Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anniversary Langkawi 23-27 Oct 2008

We had this 1st anniversary Langkawi getaway planned very early on, even before my pregnancy. A little bit regret because nausea started kicking just a day before our flight.

We booked 2 different resorts this time.
1) Casa Del Mar (CDM)
2) Tanjung Rhu Resort (TRR)

We chose Casa Del Mar after reading about the good reviews in tripadvisor.com. Casa Del Mar means 'home by the sea' in Spanish. However, it turned out to be a big disappointment for us. There were renovation works going on near the poolside. Although they upgraded us to a Junior Suite, the renovation was just directly below us. When we asked for a change of rooms, they said the resort was full. So we were stucked there with all the knocking and banging sounds.
However, I would say that CDM did their best and they even whisked willing guests to a nearby island by boat for their sun-tanning session. I was not so enthusiast by it because I hate boats - they make me seasick.

We returned to Tanjung Rhu Resort after 2 nights stay at CDM. As expected, TRR was fabulous like last time. This time, we spent more time lazing around the pool eating ice-creams and fruit juices. Win Win and John even came to take anniversary photos for us. Luckily my belly is not showing yet! :D

All in all, I came back from Langkawi feeling refreshed and energized to face my oncoming pregnancy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Change Gynae to Dr. Eric Soh / 7 weeks 2 days old

One of Peter's doctor friend recommended gynae Dr. Eric Soh to me. She said he is very gentle and patient and competent. As I have no comparison at all (as I only went to Dr. Nicholas Loh), I decided to give Dr. Eric Soh a try on my 2nd gynae visit.

Made an appointment and was one of the first few patients in line. The moment I see Dr. Eric, I felt so comfortable. He asked me many questions and was so thorough with me. (I like it! I like it!).
He asked for my health report, family health history, etc etc etc. He took his time talking to me and he didnt give me the feeling that he was busy and can't wait to say TATA to me.

Oh ya...because the pregnancy is still early, he did a vaginal ultrasound (endovaginal) for me. He 'probed' something which looks like a big pen inside me and - hey voila! I can see Little Angel - just a tiny dot with a loud and strong heartbeat. ' Lub dup lub dub'.
Dr. Eric said my ultrasound shows Little Angel is 7 weeks 2 days old.

I mentioned my breast lump to him and he said there should be no worries to leave it after my pregnancy - unless it grow really big and is troubling me.

I felt so on top of the world and feel so happy after this gynae visit that I'm sure Dr. Eric Soh is gonna be my gynae from now onwards.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dental Visit

Went to visit my favourite dentist Dr. Khoo Joo Ean @ Penang Dental. My 6-monthly checkup is already due. I figured out that I might as well have good dental health when I'm pregnant. I should not neglect my teeth!

Dr. Khoo commented that my gums are more sensitive with more bleeding while she did the normal cleaning.

I guess my whole body is changing and preparing for my little angel! :D

Monday, October 6, 2008

1st visit to the gynae / 5 weeks old

We decided to go to Dr. Nicholas Loh from Loh Guan Lye Specialist Centre. A few of my friends recommended him after I told them I want a gynae who is not only competent but also friendly.
Dr. Nicholas turns out all right.

Dr. Nicholas say I am roughly around 5 weeks pregnant. My baby is about 5mm. the size of an orange seed.
He did an ultrasound on me and I saw a tiny black dot growing inside me. That is supposed to be my little angel!
I looked the the screen in awe...admiring the miracle of God. This tiny black dot is going to be our baby! Wow...

Friday, October 3, 2008

I got a BIG FAT POSITIVE confirmation today!

Dr. Sally Ong from Koe Clinic confirmed my pregnancy. I was tested again with the pregnancy test kit and this time, it is not a faint line anymore but a very clear positive sign!

So am i happy? YES, I AM! YES, WE ARE! Somehow I am no more so worried about the lumps in my breasts. Maybe because the ultrasound report shows that they are benign lumps. Or maybe because I've gotten used to the fact that my breasts indeed have lumps. Guess I've learned to accept the fact.

So now I am grinning happily when Dr.Sally Ong said that I am very much pregnant! She even said that my hormone levels are high. Usually the hCG level is only significant a week after their period is due, but mine was already very significantly shown in the pregnancy test kit even though I am only 1 day overdue!

I am now dancing and singing with joy in my heart!

Anyway, I won't be telling anyone yet besides my family 'til the 1st trimester is over when possibility of miscarriage is lower. Sigh....

Well....i'm still dancing with joy! Tralalalalalala...!!!! :D