Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shern's 4yo Pirate Themed Birthday Party: Part 1 - Decorations

This was the first time ever I hosted a birthday party for Shern (or anyone) outside my home. If I have had the party at home, I would only invite a max of 20 people in my small apartment, which then would only be relatives. But Shern is now big enough and is yearning for friends. So I decided to hold it at Blue Reef, and that I could invite more people, especially friends with kids for Shern to play with.

With 2 kids now, I have my hands full and time is of essence. So I engaged Josie, my buddy from Favor-It-Shop to help me out with the deco.
Shern loves Disney's Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and so this party's theme was Pirate inspired. This is a friendly pirate theme, with no skulls and no death-y images. Very suitable for kids of all ages. :)
Most of the deco ideas I got from my Pinterest board. I am a Pinterest addict. It gives me so much inspirations and ideas.

These were the digital invites and menu choice done by Josie.
Love the invites which even featured Tick-Tock the Crocodile. Haha.

This was the Desert Table. Beautiful or not? Love you, Josie.

I loved the banners done by Josie. Red and blue stripes which was the theme colour. And I super loved the overall table arrangement.
This sailing ship was so pirate-y looking, and I requested for a number 4 to show that this was Shern's 4th Birthday.

This was Shern's one-of-a-kind Jake and the Neverland Pirate 4th Birthday Cake that I decorated. Read all about it here.

Now comes the food on the desert table.
My all-time favourite Fruit Tarts that I never failed to order, arranged on my 3-tier cake stand.

Delicious Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frostings by Oritta Cakehouse on Josie's beautiful 3-tier cake stand.
Topping these cupcakes were personalized Cupcake Toppers which reads 'YIU-SHERN TURNS 4' and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Captain SHERN'! 

And everybody loved these personalized sails on satay sticks standing on the yummy Corn Custard Cream Puffs, making them looked like little boats on sails.

And just like Khye's Fullmoon Party, these Red Eggs were so nicely presented. I insisted on having hard-boiled red eggs for all birthday parties because I would have felt that something is missing if we didn't have these. And furthermore, eggs are Shern's favourite food!

And this was something special. Guess what this is?
This was a tray of gourmet mashmallows by my cousin Huey & Wah. We took the vanilla and the chocolate flavour, both were Shern's favourites. Huey was so nice to arrange it in an anchor-shaped to go with the theme! :)

Next on, the Treasure Loot table near the entrance.
There was a Treasure Chest on the right, a tray of Eye-Patches beside it and mini paper boats all over the table.

The Treasure Chest was filled with Gold Doubloons (chocolate coins) for the kids.

These Money-Bags acted as Party Favours for the kids. There was an Anchor Tag with an 'S' tied to the Money Bags.

This was the tray of Paper Eye-Patches tied with rubber strings. This was supposedly for all guests, but I think if all guests wore that, we would have had a 'head bang' session. I tell you, being one-eyed even for 5 minutes made me kinda dizzy. It makes me thankful I have both my eyes. Lol.

And these Kraft Paper Boats were Thank You Favours for the guests.

The Browned Ones filled with Polo Mints were for the adults. (But I think most were grabbed by kids!)

And these Coloured Paper Boats filled with Gold Doubloons were for the kids.

There was even a Mini Photo Booth area for those who wished to strike a pose. 

There were props such as Eye Patches, Pirate Hat, Moustaches, Bandannas and Sashes, and even Swords!

Then we decided to have something for the kids to keep them occupied.
There was the Colouring Corner, which I printed out some Jake and the Neverland Pirates Activity Pages, and also some Colouring Pages. 

And then there was a corner for 'Pin Captain Hook's Moustache', an idea I got from the classic game of 'Pin The Donkey's Tail'

And lastly, on the outdoors seating of Blue Reef, Josie placed a large tub, filled with just a teeny bit of water (just an inch I think!), for the kids to float their Paper Boats.
The kids had a blast there floating all the boats (That was where all the Thank You Favours went to!)

All in all, it was an awesome birthday party decorations, all thanks to Josie!.

Ok, I will talk more on the birthday party itself, full of pictures of people in the next post Part 2: The Party! Stay tuned....

p/s - Photo Credits - Ik Bing of Trinity Photography

Click for Shern's 4th Pirate Birthday Cake.

Click for Part 2: The Party


weelyn said...

wow, lovely decorations and great ideas to keep the kids occupied! :)

and you did a great job in decorating Shern's cake.

happy belated birthday to Shern!

tanshuyin said...

thanks weelyn.

Josie said...

Thanks for the shout out Shu-Yin! Also Thank you for engaging me to help out with Shern's party... :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Nicely decorated beautiful theme... happy birthday shern i like the boat and everything is beautifully design and decorated. Moustache idea is great Kid like these entire thing they love to go in birthday party. You have done a great job. Reference: Postal Flowers Birthday Balloons delivery Dublin

tanshuyin said...

I shd be the one saying thanks to you. Thank you for all your help. This party wouldnt be such a success without u!!!

Will Smith,
Thanks. ;)