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Khye's 4th Somewhere Over The RAINBOW Themed Birthday Party

Khye @ 4yo - 4 September 2016

My little sunshine turned 4 yesterday. 
We had a small celebration for him earlier at home, and it was a party I know he enjoyed very much because he himself requested for this party theme - Somewhere Over The RAINBOW!

As usual, I'd been quite last minute in doing the deco preperation. Although the execution was only done about a week before the party, I'd done some research and googling on what I wanna do as decorations. 
I used my trusty Pinterest to look for ideas, and the ideas given were amazing. 
You can view my Pinterest Board to see where I got all the ideas. 

First things first, the invitation. I got this free online , printed it out and then wrote the details in. That was it. 

These were the stuff going on in my craft room for the whole week. 
My table was a mountain of mess and I needed the space so I worked on the floors at midnight after the kids are all asleep, especially the baby. 

Bought this plastic test tubes from Rip-roaring Party Supplies. I wanted to fill them up with colourful M&Ms but then realized I bought the wrong size and the M&Ms couldn't fit into it!
Luckily, the colourful soft-candies fit, thank goodness.

Cut out some rainbows and punched out some clouds and the 'rainbow seeds' tags.

Tied them up with some baker's twine and it looks awesome. 
Gave 1 tube of these to every family that came. ;)

Then I made another type of rainbow seeds for the kids. This time, the M&Ms in packets for each of the kids that came! ;)

This is the setup of the bunting on the backdrop, the bunting in rainbow colours with little rainbows on it. 

And this was how the dessert table looked like.
I think it looked great, with the rainbow colours props adorning the dessert table. 

This is the awesome one-of-a-kind Rainbow birthday cake I decorated. (Read all about the birthday cake in my previous blog post here)

Some photos of the food and deco on the dessert table.




Besides the food on the dessert table, we had some chicken curry, fried noodles and yam cake as well. All of the food was homecooked by my ex-colleague from 01 Bakery. Pm me to get her details. Her food is yummy as usual.
This time around, there were praises for her cempedak cake and yam cake which were new items I ordered.

And this time around, besides the Dessert Table, I also decorated a small little area at the entrance dedicated to the birthday boy Khye.

I'm loving how it turned out.
Everything wooden on this table are from Daiso, except the letter K which is from Typo.  

Colourful rainbow clouds streamers hanging on the wall with many photos of Khye.

I love the 'Somewhere over the rainbow' verse I printed off the net and framed in a simple wooden Daiso photo frame. . It reinforce the rainbow theme.

A large alpha K that stands for K H Y E.

The packet rainbow seeds for the kids. 

And the test tube rainbow seeds for the families.

Now for some group photos.
Let's start with some photos of the birthday boy. 
I can't help but the post all the 6 photos here. You can see how happy he was, with all his hands movement. This boy really enjoyed his very own party which he had been waiting for it for months! 

Next is a family photo.
So glad to have a photo where everyone looks at the camera. :)

One of the birthday boy with the grandparents. 

The gramps with my 3 boys.

Us and yee-pho joining in.

With Aunty Pat and Aunty Roz.

With 4 kam-pho and 4 kau-kong.

With the Mah family.

With 3-kau kong and 3-kam pho and 2 yee-yees and bfs.

With my childhood friend Elly and family.

With Adrian and family.

With Alex and Lucas. We miss you Josie. ;)

With Peter's best friend, Justin and family.

Then, it was the singing of the birthday song and cake cutting session. 

Watch the short video clip of the singing of the birthday song. 

And then Khye cut his birthday cake again with his friend, Lucas.
They used to go to the same pre-school and now look at both of them, all grown up. Awww...

If you'd noticed, the last few group photos were without hubby and baby Vern. Why?
Because this little monster baby was throwing a huge tantrum halfway after we sang the birthday song. I guess he got too cranky as it was way after his nap time. So hubby brought him upstairs for a little nap. 

Khye giving a kiss to his beloved 4 kau-kong. 
He loves to play with this good-natured boy of mine. ;)

The kids were happy occupying themselves with the Hot Wheels and Thomas tracks and other games/toys in the 'playroom'

You can see how much Khye enjoyed himself juz by his expressions.

Shern had a good time playing with Jaden too.

Shern showing Jaden his 3D ship book!

After most of the guests left, the birthday boy and koko took a photo of his presents.
Thank you very much for the lovely presents and ang pows. 

We pratise opening only 3 presents on that day. He would then play with them until the following month in which he will get to open 1 present a month. This way, he will enjoy and appreciate his presents more. ;)

Kids playing with Aunty Pat and Roz's present with yee-yees and bfs.

Daddy helping to fix one of the present. ;)

Thank you Aunty Siow Sen and Uncle Justin for your present. This present is loved by all members of the family, including baby Vern. haha.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to celebrate with Khye.
And with that my middle prince turns 4 two days ago.

And this is what I dedicated to him on my personal fb page:

"Dearest Yiu-Khye,
In 4 blinks of an eye, you turn 4 years old today!
You have been waiting for months for your birthday. You have been asking when is it gonna be Sept because you knew September is your birthday month.
We had a small party for you earlier and you were very happy to see the rainbow cake, just as you requested months and months ago.
I told you yesterday that tomorrow (today) is your real birthday because it is 14 Sep and you are going to be 4 years old.
Your reply "Again? 4 years old again? Oh my" with your hand smacking on your forehead. Your reply cracked us up!
Yes, it is your birthday today again and so you can bask in all the happy things we are going to pamper you with today.
When we asked "What would you like to eat today on your birthday?"
Your reply, "Cold Milo ais, and mee-mee, and rice with bak-bak and fish and vegetable".....yes, this boy is easy to please.
This dear little sunshine boy of mine loves rainbows and butterflies and his favourite colour is pink. But tiu also loves to play 'tickle and fight' with his koko.
You have a good heart and always think of your koko, asking for an extra lollipop for his koko whenever he gets one. Bless your little big heart!
Your most recent milestone is that he is off wearing diapers at night. Not considered a milestone yet as there are still a few accidents once in a while so let's see how it goes.
Your current favourites besides rainbows (you drew hundreds of rainbow drawings), are ABCs, The Sound of Music album (you sing the songs in the car every single day!) and you love your Chinese class.
All your teachers in his Chinese class love you as your enthusiasm for the class makes them very happy.
You surprised us when you could read some chinese characters on signboards when we go out, and also say some short sentences in chinese when we converse in the car.
You have a knack of learning things and your kindy teacher just told me last week that she is amazed by your joy of learning and told us to nurture your joy.
Yes, we are going to nurture that and more.
Thank you for being such a joy in our family and to everyone.
Happy 4 years old my Sunshine boy and 4 years old is such a lovely age to be.
We love you so very very very much and happy birthday again Sunshine boy!
Love you lots,
Mummy, Daddy, Yiu-Shern koko and Baby Vern."

May you grow up healthy, and happy.
Happy 4th Birthday again my little sunhine Khye!

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Credits: The nice and clear photos are by my friend Alex Yeap

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