Friday, December 2, 2016

Khye the Chinese Whiz in Our Family

21 Nov 2016 - Khye @ 4yrs 2 mo

Khye came home with this card from his Nursery.
I thought it was just a normal card he sometimes bring home from school.

But when I asked him what card is this, he replied:
"I am the best Chinese reader-lah"

After confirming it with my friends, yes, Khye won the best chinese reader award in his nursery class of 20 students.
The card did not even look like a certificate/award to me. lol.

And apparently, his teacher told us that he won the Bahasa Malaysia award too. But as each kid can only take home 1 prize, Khye got the Chinese award. #superproudmum

So sending him for chinese classes after school paid off. He loved his Chinese class and asked to go there everyday! And his teachers there liked him too and always praise his behaviour and eagerness to learn Chinese. ;)

And at a relatives function last weekend, there was a karaoke session on the stage. Khye surprised me by requesting to go up there to sing Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin (The Moon Represent My Heart), a song by Theresa Teng.
He learned this song in school not too long ago and he loved it.

I was initially a little afraid that he would not sing or follow the whole song through as karaoke music only has the music and no lyrics. But he surprised me by being able to sing quite well.

He was singing solo initially and then later his 7-year-old cousin joined in.

Have a look at the clip and see how my little Khye sang a chinese song to his banana parents! ;P

He is still far from speaking fluently in Mandarin. But for now, my little Khye is doing great and enjoying learning Mandarin.