Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shern's COLOURFUL 3rd Birthday Cake

As usual, I ordered a cake and then I decorated it myself. I did that to Shern's 1yo birthday and also 2yo birthday.
So for Shern's 3yo birthday party last Saturday, I did the same for the cake. This cake is Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe. Shern is as much a chocolate lover as his mum, so a chocolate cake is the choice for his party.

This time around, there is no specific party theme. So I just used Shern's favourite M&Ms to make it a colourful cake. These train holder candles I grabbed it when I saw it at Melb, as Shern is still very into trains.

This is how the whole cake looks like:
an awesome one-of-a-kind COLOURFUL 3rd Birthday Cake for Shern!

Shern's Colourful 3rd Birthday Cake - 9 June 2012

I used Pretz sticks to form Shern's name at the side of the cake and also the number '3' on top of the cake.

This is the top view of the cake.

Look at Shern's happy face when he saw the cake. I think he didn't really notice the cake. He just saw the many, many, many M&Ms on the cake. And not surprisingly, he stole a few M&Ms even before we finished singing the birthday song. ;)

I will post about his mini birthday in the following post. This post is all about his very awesome one-of-a-kind COLOURFUL 3rd Birthday Cake his mum deco for him! ;)

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