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Khye's 2nd Mickey Themed Birthday Party

Khye @ 2yo - 14 September 2014

We celebrated Khye turning 2 a few weeks ago, and we had a party in our house.

This year we did MICKEY-theme party as Khye loves Mickey.
Mickey-theme is a very common theme, and so together with Josie, we strived to make this party not so common and less tacky!

Most of my ideas I got from Pinterest and we worked around my Pinterest Board, making yellow, red and black as our main theme colours.

My main aim is not to make the whole party looks too erm 'jinjang-looking', if there is such a word. Josie came up with this invitation card and I super love it.
Invitation Card

This is how the whole dessert table looked like. (Thanks Josie and Min!)
Almost everything here is within our theme colours and Mickey based. Khye was pretty excited to see so many Mickeys on the table. 
But to be honest, most are just ears or Mickey-silhouettes. lol.

I requested the banner/bunting to have Yiu-Khye'a name in it, instead of the usual 'Happy Birthday' because I wanted to reuse the banner.

After the party, I recycled the banner/bunting and hang it on their bedroom, just like what I did for Shern.   
Shern's train banner from his Train-theme Party earlier this year, and Khye's from this Mickey-theme party! Ain't they pretty?

This is what welcomed the guests the moment they stepped into the house.
Some deco Josie came up with, included a small Mickey plush toy, and also the Mickey ears headbands with the signboard that reads 'SMILE FROM EAR to EAR'! :)

Now let's talk about the food deco on the dessert table.

There was a menu board listing down some of the food being displayed. And next to the menu, a little signboard which reads 'Welcome To My 2nd Birthday Party'.

The highlight of the table was the awesome awesome one-of-a-kind 2nd MICKEY Birthday Cake for Yiu-Khye. Read all about it here.

And underneath and surrounding this awesome cake, are the delicious cupcakes from Yours Truly Cupcakes
I ordered their Peanut Butter Cups and Strawberry Shortcake flavours, as their colours were in tune with the theme colours. lol.
You need to try their Peanut Butter Cups, they are to-die-for! Seriously, I can eat all 12 of them by myself!
Decorated the Peanut Butter Cups with Mini Oreos, and the Strawberry Shortcake ones with cupcake Mickey's Ears toppers. They looked so well-dressed. :)

Also dressed up my Golden Egg Rolls with another Mickey Toppers.
Adults loved these Golden Egg Rolls, and my sister always ate more than her share. lol.

and the same Toppers were stuck to the golden striped straws on the Cranberry Juice in mason jars. 

Stuck some flag toppers on the Sardines and Eggs Sandwiches, and these were a huge hit with the kids.

These Fruit Tarts were delicious too, and they looked pretty just like that on a three-tier stand. 

And what is a celebration without these symbolic Red Eggs, right?
Red Eggs displayed on the egg tray with these super cute shaped stickers. Josie really had me smiling ear-to-ear when I see these very cute stickers on the eggs. My favourite deco so far!

And these are actually Party Favours - Mini Chocolates (Heysheys actually!) with customized stickers. I don't need to say these but kids loved them and my dad loved them too.
I don't quite fancy Party Packs anymore because I am lazy to think of what to put inside the party packs as kids are usually of different age.
So nowadays I just had Josie make a simple party favour like this (or the Kit Kat train at Shern's train party) and that was it! :D

This was the main dish and the star dish in the party. The very delicious curry chicken by 01 Bakery. 
In fact most of my food mentioned earlier is by the same person. 
I served this with Benggali Roti and it was a big hit.

Also had Tom Yam fried rice for the adults and plain fried rice for the kids. No photos of them though.

Besides Mickey gracing the present table, there were other Mickey stuff too around the house.

Firstly, it was this Toss-A-Ball corner. 

The kids had so much fun playing this very simple game!

And next is the Take-A-Photo-In-A-Frame corner.
Our family of 4!

Hubby & I with the birthday boy.

Everyone wants a photo with Khye, who was then in a good mood. 
Khye with Kong-kong and Pho-pho, Khye with Yee-Pho, and Khye with Yee-yee. 
And looked like Hubby is having more fun here! lol.

Everyone loved to have their photo taken too. 

And some with sweet Abigail, and an even sweeter Annabelle. :)

And also a really nice photo of Shern and his friend Jaden.
Look at both of them with sweating wet hair, from all the running around. lol.

I love this shot of Khye with Min-Yee. 

Next up, the group photos.
To tell, the truth, we tried getting some family photos done because Khye didn't nap earlier (which was his first time ever!), so I foresee that he would get cranky, or might even fall asleep halfway through the party!

But turned out it was a bad decision. Khye now in his 'stranger anxiety' stage and he was bawling when he saw so many 'strangers' looking at him!
And he hated the big, black camera. (I guess he is used to my cute-y iphone, haha).

So he went from this initially.......lol.

To this. (later on when he calmed down, we tried again)

Ok, I realized we didn't really have a decent family photo. The most decent one is this with Shern looking weird. lol.

OK, next one. With my side of the family - with Kong-kong, Pho-pho and Yee-Pho and Min-Yee.

Then added in Kau-Kongs and Kam-Phos and all his yee-yees. 

With my crafty friends Cindy and family, and also Josie, also my crafty friend and saviour. lol.

With my school friends and family.

Hubby's friends and family.

Lastly, with some good family friends, Irene ee-ee and Siew Phaik ee-ee.

Shern was the more excited one singing Happy Birthday loudly. 

And then came the Candle-Blowing session and also the Cake Cutting session.
Click here to view the short video clip on us singing Happy Birthday.

Some photos of us blowing the candles off the cake and cutting the cake.

A nice photo of my sister & I together with Khye.
We miss you Shu-Wen!

The kids had fun too as they played with all the toys (toys means trains and cars in our house!) in a separate room,

And also a small kitchen set underneath the stairs. 

Shern having fun while Uncle Tony heaved him up in the air!

And the 2 youngest in the house. Sweet Annabelle and cheeky Brandon.

While the kids played, the adults mingled about and ate to their hearts' content.   

The kids ate too, dont worry. lol.

And then Khye decided to be in a good mood although he did not nap the WHOLE DAY (I'm still amazed by this fact!)! 
And he decided to pose by himself for Josie, making all kinds of funny poses. 

Love these photos of him, complete with Mickey ears!

Some photos of him with mummy.

And lastly, a photo of Khye with all his presents. Thank for you all your gifts and ang pows. And above all, thank you for all your attendance and well wishes.
Khye is blessed to be loved by so many. 

Photo Credits - Pixous Photography
(Almost) Everything Else Deco-Wise ! - Favor-It-Shop
Most of the Food except the cake and cupcakes - 01 Bakery
Cake - Mon Delice Patisserie 


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