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Shern's 7th Hotwheels Themed Birthday Party

Shern @ 7yo - 5 June 2016

We celebrated Shern turning 7 last weekend, and we had a small party in our house. 

It was the first time Shern asked to invite his friends (no more daddy's and mummy's friends haha).
I was afraid he would invite his whole class if I gave him a free hand, and furthermore I don't really know the parents of his school friends. 
So I ended up inviting a few of his friends which were in the same music class as him. Bonus point is I knew their parents which makes things easier..

This year we did HOTWHEELS-theme party as requested by Shern. 
Most of my ideas I got from Pinterest and we worked around my Pinterest Board, making yellow, red and black, and orange as our main theme colours.

I had less time to plan and spend on making deco, so I just did easy ones.
These are some of the things I printed out and then cut and punched out. (pls refer to my Hotwheels Pinterest Board for the links I used)

This one's easy.
Just wrap checkered paper around the Milo box drinks and then adhered with a circle logo. Done.

As for the bunting, I printed out the checkered design in my cardstock and cut them into triangles.
Then I punched out circles from red cardstock. And after that manually cut the hand drawn letters "YIU SHERN IS 7". So this bunting is a little more time consuming.  

I then adhered them to a jut and pinned it on my curtain as backdrop.

But the most time consuming of all are the party favours I made.
As there would only be 8 kids including mine, I made something special.

Firstly I stamped out the words "THANK YOU FOR ROLLING TO MY PARTY" on recycled toilet rolls.

Then I tied a Hotwheels car on it using red and white Baker's twine.

Added the name and model of the car and the logo on it. 

And this is how they look like. They turned out so nice. 
I'm so proud of myself!

Josie is still so kind to help me out to do a simple digital invitation to be sent out, because I am noob in photoshop.

This is how the whole dessert table looks like on the day of the party.

The highlight of the table was the awesome one-of-a-kind 7th HOTWHEELS Birthday Cake for Shern. 
(Read all about it here.)

This cake is by my friend Cheryl who owns The After Meal
Their cakes are not only pretty, but they are delicious too. We ordered cupcakes from them too which they came in pretty shades of twirling frosting. 
The frosting were not too sweet and cake was moist.
One of the friend's sis ate like 4 cupcakes during the party and she was only 3+ yo. Hehe.

The other decos on the food. 

Beside desserts, we had curry chicken and noodles and also spaghetti for the kids. 

Next up, group photos. 
First, a photo of the birthday boy.

And then a family photo of just the 5 of us. 

One of us on the extended family.

A few on the kids. 

Together with their parents.

Singing the birthday song and blowing of the candle. 

Click here to view the short video clip on us singing the birthday song.

The kids all entertained themselves by building the Hot Wheels track set we got for him. 


Thank you everyone for your presents and well wishes. Shern is really a very lucky boy.
Up til now he opened only 4 presents.
He will get to open 1 new present every 1-2 weeks! This will ensure he really enjoy every single one of them! It worked every year! :)

Besides the Hotwheels Track Builder, this is one of the presents they had much fun it. The Piranha Game from Yee-Pho. And I think Khye loves it much more!

The next day, Shern celebrated his birthday with his school friends with the cupcakes I got from The After Meal, together with a kit kat each for his friends. 

And that is how my eldest baby turns 7!
How time flies! 
This is the birthday wish I wrote him on Facebook:

"In a few more minutes, my big boy turns 7. This also means I've been a mummy for 7 years! 😅
Shern was a scrawny 'lil thing when I brought him back from the hospital. But it was love at first sight then until now.
He was a "high-need" baby and required us to rock him to sleep in our arms 'til he was 1 1/2yo.
But now at 7yo, he's the easiest to take care. (When compared to his two monster bros!)

He is not a boy without flaws though. He can be a little greedy and still gets jealous and can get very whiny sometimes. He can also be too direct at times. But overall, he has a kind heart.
I hope he grows up to be kind and helpful, and to love himself and also be loving to others. I hope he grows up healthy and happy because all these are what matters in life.
Happy 7th birthday my dearest Yiu-Shern.
We love you so very much.
Love you lots,
Mummy & Daddy"

Cedits - All the clear and bright photos are by Alex Yeap!

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