Friday, October 19, 2018

Khye's Kindy's Graduation & Concert 2018 Welcome Speech

Khye giving a Welcome Speech in his Grad & Concert 2018 - 29 Sep 2018

Khye had been chosen to give the Welcome Speech in his Kindy's Graduation and Concert 2018.

There were 3 student (4 because of twins) representative for the Welcome Speech.
One will be giving a speech in Bahasa Malaysia. And the twins will be giving a speech in Chinese.
As for Khye, his speech will be in English.

We were extremely proud parents to say the least.
Khye wrote the speech together with his headmistress, who guided him on the grammar and structure of his speech. 

I felt that it was a really great experience for Khye.
He learnt to write a speech, and then to memorize it and to practise it again and again.
He now understands what "Practise Makes Perfect" means. ;)

Khye's name in the Program sheet. 

Just 3 days before the concert day, Khye developed quite a bad cough. 
We brought him to see his paed and also let him rest at home. 
Luckily he was all well again and could attend his concert and graduation with a smiling face.

Khye spent 3 years in this Kindy and he obviously was looking forward to this and to enjoy the concert with his friends. 

And now time for his much practised speech.
I was so glad he was so brave enough to speak in front of a thousand audience.
Yes, you heard me right.
One THOUSAND audience consists of daddies, mummies, ah kongs, ah mas, geges, jie-jies, mei-meis, didis. Hahaha.

I love how gungho he was.
He told me his headmistress told him to "talk like a soldier", thus his serious face. Hahaha.

Here are some photos of him while giving his gungho speech.


Anyway, so proud of him.
And so I really need to blog this down so that I can just refer here to see how proud I was of my 6yo! :)


Serenely said...

Good one! Way to go, Khye! I can feel your tremendous sense of motherly pride in your words.

tanshuyin said...

Thanks. I am indeed very proud of him! ;)

BellyB said...

He did a great job well done !

tanshuyin said...

Thanks Belly,

He did a great job and yes, we are proud parents indeed! :)

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Suzan Baker said...

He is so cute and looks very stage confident.
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Patricia Carter said...

Wow, he seems very confident. I am loving his confidence.
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