Source:

p/s - Read all about my review on this Storksak Emily Diaper Bag!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Scrapbooking: Recent Creation

Since 'Lil Bub decided not to come out yet, I still have time to finish a scrapbooking layout today.  This is the layout I just completed this morning when Shern was in playschool. 

Something simple and clean but yet colourful. I like it very much, do you?

45th layout - Maternity Portrait#2 - 7 September 2012

I seldom blog about my scrapbooking layouts, not because I don't want to. But because I don't have the time. But scrapbooking is one of my many hobbies and I enjoy creating them.
Scrapbooking is very ME, it allows me to create memories using beautiful materials, which I love.

Below are some of my latest creations. Hope you like them too.

30th layout - Gotta Wear Shades - 3 Jan 2012
36th layout - Mum & Me - 4 May 2012
38th layout - Enjoy The Simple Things - 14 May 2012

40th layout - Sweet Moment - 16 May 2012

42nd layout - 1.5 Years of Mummy's Milk - 2 July 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Am An Online Shopaholic.

Hie, my name is Tan Shu-Yin, and I am an online shopaholic.

Yes, I am so addicted to online shopping nowadays. I've been spending hours in front of my laptop after Shern sleeps at night.
I know I should be sleeping more since I won't be getting much sleep once 'Lil Bub is out, but I can't help it. That is what I say I'm an online shopaholic!

I don't always end up buying stuff, but I do add lotsa things into my cart, although usually I don't checkout my cart.

However, I am a very stringent online shopaholic.

I do a lot of research before I buy anything. I make sure that the product is the cheapest, if not, one of the cheapest I could find online. I read lots of reviews, and I always read the bad reviews first. 
I almost always only checkout my cart when I reach the minimum amount to entitle me for free shipping. And I do this by sharing the purchase with friends.

Doing online shopping makes me a more well-informed shopper. This is because I do more research, and thus read more reviews. And I always feel good when I pay less than what I have to pay in a shop. 

I love going through sites after sites, viewing the products, oohh ahhh at them, even if I end up buying nothing. It is so therapeutic. Haha. When I find that doing this is therapeutic, I know I'm addicted. Gah.
It is as addictive as Pinterest, maybe even more so.

I've been purchasing mostly baby stuff such as personal care items, toys and baby gears online. And I've bought books of course, and also supplements and vitamins online. 
I haven't got around buying clothing yet. Still worried if the size doesn't fit me well. But I guess someday, I will do it. Soon.

These are some of my favourite sites:
- iherb (Vitamins, Supplements, and Health Products) - this is where I bought those organic stuff i blogged about.
- mybbstore (Baby Products)
- Book Depository (Books with free delivery worldwide)
- Asos (Clothes, Shoes, Accessories and more) - I can view for hours on this site alone
- Bubalot (Baby, Toddler, and Children Products) - Buds products are on sale, currently
- Etsy (Handmade Stuff)

So what are your favourite online shopping sites? Please share.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Waiting Game Really Begins

OK, I am still here, and 'Lil Bub is still inside my tummy. It's Week 38 this week.
So I guess Dr. Eric's prophecy is off.

Anyway, I went back to see him on Monday and he said I'm still about 3cm dilated, and he was surprised that I hold the baby inside me so well.The ultrasound shows that my water level is still good and 'Lil Bub's head is already engaged. However, baby's face is still facing the side, and not facing down yet. My cervix is also very soft and thus is a sign of labour soon.

I'm feeling very puffed up this week. I feel like my belly is going to burst any moment. And I'm carrying the baby so low that it hurts down below. But in order to achieve VBAC, I need to walk more, so I'm still doing lotsa walking, although in the mall. And I still bathe Shern and do lots of squatting. 

Well, will see if 'Lil Bub decides to pop out this week. If not, my next appointment with the doctor is next Monday. :)

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.