Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Learning the Art and Skill of Making 3D Jelly Flower Cake

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I signed up for this 3D Flower Jelly Cake class by Healthy Food Lab to learn how to make these gorgeous flowers. 

It was no easy feat. It took me 4+ hours to complete the big heart-shaped cake and the small one. It looked easy but it was not. Besides learning the know-how and technique, the preparation work for the flowers were also quite tedious.
We used only natural colouring for it.
Like dragon fruit for red and blue pea flower for the blue, pumpkin for yellow etc.
And all these fruit/food juices needed to be juiced beforehand. So the preparation process by itself was already a lot of work. (the teacher did this for us beforehand)

During our session, there were a teacher and 2 helpers around to teach and guide us. 
The teacher showed us which tools to use for which flower, and the technique on how to do it. She demonstrated for us once and voila, we needed to then do our own!

I was really nervous at the beginning. My first flower was the yellow rose on the small jelly. 
There was only supposed to be like 4 or 5 layers of petals but then I was nervous and didn't really know how to angled it properly to "bloom" and thus I had so many layers more. 

But just like what the teacher told us, "anyhow also your flowers would look pretty"! 

And then she proceeded to teach us other flower techniques and we did the carnation, and the purple/white flower and also the technique of the lotus flower (not in my jelly).
We also did flower buds, baby's breaths, on the big jelly. 

The teacher was awesome. I liked that she was not a fan of "gawdy" colours, just like me! haha. But she was also kind of a perfectionist, which means she made sure her work was great and she taught us how to achieve that great work too!

The helpers there were great too, guiding us and helping us keeping the heat on the stove of our colour mixture. It needs heat so that the jelly component is kept liquid and not hardened. 
See, I told you it is a lot of work!

But the end result was sooooo satifsying.
We were all in awe when the teacher overtuned our jellies to reveal our masterpieces! All of us went "Awwwww......" and couldn't believe we did all that!
Thanks so much to the teacher's guidance!

And so this was my work. 

Zooming in to the individual flowers. 


The bottom layer of the jelly is the Dragin Fruit Santan flavour so it was really delicious.

This is how it looked like when cut open.

Our class in progress.

The group in our session with the awesome teacher and one of the helper.

It took me about 5 hours to make the 3D Jelly Flower Cake, and about 5 mins to cut and finish the whole cake with my family! lol. "_"

Let me say this class is super worth it.
I paid RM380 for this class.
It was a 5 hours class. They provided everything for you.
The tools were new and for us to bring home.
They cooked for us the jellies beforehand. (The last bottom layer of jelly they cooked it on the spot for us)
The provided all the fruit/food juices for the colouring.
There were 1 teacher and 2 assistants.

And the skills taught and guidance provided were really excellent! :)

For those interested in the class, please head over to Healthy Food Lab to register for the class.

***Please take note that this post is NOT sponsored. I paid for this 3D Flower Jelly Cake session with my own money. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s)/service(s).

Monday, September 25, 2017

Some ME Time To Paint & Sip @ Artsy Sip

My sis went to this Artsy Sip place for her company's team building session. She had fun there and so she jio (invited) me there. 
And so last weekend, my sis, mum, my cousin sil and me went over to Artsy Sip at Nagore Square, Penang.

So what we got is this. 
They supplied us with everything we needed for a creative day out. Canvas, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, apron, everything.
We even had a glass of wine each.
And then all we needed to do was to just paint and sip for 3 hours. :)

There were 2 instructors there to help us and the theme of the day was Hot Air Balloon. We were free to follow and there would be some basic step-to-step guidance on the drawing of the theme. 
They also encouraged us to deviate from the painting, to make it unique and special to us. 
But of course we were free to paint anything else we wanted.

I did not paint the hot air balloons because it didn't bring any meaning to me. Maybe after I'd visited Cappadocia in Turney then I'd be painting that.

Shern had been learning about arts in school and he had been crazy about Van Gogh's Starry Night. He'd even did a small painting of that in school, and in this year's Learning Log cover, he had drawn the Starry Night using marker pens.
And so I decided to paint my take on Van Gogh's Starry Night!

Firstly, took a sip first with my mum and Sew Foong sitting in front of our blank canvases. 

You could see the faint sketches I made to my drawing. On where the moon and starts and tree and swirls should be so that I could get the proportion right before I started painting it. 
And clink.....sip sip sip. 

It was such a relaxing 3 hours.
We just painted and chatted and sipped (though my half glass of wine finished in like 1/2hr!).

I must admit that I was a little nervous and as well. I didn't paint since I last left high school and that was like 18 years ago. Maybe even more because the last I did art class was in Form 3. Hahaha.

And I was intimidated by the large blank canvas staring at me!
But once I started painting, it got easier and then I got more daring to just mix the colours and paint and paint and paint.

And this is the end results after 3 hours.
Tadaaa.......not bad at all!

I added my name at the right corner of my painting and also the date for memory sake!

This is the class in progress.
You see, lotsa people here to just relax and paint as well.
A mixture of young and old and women and men.

And this is the instructor's take on the hot air balloon.

The acrylic paints and brushes and wine.

So who is buying my painting now? hahaha

Our paintings. All so beautiful if I must say so! ;)

And when I brought it home, Shern told me, "wah....nicest Starry Night ever".
And it is now on the wall on top of the piano! :)

Have a try there and release the artistic side of you! 
I think I will be back soon.....or maybe I should just go buy some blank canvasses and paints and draw to my heart's content. :)

p/s - Please take note that advance reservation/booking is needed.

***Please take note that this post is NOT sponsored. I paid for this Art and Sip session with my own money. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s)/service(s).

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Khye's Letter to Ah Kong

Khye learning how to post a letter to his Ah Kong

Khye has been writing a few letters to random friends lately. 
He drew this for his Kindy friend Amanda and I did posted about it in my personal FB page a few mths ago. So cute right? hahaha

Khye said he wanted to write a letter to Amanda and put it into an envelope to send to her.
We obliged and gave him an envelope.
Apparently, this is how Amanda looks like. He apparently drew her face on the envelope.
Then he proceeded to draw her house out for the postman. πŸ˜‚
And inside he drew his fav rainbow and some hearts for her while signing off. 

Khye does not really understand how letters are delivered, and when he wrote a letter to his dear Ah Kong when we were in Melaka, I promised him that we will get that letter sent.
Sent not from Melaka, but from Penang though. ;)

This is what he wrote for his Ah Kong on the envelope.

The letter itself. He actually put some of his precious Mamee Monster snack into the envelope as a "present" for his Ah Kong.

So off we went to the Post Office just last Monday, which was a mistake because it was the Monday after the long Merdeka weekend. So the post office was really full of people.

Anyway, I put his whole envelope and letter into a new blank envelope. Then I got him to write down Ah Kong's name and helped him with the address.

We waitied 45 minutes just for our number to be called to buy some stamps! "_"
He waited quite patiently with me. A bit whiny towards the end because we went there straight after school and he was without lunch yet. Coz I did not expect to wait so long just to buy stamps!

When it was our turn, I found out that there was no more 30 sen stamps. Hahaha. 
Nowadays is 60 sen for white envelope and 80 cents for other colours. And there is GST too! So we paid 65 sen to send that letter!

I let him adhered the stamp on the top right corner of the envelop and let him post the letter himself.

Next, is the waiting game. I told him it would take a day or two for the postman to collect all the letters from there and then delivered it to Ah Kong. 

He was excited when Ah Kong received the letter. He saw that there was a date stamped on the stamp.

And then when he tried the Mamee Monster snack himself, he said "eekkk....not nice to eat anymore!" hahaha! #sudahmasukangin

This is how Khye learned how to post a letter. I think this is still an important experience to let kids try, as nowadays they only know how to send sms/messages/email through the phone or internet. 

Khye now tells me he wants to post more letter to more people! "_"

Friday, August 25, 2017

When Lego Meets Lack - DIY Lego Table Hack With Storage!

I've been wanting to build a Lego Table for my kids since forever. I googled and was so inspired when I saw this wonderful idea here and here. But I was procrastinating it for years. 

As of now, my 2 older boys have nowhere to actually play their Lego. They either play it on the dining table, which has limited space, or on the floor which I am certain pieces will get lost or even worst, somebody stepping on Lego pieces. 
And I am pretty certain parents whose kids play Lego knows how painful it is when you step on Lego pieces on your bare feet!

Shern had a Lego-themed birthday when he was 6yo, and now his brother who is turning 5 is also a fan of Lego now. And so I know I needed to get my bum moving to finally do something about it.

I'd actually bought this Ikea's Lack Coffee Table in white when we first moved into this current house. I chose this smaller square Lack table because the larger rectangular Lack table is too big for our place. I think I got it for below RM100.

And so I started this little project of mine.

Things I used:

- Ikea's Lack Coffee Table in white  (78cm x 78cm)
- Lego Grey base plates X 4 pcs (15" x 15" or 38cm x 38cm)  
- Large Transparent Compartmental Boxes X 4 pcs (for Lego Bricks)
- Small Transparent Compartmental Boxes (for Lego Figurines)
- Double Sided Mounting Tape

The things that I used to build this Lego is quite minimal.
I got the Ikea's Lack table from Ikea of course. 
And the Lego Baseplates I got it online from Mighty Utan at 10% discount. This is the most expensive thing for this little project. 
As for the transparent boxes, I got it from Mr. DIY shop. 

Firstly, of course you need to assemble the Ikea's Lack table. I assembled it myself without any problems. All I needed was a screwdriver and a hammer and I got it assembled in about 1/2 hour.

And then take the Lego Baseplates and join them together to make 2 X 2 Baseplates.

TIP: Please don't push the Baseplates together too tightly. For a more accurate spacing, please use some Lego bricks to see where it should go and the Lego bricks will connect properly between the plates.


Once secured with the Lego bricks for correct spacing, flip the Baseplates over. You will see there are tiny gaps in between the Baseplates. Like the photos below. 

I used double sided mounting tape to secure the Baseplates onto the Lack table surface. 

Once done, it looks like this. I like the colour. Nice and clean. ;)

Next up, I filled up the Large Transparent Boxes with their Lego bricks. I sorted them by colour and sizes. But it is up to them on how they like to separate them. They will figure them out as they go.

And for the time being, I used the Small transparent compartmental box to store their Lego figurines. This is a temporary solution. I will be doing another mini project on how to store their Mini Figurine.
Stay tuned. But this works for now.

I have a Lego container which I used to store all their Instruction Booklets, should they like to refer them again. 

All the boxes can fit nicely on the shelf under the table. Nice and neat!

I placed their Ikea Rug and 2 Ikea Mammut stools there their little Lego corner is complete.

Shern & Khye love playing with their Lego now.

With this Lego corner done, their Lego now has more play in it than ever! 
And best of all, all their Lego is now contained within this little corner!