Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shern's TRAIN 5th Birthday Cake

We had a birthday party for Shern last Sunday (more about the party later)

Just like all the previous years, I'd decorate his birthday cake,  just like his 1st2nd3rd and 4th birthday cakes. 

But this time, I was so not prepared. 
I didn't know how I was going to decorate it until I took the cake out in front of me, and just 3 hours before the party.

The theme colour this time was 'Vintage Train Black and Gold theme'.
Yeah, Shern is still very into trains, and he is not showing sign of train boredom yet but his mum is. lol.

I bought some Banana Pocky Sticks and sorted out some yellow M&Ms to imitate the 'gold'.
And some chocolate Pocky Sticks for the 'black' and the chocolate cake itself.

So I transformed a 2kg plain Double Choc cake from Brix and Baume (formerly known as Ritz Cake House) into this - One-of-a-kind Train 5th Birthday Cake for Shern:
Photo credit: Pixous Photography

And this is the front view of the cake.

This is me while decorating the cake.

Photo Credit: Pixous Photography

Some closed up photos. 

Fyi, Shern requested for Emily the train to be put on top of the cake. 

And Shern was happy with the cake, especially so when it is chocolate flavour, his favourite.
Another One-of-a-kind Train 5th Birthday Cake for Shern.

p/s - Stay tuned for the Birthday Party post!

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Serenely said...

I always love seeing your clever little ideas to decorate and dress up simple cakes to turn them into something unique. And this is just as brilliant! Look forward to seeing the birthday party post ^_^