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Hie, my name is Shu-Yin, and I am a wife to hubby Peter, and a mum to an almost 8 year old energetic boy Yiu-Shern, a happy Yiu-Khye who is turning 5 this September and my littlest is just 20 months old. We are a family of 5 based in Penang, Malaysia.

My family and I love reviewing new and/or fun products/services suitable for our family. My main objective of reviewing products is to help other parents out there in making an informed decision making, and also to try out the many different products available out there.

Below are also a few reasons why you should contact me for reviews *wink*:

#1: One. I have very, very, very adorable kids. They make super great 'ambassadors' of brands/products or 'poster kids!'

#2: Two. I feel that good thing should be shared, thus if your product(s) are really good for any of us in our family, I will be gushing to the whole world all about them!

#3: Three. I am very long-winded. So my product review posts are usually very thorough and detailed, giving readers a lot of info in making informed decisions. (And that's also the reason why I nag my kids (and hubby!)

So if you have a product you would like to see featured on this blog, please contact me. I would love to help promote you and share my experience with your product(s).


1. I am fortunate enough to have experienced a day of fame in our local The Star newspaper. It has quite a big photo of me and my 2 kiddos. The article is on babywearing, a topic in which I'm passionate of.
Click to view the article and photo in The Star newspaper.

2. I'm also very honoured to be featured in KC Lau's Financial Blog a Recording of our Europe Trip Planning.
Unfortunately to view it in his blog, you have to be a premium member of his blog.
But I had a blog post on it with all the details of the recording and stuff, provided free to all my readers!

3. A feature of one of our parties (I hold birthday parties for both my kids every year!) in  Kara's Party Ideas Website.
Well, Shern's 4yo Pirate-themed Birthday Party is being featured in Kara's Party Idea's website. And this is the link:

4. Being mentioned and linked by The Asian Parent (Singapore edition): 10 Fantastic Uses of Breastmilk to my blog post of Luxurious Breastmilk Bath in their online article.

5. Being quoted and featured in one of Huffington Post's article on my quote on what matters to me as a parent.

Review Policy
  • In order to fully and properly review your product, a full product sample is required.  Products will not be returned, as we do use the product for the review.
  • I give my honest opinion in my reviews, including positive and also things that can be improved.  However, I will not post a complete negative review. If for some reason I experience a problem with your product, I will contact you with my concerns and feedback.
  • I share my reviews in my blog as well as linking/posting the review on my personal Facebook account and also my blog's Facebook account.
  • If you’d like to sponsor a giveaway, and/or offer a discount code together with my review, which I think will increase the attention to your product, and also bring traffic to your site, I will be happy to help do the giveaway/discount code in my review post.

Contact Me

I can be contacted at tanshuyin [at] yahoo [dot] com

Brands / Companies I'd worked with

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Companies/brands that are still in progress...



Thank you for your time.
Hope to be able to work with you.

***last updated on August 2015