Monday, June 24, 2013

Shern's 4yo Pirate Themed Birthday Party: Part 2 - The Party

So after showing all of you the deco of the party in Part 1: Decorations, let me now continue to show you the rest of the party.

(Warning: This is a long post with tons of photos!...)

Yes, my big boy Yiu-Shern is 4 years old. How much he has grown.

Shern's face as he walked in and saw the desert table. He was the most happy seeing his Jake and the Neverland Pirate Cake. He gave a nod of approval seeing that it was chocolate flavour as requested. :)

He was not tall enough so I carrier him up for a better view.

Shern gazing at his cake on the desert table

The birthday boy posing in front of the desert table

Shern then proceeded to greet the guests (more like collecting presents haha!) as they entered the restaurant. He wore his Captain Shern Birthday Pin proudly.

Present from Jaden

Present from Aunty Karen, Aunty Pat & Aunty Roz

Present from Aunty Mei Ying & Aunty Ee Lyn

Present from Lucas

Then Shern went to play with the kids. He did some colouring with Jaden at the Colouring Corner.
At the Colouring Corner

Colouring with Jaden

While the adults Struck A Pose or two. 
Some of the Pirate props available.
Me with YB Yap Soo Huey ;)

Rebecca & Family

The 2 sisters who wore the tiger tops. Lol
The Yeap Pirate Family, and Cindy & Abby ;)
Ah-Kong & Pho-pho Pirate!

Pat & Karen Tan. Photo courtesy of Pat.

Pat, Karen and Chin Peng. Photo courtesy of Pat.

Pat just killed Roz. Lol. Photo courtesy of Pat.

me, Pat & Mei Ying. Photo courtesy of Pat

Shern with Aunty Pat. Photo courtesy of Pat

Ready, 1 2 3, Click.
Me, Pho-pho, Yee-yee & Shern

Love this photo of Mum & Me, though I look so fat here. Bah.
Shern then decided to want to wear his head sash like Jake.

Then at the PIN CAPTAIN HOOK'S MOUSTACHE corner, the kids had some fun there.
Look at Shern having his turn.

Kids caught on camera!
Tristan with his daddy

Pretty 'lil Aeryn

Tristan with the Pirate Hat

Shern counting his Doubloons. lol.

Isaac playing with Swords

Ah-Ma carrying 'lil Khye


'Lil Abby with a moustache!

Friends taking a photo together.

And then it was time for group photo sessions before cutting of the cake.

Khye was really sad here because he was separated from me! Khye was in the midst of having Separation Anxiety period, so he was really clingy the whole time there.

So Khye was pretty upset in this photo as he was separated from me, thus his pitiful face. lol.
Pho-pho & Kong-kong with their grandsons.

Ok, back in Mummy's hands, so Khye was all well again.
No perfect photos as there were just too many photographers around. So everyone was looking at different cameras. And it was never easy getting both kids to look and smile at the camera at the same time! This are the bests. :)

Spotted the Pirate Bandanna Bib on Khye? Super cute and very into the theme! This bandanna bib is handmade by the very talented Serene Lee.

Some photos with Ah-Ma & Ah-Kong.
Shern just couldn't stop posing with 4 fingers, telling people he is 4 years old! ;)

A Photo with both sides of the family. Lims and Tans.
I just noticed Khye's mouth is drooping down here. Ooohhh....

Ok, Khye looks better here!

A group photo with the Cheong relatives.

With the Mah relatives. Shern & Khye's cousins. Too bad Huey & Wah went back to their shop.

Ok, time for Friends Group Photos.
Photo with The Gang.

Photo with my ex-school mates!

Photos with my crafty friends, Josie & Family, and Cindy & Family...

Photo with our neighbour, the Lim family...

Photo with Karen and family...
Shern insisted to hold Tristan's hands here. Those who were there knew what happened. lol.

And then all the kids gathered there singing the Birthday Song to Shern.
Ok, so hubby & I are the big kids too (pardon us coz we were stuck there with the chairs blocking us!)

And then the birthday boy blew the candles...

A rather shy and sweaty birthday boy with all the attention on him.

Cutting of the cake.

A photo of Shern with his beloved Yee-yee.

After that it was outdoor time.
Remember Josie placed a big tub filled with an inch water at the outside of the restaurant? Well, that tub proved to be a hit among kids. They had a blast floating those paper boats in it!

Thank you everyone for the lovely presents and angpows. Shern is really blessed.

And thank you everyone for your time. Thanks for making Shern's 4th birthday a really successful one.
A special thanks to Josie, Swen Lin, Aivin & Blue Reef staff! :)

Photo Credits: Ik Bing from Trinity Photography

Click for Shern's 4th Pirate Birthday Cake.
Click for Part 1: Decorations


belly said...

Wah great party... very busy and colourful! What camera do you use as it captures the scenes beautifully?

-- Belly aka Elisa

tanshuyin said...

Hie Belly,

I hired a part-time photographer to take photos for us. You need to ask Ik Bing from Trinity Photography (

bellyb said...

Oh very professional, I was very impressed as thought you were photographer as well as journalist (blog writer) that day :)

Cindy Lee said...

Glad to be part of Shern's 4th birthday party!