Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OMG...It Should Be This Week!

28 August 2012 - 37 weeks preggy and Popping this week

I juz came back from gynae checkup on Monday, and guess what?
Dr. Eric said I'm already 2.5cm dilated!
Gosh...and to think that I'm only 37 weeks - juz right and ripe for a full term labour.

Anyway, Lil Bub is still doing well inside my tummy.
As of today he weighs 3.6kg already. Water level is still good and enough. But baby is not yet facing down.
However, his head is now very low, 30%+ down, which is why I had some pains down there when walking up the stairs or getting up from bed.

So now I'm just waiting for the labour signs - spotting, water bag burst, contractions, etc.
Now that the time is really near and here soon, I'm getting a little nervous. Actually very nervous.

Now my head is doing a checklist:
Hospital bag. Check. Instal Baby cot. Check. Baby Car Seat, Check. Prefolded napkins. Check.

This time around, I'm thinking of getting the Single Room. Compared to 3 years ago during Shern's time, the rates has gone up. This is the Maternity Package rate now at Island Hospital.

Normal Delivery (3 days 2 nights)
  • Single Room - RM 3,900.00
  • 2 Bedded Standard - RM 2,600.00

Caesarian (Elective) Delivery (4 days 3 nights)
  • Single Room - RM 7,000.00
  • 2 Bedded Standard - RM 5,300.00

The reason I prefer a Single Room is because I want hubby to stay with me for the night. During Shern's time, I had baby blues/post-partum blues, which part of it was 'coz I was all alone in the hospital during the night. So now I try to do everything I can to avoid this. Haha, but all these comes with $$$, so I'm wondering if it is worth it.

Anyway, so the waiting game begins. Count down from now til end of this week. Tick tock tick tock.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Evolution of my Pregnant Belly #2

It's all about belly talk these few days. :)
Ok, like what I did while I was carrying Shern, it is time for the Evolution of my Pregnant Belly while carrying 'Lil Bub.


My belly started showing obviously about 5-6 mths. At the end of it, I'm like carrying a big watermelon inside my tummy.
It is not easy actually. As you can see, I don't gain a lot of weight throughout my whole pregnancy (only about 9kg until now) and all the weight gain is on my belly. My baby seems to absorb everything I eat! So that gives me a huge weight to carry around and thus I have lower backache.

But on the bright side, it means that it is much easier for me to gain back my pre-pregnancy weight and back to looking good soon, I hope! :)

Belly Art

25 August 2012 - Belly Art - week 36
I tried a new thing last Saturday. It's Body Painting but I call it Belly Art. My cousin's friend is venturing into this business so she is looking for pregnant models and I volunteered.
So last Saturday, the talented Goh Lay Kheng came to my place and gave my belly a little make up.

This is the artist doing her work.
My whole belly is rather tight and thus usually rather sensitive when being touched. But surprisingly, I did not feel much of it. She must be very gentle I think.

This is the end results of it all. It is rather difficult to see the whole picture because my belly is rather sharp. This is the best shot of it by us non-professional photographers. Haha.
It's actually a drawing of a cute teddy and some little boy clothings drying on a clothes line.

To zoom into it, this side of my belly shows the dripping teddy and an overall.

The other side shows a bib and a pair of socks!

I love this photo, it shows how big my belly is!

We even went down to our apartment garden for some shots. Lovely greens all around.

When I showed it to Shern, he was very fascinated with the art and said he wants his stomach to have drawing too. He said he wants Aunty Lay Kheng to draw a teddy bear and a train on his stomach for him! ;)

I am very happy to be given this opportunity to have my belly drawn. It's such a cute drawing, and if you know me, I'm not someone who loves cute things. But this is an exception. I love it.
Thanks a lot Lay Kheng!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Photos!

Just came back from Maple Palace Restaurant to celebrate Dad's Godma's 80th Birthday. It has been years since I last stepped foot inside it and I totally forgot how nice the restaurant is. Looks rather grand too.
Shern had a great time there playing with the helium balloons and running around with his 'new found friends'!

Min managed to take some very nice photos of Shern and us. Posted them on Instagram and then I thought it would be nice to share the photos here in my blog as well.

While waiting for the arrival of other guests, Shern finished the peanuts and the small piece of on his table. And after the first two dishes, he declared himself  'full already' and started to ask come down from his high chair.

He managed to get some helium balloons to entertain himself and he was all smiles playing with the random uncles and aunties there. Look at his cheeky face while posing with his balloons.
24 August 2012 - Maple Palace Restaurant

And this is Shern posing with his signature smile - showing all his teeth and ends up with small eyes! He was holding his monkey bag, which is actually his diaper bag nowadays. Yes, I don't need to lug a big diaper bag for Shern now that he is older. All I needed is to bring his water bottle, a change of clothes (just in case!) and some biscuits and snacks to entertain him in case he gets cranky!
Shern hugging his Monkey Bag

Love these 2 photos of the 3 of us!
Very happy faces!

Reached home almost 11pm and Shern straightaway changed into his PJs and asked for his milk. He then fell asleep almost immediately without brushing his teeth! Hehe. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

And Now I Waddle

Week 36 - 20 August 2012
I'm now at Week 36 and besides having swollen feet, I now starts to waddle.
If you don't yet know what waddle means, here is the definition from


Walk with short steps and a clumsy swaying motion.
A waddling gait: "I walk with a waddle".

Yes, I now waddle like a duck. Sometimes when I noticed that people are staring at me, I try hard not to waddle, but it is difficult to stand up straight and walk with my two legs close together, and doing all these while carrying a huge watermelon in my tummy.
So I just stop trying so hard and continue to waddle my way into the coffee shops and malls.

22 August 2012
And this is how my swollen feet looks like. Much more swollen than just 3 weeks ago.
Swollen Feet @ Week 36 - 22 August 2012

I remembered seeing Shern waddle not too long ago, when he just started learning how to walk. He looked so cute then. I'm sure I'm nowhere as cute as him then. Sigh. 

I am now big enough that people started giving me privileges as a pregnant woman. Just today, I went into hlb to do banking and there are no public toilets around there, and one of the staff then led me to their staff toilets. I was so thankful because I nearly peed in my pants!

This is quite a big deal for I because just a month or so ago, some people still didn't know I am pregnant. Either they didn't look at me properly, or they think I am indeed so fat. Coz a few strangers still thinks I am hubby's girlfriend when we walked into coffee shops! haha.

Or maybe they think I am hubby's waddling pregnant girlfriend! :P

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Going A 'Lil More Organic

I'm not a very 'organic' person. I don't buy organic food and fruits, and most of my daily home products are not organic. And neither are my personal care products.

Don't get me wrong, I know organic is all good and all, but somehow I just don't feel the urge to go organic, with it being more expensive and difficult to source.
Maybe because I am blessed that Shern & I & hubby, we don't have any eczema/sensitive skin, therefore no urge to switch to organics. But overall, I guess ignorance on my part plays a big role in this.

Well, all this changed when I grew addicted to online shopping. First of all, shopping online means surfing through many websites for the cheapest price and value. And while doing that, you can't help reading info and be more aware of the benefits of organic products, especially when I shop for baby products most of the time. And so with 'Lil Bub inside me and Shern, I decided to start to start going a 'lil more organic with them!

A mum always gives the best to their kids, right? ;)
So, I'm going to start with their toiletries and such.

I find this EWG Skin Deep rating site very useful, so I used it to be my guide.

Shern bathed twice a day. Once after he comes home from playschool and another time at night before he winds down to his sleep routine. He shampoos his hair at least once every day, because he is someone who sweats easily. And with our hot climate and him being so active, running around, no way I can shampoo his hair every alternate days. I've been using these on Shern:

i) Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo (EWG Rating: 4: Moderate Hazard)
I think I've been using this product since I was young.

ii) Sebamed Children's Shampoo (EWG Skin Deep Rating: 5: Moderate Hazard)
I always thought that Sebamed is a baby-friendly shampoo, but surprisingly, the rating is worse than Johnson's.

Therefore, due to him shampooing every day, I need to find a light and safe shampoo, which is not going to dry his scalp. I am going to change the shampoo and body wash to:

i) Earth Mama Angel Baby, Shampoo and Body Wash

(EWG Skin Deep Rating: 0: Low Hazard)
Price: ~RM28.00 / 160ml
Comment: Bought this small bottle to try on 'Lil Bub. There is a more economical 1 litre bottle on sale.
This is NOT a no-tear formula, so use extra care around your angel baby's eyes! 

ii) Buds for Kids Lavendar Gift Pack, which contains:
- Buds for Kids Lavendar Shampoo 250ml
- Buds for Kids Lavendar Shower Gel 250ml

(EWG Skin Deep Rating: Unknown)
Price: ~RM40.96 after discount
Comment: Bought this for Shern.

Shern was on lampin during his first few months as a baby, and gradually used Cloth Diapers. So nappy rash was rare. But there still are times when his bum got a little too red, especially when I left his diapers on a little too long.

i) Was using Bepanthen Nappy Rash Ointment (EWG Skin Deep Rating: unknown)
I've been using it on Shern when he was a baby and it works like a charm. But now I want to try something more organic, which will be safer for baby.

Bought these 2 balms to try it out:

i) Badger Company Baby Balm

(EWG Skin Deep Rating: 0: Low Hazard)
Price: ~RM28.70 / 2oz / 56g
Comment: Love the cute 'lil tin. Easy to have it in your diaper bag.

ii) Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm
(EWG Skin Deep Rating: 0: Low Hazard)Price: ~RM38.20 / 2oz / 60g
Comment: Bought the bigger 60g tub to use at home. There is also a smaller 30g tub for on-the-go use.

We usually sleep without turning on the aircond. Our place is quite breezy on most nights. But the bad thing about this is that the mosquitoes sometimes do visit us. So a mosquito repellent is needed.

i) Was using Moz-Away Repellent Spray (EWG Skin Deep Rating: Unknown)

So now we are going to change to: 

i) Badger Company, Anti-Bug Balm Stick

(EWG Skin Deep Rating: 0: Low Hazard)
Price: ~RM34.40 / 1.5oz / 42g

ii) Badger Company, Anti-Bug Balm

(EWG Skin Deep Rating: 0: Low Hazard)
Price: ~28.70 / 2oz / 56g
Comment: Love the cute 'lil tin. Great for on-the-go use.

On our hot and humid tropical climate, with the sun shining on us almost daily, we need to protect ourselves with sunscreen. Especially when we bring Shern out to Cuti-cuti Penang quite frequently.

i) Was using Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 (EWG Skin Deep Rating: 6: Moderate Hazard).
Based on the EWG Skin Rating, this Banana Boat Kids brand has a higher hazardous level when the SPF level increases and some of the items even go up to 7: High Hazard. And to think that I applied this on Shern once in a while.

So now I changed to my favourite Badger Company brand for a more organic and less hazardous product.

i) Badger Company Baby Sunscreen SPF30+

(EWG Skin Deep Rating: 1: Low Hazard)
Price: ~RM36.70 / 2.9oz / 87ml

Quite often Shern bumped his head here and there. And is a small issue if there are some scratches here and there too. He is a very active boy and is inevitable that he has got these minor wounds. But I try to expedite the healing and also reduce the soreness by applying some first aid lotion to his wounds.

i) Buds Cherished First Aid Lotion

(EWG Skin Deep Rating: Unknown)
Price: ~RM30.30 after dicount

Most of these products I bought online, which are cheaper. Some has arrived and I have start using them. Some are still on its way to my home. I will only start writing reviews on them (if time permits when 'Lil Bub is out) when I have used them for a good month or so.

I will slowly phase out the old products and start testing out the different organic products on Shern and Lil Bub.
I'm rather proud of myself to take this step of 'going a lil more organic' for my kids! Who knows, maybe soon, I will also go organic myself! ;)

Fyi, most of the above mentioned products I got from either or

At Bubalot, when you buy 3 or more Buds products, you will be entitled for 20% discount. And you get an extra 5% discount if you are a Bubalot member. And if you purchase above RM100, you get free shipping within Malaysia.

At iherb, there are a lot of choices at very competitive prices. You can get a flat rate $USD4.00 on International Airmail if your order is not more than $80.00 and below 4 pounds.
You can use this coupon code: FUP909 if you are a new customer. You will receive $10 off your first order of $40 or more, or you can take $5 off orders less than $40.
(Disclosure: in return, I earn credits in my iherb account if you use this coupon code)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Maternity Portraits#2 - Part 3: Shern

This is the final part Part 3: Shern of the Maternity Portraits#2. (Click to view Part 1: Big Belly and Part 2: Family)

This part is to focus on Shern, who entertained us with some of his antics. He did not pose for the photos. It was more to to just clicking the camera on whatever poses he comes out with. Some are pretty hilarious. ;)

Yiu-Shern - 37 months - 29 July 2012

Shern and his wheels.

Love this t-shirt of his. Is a pre-loved t-shirt from his cousin bro. 
I think Shern looks good in white because he is so tanned.

He was so happy when he was given a lolipop.He was busy showing off his lolipop.

Left: Showing us that he still has teeth although he is sucking on a lolipop.
Right: Licking his lolipop the ice-cream-licking way.

One of my favourite photos of him.

Looking at these photos, I realized how big my boy has become. My baby is now 3 years old. *gulp*
When did he turned from a teeny weeny cute 'lil baby to a stubborn-headed pre-schooler? haha.

Yiu-Shern, you are my precious, and always will be. Thanks for being in my life. I love you.

Photo Credits - Chew Win Win / 3Quarters Studio