Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Khye's 3rd Alphabet Themed Birthday Party

Khye @ 3yo - 13 September 2015

Only now I have the time to blog about Khye's 3rd birthday party at home which we celebrated mid of this month. (read about Khye's birthday celebration in his playschool here)
This year, we had an alphabet theme for him because he loves his ABCs and 123s. Yes, he is my cute little nerdy boy. :)

Josie, so kindheartedly helped me to do a simple invitation even so with my last minute request because I am such a noob at this stuff. Thanks Josie.

And yes, it was such a last minute preparation. 
I did everything in just 2 nights, so I just settled for simple decorations. 

Printed out the letters and stuck them on the muslin-cloth drawstring bags for the children. The letters are with their names in it.
Also did some different varieties of cake/food toppers adhered with satay sticks and toothpicks. 
And also searched the net and found some flash cards and printed it out to make a bunting.


This is basically what I managed to do for deco. 

This was how the whole dessert table looked like with the food and deco all up. 

This was the banner being hung onto the curtain with mini clothes pegs. 

This was the one-of-a-kind 3rd Birthday Cake for Khye! Read all about the cake here. 

Now, let's talk about food first.
As usual, most of the food was ordered by my usual caterer, my ex-colleague's hubby. 
There were egg rolls and sandwiches and jellies. And cupcakes and also fruit tarts.
I love how the circle alphabets colours popped up the snacks/deserts.

I also bought lotsa alphabet biscuits and filled up a glass jar. 
And look at my muslin-cloth drawstring bags with the kids names on it. I loved them. 

The red eggs were done and arranged by my mum. She is such a genius! 
And the marshies and choco sticks were by a friend. 

And now the mains - curry chicken and fried beehoon. And spaghetti bolognaise for the kids.


Khye and his koko posing for me at the door.


It was a small party but still the guests filled up our place. 
The kids played to their hearts content the toys we had while the adults just chatted and chilled. 
My kind of party. No structured games or so. #lazymum #poorpartyplanner Haha. 

First one to pose was the birthday boy.
Khye was indeed a very happy boy that day.
This was also the year that he was big enough to really understand what is a birthday celebration.

Then it was our turn. 
Our family of 5!

This is with Pho-pho and Kong-kong.

Adding in Yee-Pho and Min-yee. 

With my cousins and niece and nephews...the Mah family.

My friend since kindy, Elly and family. 

With Siow Sen and family. Erm, missing Justin here. 

With my dearest friend Josie and family.
And Lucas is Khye's best friend too! haha

This is ex-CPTarians. Friends since std 1 some of them. ;)

And these are my uncle and aunts and nephew and nieces from the Cheong family. 

Then it was time to sing the birthday song and to cut the cake.
Look at the kids lining up to sing the birthday song. Do re mi fa so. haha.
Actually their heights were a bit thwarted because of the different stools they were standing on. Haha

We then sang the birthday song for the birthday boy. 

Click to view the short video clip. 

Khye blew his birthday candles!

And he cut his own birthday cake. Look at his happy face!

It was really such a joyous day for little Khye. He was so happy he didn't nap the whole day and even then did not even fuss at all!
His many happy expressions of the day!

During the party, Khye suddenly came over to give me a big hug from behind. So lovely. It was then that I knew it was all worth it, the preparation of a small birthday party for him.

Let me end this blog post with a very happy Khye playing with one of his birthday pressie.
3yo is the age where he finally understands what is birthdays all about, and he was basking in all the attention and such! So lovely! 

Happy Birthday again my little boy.
Wish you lotsa happiness and sunshine!

And thanks everyone for making the day so beautiful for our sunshine Khye!

Photo credits - The nicer, clearer photos are taken by our friend Alex Yeap. :)