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Vern's 2nd SEA TURTLE Themed Birthday Party

Vern @ 2yo - 16 July 2017

This post is soooo long overdue. I was quite overwhelmed with planning all our short holiday trips that I hadn't time to sit down to properly type out this post which was in my draft for so many weeks already.
I better get this post up before Khye's birthday next month. Gulp. 

Vern celebrated his 2nd birthday last month.
As usual, I was very last minute when it came to planning his party theme. Mainly because I could not decide on the theme. I was thinking of some Animal theme, something like a Safari or Old MacDonald Had A Farm or Dear Zoo theme because this little guy of mine loves animals. 

But in the end, I decided on the theme Sea Turtle based on his favourite Sea Turtle soft toy.

A million thanks to my good friend, Josie, who despite her crazy work schedule, managed to come up with a customized jpeg image of the turtle for me just 1 day before the party celebration!
Totally NOT her fault though. It was I who requested for her help at the last minute and she still obliged! I owe her big time!

Anyway, at the very last day, this was what I came up with.
I resized the turtle image and punched them out to be food toppers. Many of them I even fussy-cut them because my circle puncher got stuck!
Did some washi flags as well and even some frilly flags with crepe papers. 

Josie also gave me an idea of wrapping the Kinder Joy Surprise Eggs as "Turtle Eggs".
Wrapped them in foil and stuck a mini turtle on top with the kids' initial so that they can find their own Turtle Surprise Eggs!

This was how the dessert table looked like on the party day.

The simple blue and green banner I printed out off the internet.
For those interested, this is where I got them.

And this was the very gorgeously awesome one-of-a-kind Sea Turtle Birthday Cake I  decorated for Vern. A big shout out and thank you to Cheryl from The After Meal for the cute fondant turtle and the awesome cake which I ordered plain from her. 

This was how I arranged the Turtle Eggs - into this little holes in this crate they went. ;)

And I printed out a photo of Vern going outing with his Turtle on his car seat with him.

The food toppers on these delicious food.

And now a photo of the birthday boy. 
He was a little shocked to see so many people in the house, and everyone was fussing over him.

Our little family of 5.

One of Vern and his Pho-pho and Kong-kong (before he left for his appointment)

Everyone in green. :)

With Ah-Kong and Ah-Ma

With 3-Pek Kong and family.

Pho-pho side of the family - The CHEONGs (missing Jia Li who came later)

With our good friends, Rebecca & kids, Seok Luan and her daughter Michelle, and Elly & family. 

With my dearest friend, Josie & family. Without her, this party wouldn't be such a success!

It was then time to sing the birthday song. 
Usually Vern would joined in the singing. But on that day he was just in too much awe that he just kept on looking at the cake and the many people around him. 

Cake-cutting session. Koko also helped to cut the cake. 

Here is a short video clip on the singing of the birthday song.

Some random photos.

Thank you everyone for the birthday pressies. 
Lotsa food and toys. So this makes the birthday boy very happy haha.

Let me end this post with the Facebook dedication I made for my little baby, so that I can read back in years to come and reminisce about my littlest boy turning two.

"Dearest littlest man in the house,
You are not so little anymore. In a few blinks of an eye, my baby turns 2.
Starting today, you are officially creeping into Terrible Two stage. But i will stand firm and strong, because I know Terrible Three is worse than Terrible Two, and I need the strength to last for 2 years! πŸ˜…

Saying that, you fool all the aunties & uncles with your adorable, cheeky, scrunched up smiles. You are forever generous with your smiles and your "byes" with a wave.
You are also generous with your hugs, insisting to hug and kiss everyone before you leave Pho-pho's house every evening.
Among my 3 boys, you are the fastest learner. You can talk & communicate reasonably well by age 2, although your favourite words are "mai" and "come, come"!
I am so blessed to have you as my 3rd baby and although suffocating at times, I know I am blessed when you insists that only mummy must do everything for u! πŸ˜…
Only mummy can wear your shoes for u, only mummy can bring you your water, and only mummy can hold your hands.
I am also priviledged to be able to breastfeed you up til now. Your voice and face when you say "nen-nen" is really lovely and I love how you say "ooooohhhhhh" when you asked for "nen-nen (other) side!"
Yes, you love switching sides as i guess left boob has nasi lemak flavour while right boob has laksa flavour! Lol
As you grow, all I wish is for you to grow up happy and healthy.
And I hope we can be the best mum & dad to you!
Happy 2nd birthday little guy!
Love you lots,
Mummy & Daddy"

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Photo Credits: Those nice, bright photos were all taken by Alex Yeap. 

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