Thursday, September 6, 2018

Vern's 3yo BABY SHARK Birthday Cake

Vern's 3yo Baby Shark Birthday Cake

Vern celebrated his 3rd birthday in July and I haven't blogged about it yet. *sweats*

He loves the Baby Shark song from Pink Fong (well, which toddler doesn't?) and so I decorated his cake with Baby Shark theme.

I ordered a plain light blue cake from Brix & Baume. 
See how 'white' it looked? It had just a teeny hint of blue which was actually not noticeable at all. *failed plain cake* 

So I just made do with what I had.
I made the Baby Shark family topper with Daddy Shark, Mummy Shark & Baby Shark and also with the word ' HAPPY BIRTHDAY' on it.

Put some shark gummies around the cake sides and some candies to form the number '3' and stuck 'Yiu-Vern' topper and also 3 candles.

Ta awesome One-of-a-kind BABY SHARK Birthday Cake for Vern.

Very simple cake indeed.
And Vern didn't mind a bit. He was actually very happy to see his favourite sharks cake.

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