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Shern's 6yo Lego Themed Birthday Party

Yiu-Shern's 6yo Lego Themed Party - 31 May 2015

We celebrated Shern's birthday last weekend, and we had a mini party at home. This time, we kept the party small with mostly relatives and just a few friends.
And this year, Shern chose Lego-themed for his 6th birthday party!
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But the sad thing is my buddy Josie has temporarily closed down Favor-It-Shop due to personal reasons. So this means I have no one to help me do my party deco. :(
So besides this digital invitation card that Josie managed to squeeze some time to help me with it (and I'm so grateful for it. Thanks Josie!), everything else I need I need to do it myself. And that is the reason why I need to keep the party small.

So this year is back to all DIY, and I must say I'm pretty happy with the end results! :D
But I must admit it is a bit nerve-wrecking for me as I did it quite last minute. All deco was done on the week of the party, and I stayed up late to do all the printing, cutting and such.

As usual, my reference point for inspiration came from the ever reliable Pinterest. I got most of my inspirations from my Pinterest board.

Firstly, I went to source some colourful papers to make the banner. Bought them from Popular bookstore. To me, this is the most important deco in any party as it will bring out the theme.
I cut the A4 paper into 1/4 of the size to make the Lego blocks, and then punched out 6 circles for each block using my 3/4" circle punch to make the 'studs' on the Lego blocks.
Then I adhered it using pop up stickers to make it look more obvious.

After that I drew the letters 'YIU-SHERN IS 6' on a piece of white cardstock and cut them out, then adhered each letter to one coloured paper.

And then I used wooden clothespins to clip each onto a long piece of jut. And the end results looks like this, which I super like!

Next is the cutting of the Lego Man figurine head. I got the free printable online from this link for those of you who are interested. I just printed it on a piece of yellow cardstock and then cut it out and glued it on a satay stick.

I also made washi flags of Lego colours and stick them on toothpicks.

As for the eggs, I've got no sticker paper on hand. So I just printed these out which I found online and I used my circle puncher to punch them out then my sis helped to use tiny bit of glue to stick these on the red eggs.

Next on is the most tedious part to me. My OCD sister helped me to sort out the lego blocks by colours. (This looks easy, but is not. Very tedious!)
Then we arranged it into glass jars for decoration. 

And my sis also helped me to make a number '6' figure using Lego Blocks. Thanks Min. 

And lastly, using Lego moulds I bought online, I made colourful chocolate Lego Men and Lego Blocks. 
The colours came out a bit off. Not the Lego colour I wanted.  My Lego Men looked decent, but the Lego Blocks failed. haha. Didn't have time to buy more chocolates and redo, so I ditched the failed Lego Blocks. 

I topped the Lego Men on the cupcakes ordered from Yours Truly.   

I also got some colourful paper cups which I saw on sale and just lined it on the table. 
And some colourful gummy sweets my kids got as gift from mum's friends just a few days before. 

This is how the dessert table looks like.....tadah......
Not bad huh for a last-minute DIY!

At another corner, I also put out some mini deco as you entered the house. A few photos of the birthday boy with the letter S at the side, and some mini Lego cars that Shern recently built. 

This is the one-of-a-kind Lego birthday cake I decorated for Shern. Read all about it here

At 4pm, the VVIP and the VIP arrived. Haha. Before this, they were at mum's house while I got ready all the stuff in our house. 

A photo of the birthday boy in front of the dessert table. :)

And the feast began.
The main food was the curry chicken, fried bee hoon, fried rice and chai kuehs. 
Then the rest all are party food/desserts - golden egg rolls, red eggs, sandwiches, konyaku jellies, fruit tarts and cupcakes. 

And the guests mingled about in the house, eating and chatting. 
It was a relaxing party indeed.  

Meanwhile the kids were busy in the 'playroom' zooming cars and chugging trains. 
I don't have structured games in all my kids parties because the kids are of different ages. 

Then it was time for some group photoshoot. 
Firstly, my 2 handsome boys. :)

Then a photo of just the 4 of us + Little Bun in my tummy. 

A photo of the kids with Min-yee and with Pho-pho and Ah-Kong. 

One from all at mum's house. 

Adding in Ah-Kong and Ah-Ma.

Just with Ah-Kong and Ah-Ma.

The Cheongs kau-kongs and kam-phos and yee-yee.

With my ex-schoolmates

With Rebecca and family, and Elly and his son, Jaden.

Hubby's friend Adrian and family.

Hubby's good friends Michael and family, and Alan & Bee Wooi.

The cousins - Mah and family.

At last, after posing for ten thousand photos, we got to sing the birthday song and blow the candles!
Look at all the kids blowing it. Haha.

A short video clip of the singing of the birthday song. 

All in all, Shern was a happy boy that day. Look at him posing cheekily with his friend, Jaden. 
He is happy and that is all that matters. 

Thank you all for your presence and presents! 
You all made Shern a very happy boy!

Dearest Yiu-Shern, may you grow up healthy and happy. 
We love you so very much. 
Happy 6 years old again! 

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