Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Conversation with Shern @ 3 years 11 months

Shern is now almost 4 years old, and is getting really very conversational.
Some of the conversation I did share in my facebook.

Shern saw a plant turning yellow, so he asked me why is part of the leaves yellow in colour. I took the opportunity to tell him to drink more water, so I told him "The leaves are yellow because the plant did not drink enough water."
Shern: What did the plant said? (He always asked us what does objects said eg: 'What did the train said? What did the stars said?)
I got irritated so I told him to figure out himself what did the plant said and tell me.
Shern: The plant said I don't have mouth arr how to drink water!


I caught my almost 4-year-old praying last night.
Shern: Dear God. Please don't make me dream bad dreams ok. Just sweet dreams. Amen.
And he fell asleep 2 minutes later.


So when pho-pho told Shern she had bad dreams too and asked him what shd she do. My very concerened 4-year-old asked "Pho-pho, did you dream of crocodiles and dinosaurs as well? Nevermind, just pray to God, ok?"
(So now I know what are the nightmares of a 4-year-old)

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Weekend of 2 Weddings

27 May 2013

Look at this cool dude. Can't believe he is my son. How much he has grown!

We attending wedding dinners 2 days in a row this weekend.

One is my best friend's Bee Shin's wedding. Took both my kiddos there. Both kids were dressed smartly. Shern was happy to see his friend Jaden there, so he had a happy time playing with him for the few hours.
But Khye was not doing so well. At 8 mths+, he started facing stranger anxiety and was a tearing up when people he doesn't recognize started talking to him. He was ok initially, but I guess there were just too many people there trying to 'cubit' his chubby cheeks!
And with the loud music, and his bed time, he was just cranky. I didn't really see him smile at all the whole night, which is so rare, because he is really a smiley happy baby. But he was not so that night. He was just a bulldog baby! lol.

26 May 2013

So the following night, we left Khye at home for mum, while I just brought Shern to hubby's friend's wedding. Shern insisted on wearing his shades and was posing for me at the car park.
I didn't ask him to pose for me. He was posing for me all by himself.

When we reached E&O, Shern was telling me, look at the beautiful sky. This is not the first time he told me that. He mentioned it once in a while when he caught the sunset from our home balcony.
This son of mine is really appreciative of nature. ;)

And not just that. I wore a dress for the dinner. I seldom wear dress now because it is impossible to breastfeed Khye. As I did not bring Khye to this E&O dinner, I wore a dress there. And Shern said "what a pretty dress. Please hold your dress and curtsy, while I bow". And then he bowed to me like a gentleman! Wow...! So sweet of him.

I took some photos of him with the lovely view.

Shern has reaches an age where it is easy to bring him out for wedding dinners. I bring along some blank papers for him to write and draw, and an activity book which he loves. He actually completed 6 pages of the book before he went to play with the girl sitting at our table.

I actually brought the ipad along too on both nights, but I didn't want to bring it out until the last resort. And I'm thankful the ipad stayed in my handbag on both nights!

But Khye was not so happy at home. My sis whatsapp-ed me and told me Khye has this 'bull dog face' the whole time at home with them. He had this pitiful face and turned his mouth upside down and ready to cry. This is not the case if I leave him during the day. But I guess Khye just wants mummy at night. Sigh. So we left the dinner after we finished the prawn dish. After we reached home and I nursed Khye, he was a happy baby once again! Haha.

Shern on the other hand was happy on both nights because he got to play with his friends.And on both nights, Shern KO-ed the minute his head touched his pillow.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: Gin & Jacqie's Nathalie Lunch Pouch & Changing Mat Set

I'd first heard of GIN & JACQIE™ when I was searching for functional bags online.

Gin & Jacqie™ is created by avid traveller and reluctant girl-on-the-go Jacqueline Ng. Gin & Jacqie™ has a line of bags that provide long lasting utility, practicality and an unpretentious fashion at affordable prices. The core focus of the brand is well-made bags that are beautiful and appropriate be carried in any setting, be it the office, the mall or the resort, whatever your inclination.

I was happy when I was given a chance to review one of their Nathalie Lunch Pouch & Changing Mat Set.

The moment I received the item, I was marveling at the gorgeous floral design. Its printed floral nylon looks really bright and cheery.

Changing Mat

Let's start with the changing mat. At first glance, I already love the easy-to-wipe clean nylon material. After use, just wipe it with a damp cloth and that's it. Clean as new. It is not easily stained although soiled.  

The changing mat size of 60cm x 50cm is very generous indeed. Love it as Khye is a big baby, so I am thankful that the mat is not too small that I had to think whether to place Khye's head or bottom on the mat!

And I also love that the changing mat is rollable with velcro strap fastener. This makes it easy to bring to roll it up and bring it anywhere. Most times, I just chuck it into the stroller basket for a quick trip, or in my handbag.

Lunch Pouch

I love, love, love this lunch pouch.
This size of 19cm x 14cm x 11cm is just perfect. Not too big, and not too small. Look at this, it is just slightly bigger than my palm.

The handle on top of the lunch pouch makes it convenient if I want to carry it about just like that. Even Shern can carry it all by himself given the perfect size.

Although just slightly bigger than my palm size, this lunch pouch is very roomy, with a base. It has a 3/4 zipper opening with 2 zips, which makes it so much easier to zip/unzip to retrieve things. Inside, there is an additional zipper compartment. There is also a small pocket/compartment on the other side.

When used as a lunch pouch, it can fit in so much. This is an example of a packed lunch we brought for an outing. In it I packed a packet drink, a packet of biscuits, a small tupperware of snacks, a packet of wipes, and also a bottle of water. All can be fitted into the main compartment. I put my keys inside the small pocket. And in the zippered compartment had my cards and some money, and also my mobile phone.

But quite often, I used it as a mini diaper bag for a quick outing.
In it, I packed 2 diapers, a change of clothes, a packet of wipes, a hanky, a nursing cover, and a tub of baby bottom balm all in the main compartment. And in the pocket as usual I had my keys, and my cards and some cash is in the zippered compartment.

This is how it looks sideways. When zipped up, it doesn't look bulky at all. I'm quite amazed by how much things it can fit.

Besides just carrying just like that by slinging my hand through the handle, I usually popped it into my handbag, together with the Changing Mat. It is small enough to fit into my Medium Longchamp Le Pliage handbag, which I then just sling it over my shoulder. By putting all my things into my handbag, I have less items to carry. And with 2 kiddos, I really need both my hands!

Or if I'm bringing the stroller along, I'll chuck both items in my stroller basket, and we're good to go for a mini outing.

I really like this Nathalie Lunch Pouch & Changing Mat Set very much. And I forsee that I will be using them for a long time as the material is durable, and is low on maintenance, which is so suitable for busy mums like me!

Priced at only RM39.90, it is really affordable and truly a steal!


You can purchase Nathalie Lunch Pouch & Changing Mat Set online at Gin & Jacqie™.


More good news! Thanks to Gin & Jacqie™ you get 20% off for Nathalie Lunch Pouch & Changing Mat Set. Just key in the Coupon Code 'SY2013'  upon check out, and you are good to go.
This promotion is valid from 24th May 2013 to 24th June 2013.
*Coupon is not valid with other promotions and discount coupons. 
*Other T&Cs apply.

For more info, please visit Gin & Jacqie™ Facebook page.

* Disclosure: I received a Gin & Jacqie's Nathalie Lunch Pouch & Changing Mat Set for review purpose, but no monetary incentive was received. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Picnic At Our Apartment Garden

1 May 2013 - Picnic @ Our Aparment Garden

It was quite a long time since our last picnic. So I promised Shern that we'll be having a picnic during our Labour Day holiday.

But then almost every evening at about 5.30pm, it would rain. But before that, the sun was too harsh and too hot to go for picnics. So we decided to abandon having a picnic at the beach. It would be too troublesome to lug all our things there and having to pack when it rains.

So we decided to just have a picnic down  at our apartment garden.
We have a lovely garden down there, and we have the pool. So when we get hot and stuffy, just jump straight into the pool. That would be great.

So we packed some food into our picnic basket and bring everything down. Spread open our straw mat and a blanket for a place to sit our butts. Lol.
Ate fried noodles, scrambled egg sanwiches and some grapes.

You can't see Shern & hubby here in these few photos because they had gone for a dip in the pool. Haha. Yes, they swam before they eat.

Dad was busy entertaining Khye. Khye had fun too although he didn't get to eat. He just sat around playing with his toys and getting entertained.

And he smiled his megawatt smiles too...showing us proudly his bottom two teeth!

Shern was having a blast in the pool with hubby. He had fun playing with his friends in the pool.

And after that he just got up and had his favourite egg sandwiches.

Everyone just chilled and relaxed and had fun. Great family time.
We will totally do it again soon.

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Mum to Two

This is the first time I celebrated Mother's Day as a mum to two kids.
I've got a big surprise from hubby this year.

At midnight when I was about to sleep, I saw a present on my bed. I was so, so surprised! I didn't expect to get anything from hubby (as we don't give pressies to each other all the time!).
In the card, hubby wrote "Thank you for our 2 cuties..." Lol.

So what is inside?
A beautiful Swarovski bracelet.
I love it, it is simple and delicate. Just my style. It is now on my wrist.
Thank you so much hubby.

The next morning, on Mother's Day, I've got a pressie from my kiddos as well (bought by hubby of course). 
Look at Shern's face. He is more excited than me because he knows what is inside the box! It's Famous Amos double chocolate cookies, my favourite, and Shern's too!
Hubby says he didn't want to pass to Shern last night because he was afraid that Shern might want to eat the cookies there and then at night. Haha.

In the morning, we went back to MIL house, and we celebrated there with MIL/Ah-Ma. Ah-Ma cooked crabs for lunch. Delicious. Bought Ah-Ma's favourite sugee cake, and also a brownie cake for the rest of us.

Shern had fun blowing the candles of course. He sang "Happy Mother's Day to Ah-Ma & Mummy...." :)

Then at dinner time, celebrated with mum/Pho-pho. My mum cooked a western-style feast!
There were mushroom soup, garlic bread, calamari rings, fish fillets, chicken, mashed potatoes, hash browns, salad, vege, etc...
We ate 'til we could eat no more. Burp.

Mum with her grandsons...:)

A photo of the 2 mummies in the house. Me & my mum. With the cake and the pressies.
We bought mum a La Gourmet Cast-Iron Grilled Pan. She loves it!

The hubbies joined in.

Min & Ah-Yee joined in.

Happy Mother's Day to all, oops...a few days late.
To the greatest mother on earth, My Mum! I love you. Thank you for everything. :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Family Photoshoot - Part 3: Family of Four

This is Part 3: Family of Four in the Family Photoshoot series. (Click for Part 1: Khye, and Part 2: Shern)

It was indeed a challenge to take family photos with all of us looking straight and the camera, and smiling at the same time. Especially when you have a pre-schooler, AND a baby who wouldn't keep still.
But Karen was very well prepared and obviously seasoned to take babies photos. She had in hand a big object (in our case, a large stalk of fake flower) or a squeaky toy which she waved and sounded it, to attract their attention, especially Khye's. But still, it was still indeed challenging. So most of the credit goes to her that our family photos turn out so great!

So we had many photos of either one or more of us, either not looking at the camera, or not smiling, etc. These are the few great shots that everyone looks QUITE alright.
Love these photos.

Thank you Karen / The K Studio for these wonderful, wonderful photos which we will cherish forever!

P/s - Please click for Family Photoshoot:  Part 1: Khye, and Part 2: Shern