About Me

I am a mummy blogger based in Penang, Malaysia.
A cranky early thirties chocolate-y girl who loves blogging. So what does she blogs about? She blogs about how much she loves chocolates, with the exception of white chocolates. She blogs about her baking obsessionscrapbooking obsession and many others. And oohh...she blogs about the 4 boys in her life, hubby and her two sons, ShernKhye & Vern.

From the way she blogs, you would know that her grammar sucks and she types faster than her mind could think. You could also feel the love she has for her family and also her love for travel. She is currently confused because she wonders why is she growing wider in her waist, ignoring the weekly treats she bakes.

Of lately, she does reviews about products she and her family tried and tested, hoping to educate other parents out there to become smart consumers. Most products are mummy/baby-related or family related.

Besides saying no to white chocolates, she dislikes Stephen Chow and Jim Carrey. She thinks their jokes are lame. She dislikes driving too and preferred to be chauffeured. Likes taking photos but do not own a DSLR camera. Most recent addiction is Instagram-ing, if there is such a word.

One of her dreams is to visit all Disneylands in the world. Managed 3 so far. Another dream of hers is to have a house with a decent garden space for her kids to run wild (dream came true), and in it a big library (erm, not enough space for a big library).
And she would love to sit in a hammock and read whole day. This shows how much a dreamer she is and that she believes in fairy tales.

You can read about her Life List here. These are just some of the stuff she hopes to experience.

She can be contacted at tanshuyin[at]yahoo[dot]com

Photo taken on 18 August 2013