Monday, July 28, 2008

College Friends

I have blogged about my school friends and even my colleagues. But another group of special friends which I haven't blog about are my college friends.

I took South Australian Matriculation (SAM) from Disted-Stamford College, Penang (previously known as Disted College). Then I continued on to earn my Bachelor Degree doing twinning with Deakin University and finished my last year of degree in Melbourne, Australia. I have made many good friends along the way.

I went to 'korek' out a few pics taken during my college days. They are a bit blur coz I scanned it using my scanner and the quality is not that good.

This is one of the pic i treasured most. This pic was taken at Danny's house in Tanjung Bungah, Penang. He lived near me and I used to fetch him to college on days our time matched! He helped me a lot for my IT and Maths paper.
Seating from l to r: me, Danny

Group picture taken at one of Disted's Lecture Hall. I have lost touch with them except for Ai-Leen and TJ. Heard that Rosalyn is still at Dell. As for Chuan and Grace, well...who can update me?
Standing from l to r : Ai-Leen, me
Seating from l to r: TJ, Chuan, Grace & Rosalyn

This pic was taken at the Rasa Sayang Hotel, Penang before the renovation took place. Lay Ming's aunt gave us a 50% discount to flavour Waka and up til now is one of my most memorable Japanese buffet dinner. I remembered I gobbled up almost 15 fresh oysters if I am not mistaken! ;P
Standing from l to r: me, Lay Ming

This pic was taken in 6/74 Glyndon Road's kitchen, Australia.
They are 2 of my very closest friends. Tarr Phai and Seow Wei. I grew close with Seow Wei only when I went over to Melbourne. Somehow, we just clicked straightaway. We could spend the whole day talking without getting tired and I slept over her place many nights when I was there! Seow Wei was the one who intro-ed me to Tarr Phai! Without Tarr Phai's car in Melb, we would have not enjoyed many late nights of fun! Remember Texas Chainsaw Masaccre, guys?
Standing from l to r: Tarr Phai, Seow Wei

This pic was taken in 6/74 Glyndon Road's living room sofa. Tarr Phai intro-ed me to Jonathan. He is from East Malaysia if I am not mistaken. This guy is a joke man! He calls himself "mermaid" which until now I cannot understand why! Why would a guy call himself a mermaid? *scratches head*. I've lost touch with him and I think I shd make it a point to search him out...OK resolution 2009!
Seating from l to r: Jonathan, me

This pic was taken on one of our many stops on our way to the Great Ocean Road, Aus. I took SAM with them and Phooi Yee is now an accountant while I am not sure what is Wern Lynn doing now!
From l to r: Wern Lynn, Phooi Yee and me

They are 3 people whom I shared 10 months of my life with night and day! They were my housemates when I was in Melbourne, Aus from Feb-Dec 2003. This pic was taken at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival! Adrian is now in KL, Ndru at Gochecorp and Ee Lyn is with Dell. I miss you guys!
Standing from l to r: Adrian, Ndru, Ee Lyn, me

Standing from l to r: Seow Wei, Phooi Yee, Debbie
Seating from l to r: Yit Fung, Suki, Wern Lynn

Standing from l to r: Adrian, Suki, Seow Wei, Yit Fung, Chuan, Debbie, Shu-Yin, Pheh Shean
Seating from l to r: Ee Lyn, Ndru,

These 2 pics were taken at 6/74, Glyndon Road (the place which was home to Seow Wei, Debbie, Yit Fung and Suki in Melb). We had many great food there, many mahjong sessions, many sleepovers. I remembered there was once their electricity billed went up to nearly AUS500 for 3 mths! hahaha.

This pic was taken in my room and on my bed in 2/53 McIntyre Street.
Jas and Sue Mei are now both in Australia. I miss Sue Mei a lot!
From l to r: Jasmine, Sue Mei, me

This pic was taken at Healesview Sanctuary, Australia - a place where i got to pet koalas and kangaroos. It was a trip organized by the church.
From l to r: me, Sally, Doris & Yen

Wow...what a journey! I'm sorry if I have missed out any of my college friends, but pls blame it to the era where digital cams are not very popular yet! :P
I miss those college days. I even miss taking exams with you guys! :D

Sunday, July 27, 2008

DHL Global Forwarding 2008 Family Day

(opening ceremony - launching with a big bang!)

It was a family event organized by DHL Global Forwarding 2008 Family Dad. As usual, our whole family turned up to give our dad our fullest support! We were a bit disappointed to see most of the families there were kinds below 10 years old. So we were considered the OLD kids. hahaha.

Anyway, the event was a big success with wonderful climate. The sun was behind the clouds all the while even though it was 11am. It was quite a breezy day too and we had fun lying on the deck chairs under the swaying trees.

The clown Hoho made us a poodle, rabbit and flower using baloons too! All of us participated in the tele-match.

Dad was the most sporting guy. He participate in many games. Even mum participated in one of the game! We earned RM50 Sunshine vouchers among shopping spree for mum!

Look out for the first pic of my dad - he is gonna participate in the 100m race in Beijing Olympic in August!

(100m olympic athelete in action - my dad)

(Wen & Min feeding dad food in a tele-match)

(dad dancing 'rock n roll' & 'let's twist')

In the treasure hunt, dad's group got the best score (not only within DHL, but amongst all the teams ever..according to the event host) for the Tower of Hanoi game....all thanks to my darlin' Peter! He is the best in all these mind games!

(dad playing the Tower of Hanoi)

We took a few family pictures. First two pics is just the 'Keluarga Asas', while the last pic is with my 'darl to make our family complete!

We took many other pics too - with all sorts of crazy poses!

(3 sisters in action!)

(darlin' Peter & I)

(Wen and mum holding their precious baloons)

(beauties & the beast)

Near to 12noon, the sun came peeping out and everyone started to feel a lil hot and sticky! At about 12.45pm, we adjourned to the hall for the buffet lunch.

And the buffet spread was great. Lots of varieties and ample servings. There were even smoked salmon (which I ate a lot!) and another kind of raw fish!

Great weather. Great company. Great family. Fantastic day!

Seafood Dinner @ Sin Eng Huat Coffee Shop

Wen and Jen Tze came back yesterday for the weekend. As usual, we went out for some delicious food. Heard some recommendations from friends that the seafood 'chu char' at the Sin Eng Huat Coffee Shop along Jalan Tanjung Bungah is good (opposite Chee Seng Garden/Old Tanjung Bungah Bus Terminal), so we decided to give it a try! Furthermore, the place is near our homes and thus no traffic jams!

8 of us went with hungry stomachs and we ordered 6 different dishes. There were Crab with Mee, Stir-fry scrab with Kam Heong, Mee Sua Tau with clams, Tofu, Signature Beancurd and Vietnam Fish. We ordered white steamed rice to go with it as well.

All the dishes were delicious except for the Vietnam Fish. The Fish was BIG but the sauce was moderate taste - ok ok only. (oops, halfway eating it only i remembered to take the pic of the fish so it looks kinda half-eaten in the pic :P)

The Crab with Mee dish and the Mee Sua Tau with clams dish were also BIG. At first we thought we would not be able to finish 6 dishes, but we did as it was really delicious and the way the prepared the dishes were kind of unique. It was the first time we tried the crabs cooked this way.

Dad, who usually refused to use his hands even when eating crab (yes, he is that stubborn!) was 'finger-licking-good ' all the way! Dad was caught in action and it is a rare photo, mind you!

Just as we were paying the bill, we had our famous 'Guess the bill' game. The exact total bill amount was RM159 and Min won by guessing the figures closest to the actual bill amount. She earned RM1 (sponsored by my dad!) food. I damn love Penang food! ;D

Friday, July 25, 2008

El Mondo Pizza @ Kristal Point

Peter took me for a quick bite at El Mondo Pizza @ Kristal Point. During non-peak hours (from 2-5pm if I am not mistaken), you will get 20% discount. Peter tried the Mussels there and thought it tasted good, so he took me there.

The mussels is served with fresh tomatoes with creamy sauce. RM14.90.
So, what is my feedback after trying it? My gawd, it is one of the best mussels dish I've ever tasted. Beat the mussels even at Fish & Co! We ordered garlic bread RM4.90 to complement the dish as well. I did not have my camera with me, so I took a pic of it using my Nokia 6300 and it is not so clear - but just to let you all have a glance at what it looks like!

We did not order anything else so we don't know if other food taste equally as good. Oh ya, a thing is take note is they charge RM0.50 for a small glass of 'very strong taste of chlorinated water'! I just took a sip of it and could already taste and smell the chlorine in it!

And looking at the menu, the food are quite pricey. But if the taste is good, I don't mind coming back. This time, I will insist on bringing my own tumbler! :P

Dinner at Precious Taste Restaurant and Speaker for Public Mutual talk

Peter was scheduled to be a speaker for last night's Public Mutual agents workshop. Before the workshop session, we had dinner with Public Mutual branch manager Mr. Vincent Seow. He took us to the restaurant just opposite Public Mutual building called Precious Taste Restaurant. They served good food.

Claypot Mapo Tofu Scrambled Egg Fried Kai Lan

We had the Claypot Mapo Tofu, Scrambled Egg and Fried Kai Lan. The fried kai lan is very special first time tasting it. Price was reasonable - RM8/dish. Plain rice is RM2/bowl. I guess it is like a hidden jewel restaurant that not many has heard of. So you people should know where to go to when you are in the vicinity.

Precious Taste Restaurant address:
3,Lintang Burmah,10250 Pulau Tikus
Tel: 04-228-9890

It was raining quite heavily while we dined. Peter was a bit nervous that the attendance may not be good as heavy rain always equals to traffic jams. Anyway, turnout was good and after the session, feedback given was good as well. That alone made Peter's day ;D

Peter in action:

Boy, am i proud? :D

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Wedding Videographer & Photographers :)

Many of my friends and Peter's friends are getting married. Only last year and this year alone, we already attended or going to attend almost 10 weddings. I guess we have reached the age where ppl start tying the knots.
Well, people say that 'all good things must be shared', right? So let me introduce to you 2 of my VIP during my wedding. Ta da...*drum roll* wedding Videographer (Kee Sitt) and Photographers (Win Win & John Chin).

Without them, there would be no record of the most important day of our lives. Without them, I would not be able to view my DVD and photos again and again and again.

So Kee Sitt, Win Win & John, thanks for being with us on our wedding day to capture the moments. Thanks for letting us re-live our special day! Wish you all the best and don't forget us! :D

So for those of you who are planning to get married, you will know where to find the best videographer and photographers! Just remember to buy me dinner ya!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TJ & Stuart @ Batu Feringgi

My ex-college friend TJ and his friend Stuart came back to Penang for a visit. They are now Australian PR. All of us went for a walk at Batu Feringghi and later had dinner there at Long Beach Cafe.

We also walked along Golden Sands 5 stars and Rasa Sayang 6 stars hotels. The Rasa Sayang Hotel garden is surrounded by swaying casuarina trees. We managed to see the sunset as well.

(this is my favourite photo - photo of a casuarina tree leaves)

Old Frees Association

Peter took me to the Old Frees Association for lunch. It was my first time there. The restaurant serves good food. Peter ordered the Yang Chow fried. The aroma of the fried rice was captivating...luring me back for more. :P

I ordered Tom Yam maggi soup which was equally as tasty as well. It is sour and spicy enough for my liking. Anyway, I may be biased as well b'coz I am like my sis Wen who simply loves Tom Yam!

Well, let the pictures paint a thousand words:

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Tom Yam Maggi Soup

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chao Chao's 1st Birthday

(not everyone is in this group pic. late-comers were not included in this pic! :P)

We all gathered at Kuma's house to celebrate Mah Yi Xin a.k.a Chao Chao's 1st birthday. I am sure she did not understand the buzzing excitement the whole time but she was smiling and enjoying herself the whole time. She even changed 2 dresses during the party celebration :)

It was a family gathering for us. Only relatives were invited. Mum made a conclusion stating that 'all children below 5 yrs old's b'day party are attended by old folks and their kids! :P

All the food were home-made. There were jellies, signature 'red egg', beehoon, spaghetti, chicken chop, salad, lobak, vege, fruits,! Even the cake was home-made. Check it out!

Dad was so happy Chao Chao allowed him to carry her and also to feed her. He kept on shouting 'Eh, where is the camera. You need to capture this moment, pls' Hahaha. My dad loves kids.

Peter & I gave Chao Chao a big book of Nursery Rhymes. All of them will need to read and rhyme and sing it out to her. I love that book myself. Educational yet interesting - full of colourful pictures!

Chao Chao is now the princess in everyone's heart! Check out the pics below.

Check out below video clip - singing of birthday song and blowing of candle :D
Kuku's voice is the loudest, don't you think so? *winks*

Happy 1st birthday Chao Chao - Enjoy your baby days which are full of love and care and kisses and hugs ;)