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Shern's 8th DONUT Themed Birthday Party

Shern @ 8yo - June 2017

My eldest boy turned 8 last Tuesday. 
We had a mini party for him last weekend, with just family and his cousins.

I initially told him we were not going to have any party for him this year as we were bringing him to Johor - Thomas Town & Legoland. But then seeing his cousins were back from Singapore, I threw him a mini party so that they could all get together!

When I asked him what flavoured cake would he like this year, was it chocolate just the same as every year, he answered me "I don't like cake anymore. I prefer donuts"!
And so apparently my eldest boy doesn't like cake and since he likes donuts, I then decided to throw him a Donut Birthday Party!

Since it was such a last minute decision, I didn't have much time to prepare. Since touchdown from Johore until his party, I'd only one week to get everything done!

Firstly, once I confirmed the number of guests and food, I relaxed a little and then just browsed Pinterest for ideas. As usual, Pinterest never let me down.
In fact, the more I browsed Pinterest, the more pins I saved and the more I did for his party deco! 

Guest list was short. Only about less than 20 ppl, and about 8 were kids! lol. 
Small party indeed!

These were the stuff in my craft room throughout the week.
I did all these after the kids were asleep. Firstly, because it was only then I have peace and quiet all by myself!
All these printables and ideas and inspirations all are from my Pinterest board

I printed out these donut patterns. Then I sketched and cut out the letters "HAPPY BIRTHDAY YIU-SHERN" by myself and then stuck the letters to the donuts.
Here is the link of the free printables for the donuts if any of you are interested.

And then I adhered them to the brown paper which I measured and cut into triangles. Used a jut to string them up and that was my bunting for the party. 
The extra donuts at the bottom I used to make an extra Donut Garland! 

Did some washi flags and tags for the cakes and the food. 

I also printed out a Donut quote to go with the theme. 
Framed it into my Daiso wooden frame.
I combined both of these free printables to fit into my frame.
This is the best photo I've got of the frame I did up. :)

Cut out mini donuts as food toppers as well. You can also punch them out if you have the suitable circle punch. I didn't have the correct size so I needed to hand cut them "_"

Also cut out more donut rings as a deco for the jars of drinks!
Free printables here in my pinterest board. 

But one of my favourite deco craft I made that day were these irresistable mini donut boxes.
They are in such  a sweet and pastel colour I immediately fell in love with it and knew I gotta made these for the party.
Decided to get these as a deco and double up as a Party Favour for the kids. 

It was a little tedious to do the boxes.
Firstly, I needed to get them printed out. Get the free printables from here
Then I needed to cut out the patterns. Then I needed to fold along the dotted lines. Some of the lines/folds were quite tiny so it was not very easy. Then cut out the middle holes. 
Then lastly, glue up the sides and tada..... these gorgeous mini donut boxes!
I am still in love with them! 

And this was how the dessert table looked like on the party day itself!
Really loved how a little deco could really dress up even just a simple party.

Zoomed in for the food details. 

This is Shern's 8th Donut Themed Birthday Cake.

Let's get to the food on the dessert table. 
There were the Golden Egg Rolls which were well loved by everyone! This was the first time I ordered these green nyonya Kuih Ketayap. 
There were Osmanthus Jellies and the Koonyaku Jellies as well. 
Then there were donuts and donuts and donuts. hahaha.
I ordered only 4 donuts of different colours.
The rest of the donuts I only ordered the plain sugared ones, the glazed sugar and the chocolate covered ones. 

These gorgeous mini donut boxes I put the mini baked donuts I ordered from The After Meal. 
These donuts were not the fluffy types, thus not to my palate. But then baby Vern loved them! He did not like the ones from J.Cos and refused to eat any. But I think he ate 4-5 of these mini donuts on that day! lol. 
So I guess everyone has a different taste bud on what's good and not! ;P

One of the birthday boy. 

Love these 2 shots of the 3 brothers.

The 5 of us. :)

One with yee-yee.

And this funny one is of me with my 3 kiddos. 
Their smiles are crazy here. Shern with his zombie smile. Khye with his smile 'til eyes closed. And Vern with his constipated smile. lol. 

This one's with 4 kau kong & 4 kam pho with yee yee and yee-pho.

Alas we forgot to take group photos of the guests who came later.
The Lim family clan and also with 3 kau-kong n Jia Li and the Khoo family. :(

Anyway, I managed to take some shots of the kids while they were singing the birthday song.

A funny thing happened which I would like to record here, for future reference.
While everyone were singing the birthday song and when the song ended, Khye blew the candle before Shern could blow. This caused Shern to cry because he did not get to blow the candle. (Khye told us he got too excited and so he blew the candle! "_")

And so we sang the birthday song again (after telling Khye that koko should blow the candle and not him). And just as the song ended, Shern quickly blew the candle very fast before Khye could get to it. Hahaha. It was actually quite funny!

And so this was his tear-stained face as he tried to smile at the camera! ;P
Well, all's well ends well and it was a great party indeed!
The kids had fun just playing while the adults relaxed! :)

And this year, besides a Nerf Gun which he was eyeing for a year, he got a Rubik's Cube and the rest are all his favourite Geronimo Stiltom books so he is a very happy boy!
Thank you for all the angpows and presents.

And this was what I dedicated to him on my personal facebook page on his birthday:

Dearest Yiu-Shern,
Today you turn 8. Eight years since I became a mum. You are my firstborn, my guinea pig.
I learned how to carry a tiny little baby through you. I learned how to bathe a baby through you. And theough you, I learned how to start my breastfeeding journey which lasts 'til now! 😅
But being firstborn, you are special too. I remember all your firsts. Your first tooth, your first solid, your first day in school.
Firstborn is always special in my heart.
As you grow, I hope you to be kind, healthy and happy. This is what matters in life.
I want you to know that although it seems like we always scold you, but all we want is for you to be good and kind. You are the eldest so we expect more of you.
But we love you just as much, which is very, very much!
Because of you, we became parents. And we are so ever grateful that we get to be your parent, because you are indeed one cool and good kid!
Enjoy your birthday today with your school friends, teachers in school. And with your cousins later in the afternoon!
Happy 8th Birthday!
Wish you much much much love always,
Mummy & Daddy

Happy Birthday to you Shern and hope you enjoyed your Donut Mini Party! 
And for the rest of you, hope you are inspired to throw your own Donut Party! :D

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Yi Ling said...

Hi, I love your ideas! May I ask how did you print it out? Use a normal printer will do?

tanshuyin said...

Hie Yi Ling,
Yes i juz used my house HP bubblejet printer to print them out. :)