Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Khye Getting Really Good at Math @ 4 1/2 yo

Khye @ 4 1/2yo - 5 April 2017

Now, besides the fact that Khye can ready pretty well for his age, and the fact that he could also recite the alphabet backwards fluently, and that he is the Chinese whiz in our family, let's add another milestone for my little nerdy boy.

My boy can now do math addition pretty good.
I gave him some addition math problems just offhand and he could answer them pretty well.

I started off with giving him simple ones like
12 + 3
17 + 4

Then I moved on to a bigger number and adding a small number.
67 + 5

Then I gave him a smaller number to add to a bigger number,
5 + 56
and he knows how to get the answer by flipping the question around to 56 + 5 so that he could count them. I am amazed by his logic.

And lastly I gave him a number to see if he knows above 100, and he could do it too!

And this nerdy boy likes to do Sudoku too with Ah-Kong.
Of course he still can't do the whole Sudoku puzzle all by himself. He would still need guidance from Ah Kong.
Their conversation would go like this:-

Ah-Kong: What are the numbers missing in this square?
Khye: 4 and 6
Ah-Kong: So where to put number 4 and where to put number 6?
Khye: 4 is here and 6 is here.
Ah-Kong: Why is this so?
Khye: Because..... (and he would tell Ah-Kong why!)

I am glad my little boy has such a joy of learning.
Because of his positive attitude, he takes joy in learning everything and I am very proud of him!

He went for a trial math class the other day and did relatively well for a class way above his age. But then both hubby and I decided not to enroll him there yet, simply because we felt that he is only 4yo and he should basically do less academic stuff and just enjoy his free time.

But then just 2 days ago, out of the blue while we were all in the car, he told us,
"I wish I get to go to many classes just like Yiu-Shern koko. Piano class, chinese class and swimming class, and math class etc."
Hmmmm...not sure if he really want to go or just wants to follow his brother. So what he said had me and hubby thinking hard and in a dilemma now. haha.

Maybe we enrol him for a sem and see how? Should we? Should we not?
Sigh......not easy being parents, huh?

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Vern: Labour & Delivery

I want to jot down the labour and delivery experience with baby Vern before my memory fail me.
Vern is now 20mo and only now I have time to write down this. This is also for my own record. #thirdbabysyndrome #nevertoolatetoblog

My 3rd pregnancy labour happened very suddenly.
I remembered going to Pasar Ramadhan with hubby. I even remember buying the fried cempedak and couldn't wait to get into the car to sink my teeth in them (not nice to eat at the market when ppl are puasa).

Once I reached mum's house, I had a bad tummy ache. Khye was fussing then because I went to the Pasar Ramadhan without him and so was rather clingy to me. I remember telling mum to help me entertain Khye because my tummy was hurting really bad and I needed to go to the toilet.

I didn't think it was labour pain initially because I was only at week 37 gestation.
It was after 2 rounds of toilet and not making any poo that I told my mum 'I think I need to go to the hospital because it really hurts'. (Still so glad I managed to eat 4 fried cempedak in the car just now!)

And from there, the pain started to really escalate.
Hubby still needed to make a small detour back to our house to grab the hospital bag. And I was already clutching my tummy in pain.
It was really really painful (and I am someone with a very high threshold of pain) and I remembered telling hubby to "drive faster but please don't get into an accident"!

15 minutes, I reached Island Hospital. It was about 8pm or so then.  I knew Dr. Eric was not in as he was in Japan for a seminar and so I requested for Dr. Mah.
They wheeled me into the labour room and the nurse was shocked to find that I was already 10cm dilated, and she quickly went to phone the doctor.

I guess I was already fully dilated in the car when the pain escalated! That was why I was in such such such pain.
The nurse then put his hand under there and didn't take it out, so I asked her what was she doing inside me.
She said "erm...to stop the baby from coming out before the doctor comes".
I was like please remove your hand because it was so uncomfortable and telling her not to worry, Iwon't deliver baby so easily. If not my previous 2 deliveries won't end up as emergency c-sec. Haha.

And I was really in pain the whole time while waiting for Dr. Mah. He actually arrived in like 20 minutes although that 20 minutes felt like a lifetime to me with the excruciating pain.

And that was also the reason why there were no photos of me during labour. Because it happened so fast and I was in excruciating pain the whole time I would have boxed Peter if he took a photo of me then and not holding my hands. hahahaha. #crazywifeinpain

Dr. Mah came and then told me that I had a very narrow pelvis so it would be quite difficult for the baby to deliver naturally and also based on my past deliveries. But anyway since I am already 10cm dilated, he asked me to give 2 tries. And if that failed, he would wheel me in for c-sec.

I was glad I got to push and as expected the baby couldn't be out and after that 2 tries, I was really glad they wheeled me in. Before I was already shuddering in pain without any painkillers.
And then I started to curse again because I needed to wait for the anaesthetician to give me the spinal jab, and also to wait for the people to get the Operating Theatre ready.
(why couldn't they have prepared this earlier? arghhhhh).

And so another 15 mins later (which lasted another lifetime to me) it was ready and once the spinal jab was inserted in me, omg.....no more pain.

And while Dr. Mah was operating on me, he told me that Dr. Eric did sent him a message briefing me on my condition. He said Dr. Eric told him that my bladder has been moved from its original place when he operated on me the last time, and so asked him to be careful when he made the cut.
Wow......I didn't know that and I am thankful for Dr. Eric for making effort to brief Dr. Mah on this!

By the time I woke up, I was shivering as usual at the resting area of the Operating Theatre. They told me he is a boy and he weighs 3.3kg. (My lightest baby so far, but then he was born like 3 weeks early!)

This is the first photo we had of him and he looked sooo perfect to my eyes!
14 July 2015

 And then they wheeled him over for me for our first ever breastfeeding session.

 A photo of the 5 4 of us (now where was Khye?) hahaha.

And this is the story of how Vern came into this world. 
The story of a new beginning of our family of 5! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Family Photoshoot When Vern Turned One & KStudio's Mother's Day Promo Code!

Vern @ 1yo - June 2016

These photos were taken when Vern turned One, and that was 9 months ago, omgosh! 
How time flies!

Let's start with the star of the photoshoot - Vern.

At 1yo, he already knew how to walk, and that was how we had a difficult time to make him stay still enough for the photoshoot. Look at how happy he was walking towards us. 
See, he did not even attempt to crawl towards us, but he walked! See how confident he was then?

Karen captured some amazing shots of him all by himself, smiling in glee!


And right at the end of the session, Karen took out a cake for a cake smash session. 

The brothers took a photo together before the mess.  

Look at his chubby body and tham chiak face.  

And it was all a buttery sweet mess! haha. 

Next photos were Vern with mummy.
This is my favourite photo of just 2 of us! Love his grin here!

And this photo reminded me how he had "no-neck" then. Very cute phase indeed!

Then it was Vern with Daddy!
Lovely capture indeed their smiles. 

 Vern with both of us. 

Love this photo where we each planted a kiss on his cheek and he was smiling happily! 

How come all the photos Karen took of us are sooo nice hahaha. 

Now let's shift the attention to my eldest boy for a few of his individual portrait.
This is when Shern just turned 7.
Look at my handsome boy.   

One thing I like about Karen is how she can capture them when they are so "them", if you know what I mean. I see this photo and I will go like "oh, this is sooo Yiu-Shern!" 

Like this one, this is how Khye smiles when he is happy. 
Super wide smile with his eyes all lighted up!

Love these poses of Khye, my favourite. 
The way he sat, the way he smiles for the camera. My middle child, my loving happy child! 

Another favourite is how Karen captured the sibling love of my 2 elder kids. 
Yes, they fought, they argue. But they play and love each other a lot too.
They are each other's best friends. 


I also can see that this is a ticklish smile from Shern because Khye placed his hand on his shoulder, near to his neck. Yes, Shern is a very ticklish boy and hence this ticklish giggle!

This photoshoot was taken when Shern just turned 7 and Khye was not yet 4 because his birthday is in September. So 7 and 3. 

And now some photos of my 3 lovely sons together. 
Totally not easy to get all 3 to sit together, especially Vern! But I am glad she managed to steal some shots!
Love how Khye was smiling all the way, and Shern was trying to 'catch' baby Vern. Haha.

And here they are, my 4 boyfriends.
I am so blessed to be blessed with these 4 men in my life. 
They are my everything! So love these precious photos. 

And lastly, our family photoshoot. 

I am always grateful for the beautiful photos and moments captured by Karen. 
They are beautiful and really capture the essence of what is important!
All these moments of them growing up in just a fleeting moment and in a flash, they are no longer how they used to be. Glad these moments are being captured by a professional where I too get to be in the photos. ;)

For those of you looking to have some family photos captured professionally, I totally recommend Karen Sim from The K Studio
Besides being really good with kids and babies, she is a very talented photographer. 
And she has her own studio which is perfect for families with young kids where the hot and humid outdoor is not so suitable yet for photo shoot. haha. 

To view more of her work, please click on The K Studio Facebook page, or click below to view our previous photoshoots with her since 2012 until now:-


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Photo Credits - Karen Sim from The K Studio

***Please take note that this post is NOT sponsored. I purchased this Photoshoot Package with my own money. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).

Monday, April 3, 2017

Review: Happily Grazing on Amazin' Graze Granolas, Nuts and Nut Butter

Firstly, let me tell you all first who is the #1 fan of these awesome granola and nuts in the house - baby Vern! Yes, he fights with me for the food! haha.

Well, before Amazin' Graze contacted me to do a review on their products, I am already their loyal customer. I first tried their granolas during a food fair held in Gurney Paragon last year. And as I loved it so much, I started buying from them online and I kept going back for more.

So I am very happy to do a review of the product because I was already "bragging" about them in my personal Facebook/Instagram pages. :)


Amazin' Graze's mission is very straightforward - to change the way people snack. They want to encouurage real food only (none of the fake stuff or empty calories).
They really believe in eating right, not less.  (hmmm.....so in tune with me, as I can't do with eating less haha)

So they are obsessed with creating healthy alternatives, using great quality, raw ingredients with fun combination that taste amazing - and that is Amazin' Graze!


The package was delivered by Ninja Van, which is one of my preferred courier because I always have good experience with it so far!
Package was wrapped in a normal plastic package, which initially I was a bit apprehensive because I knew I had a glass tub of nut butter inside.

Took them out and saw that they granolas and nuts were in another plastic bag while the nut butter has another layer or protection to it. Phew.

This was how they packaged the Nut Butter Glass Tub.
It has something like a giant egg carton protection and wrapped in layers of sticky tape.

And when I opened up the carton box protection, there was another layer of thick bubble wrap surrounding it. And lastly, another plastic shrink wrap on the bottle itself!
Great indeed to ensure the customer received the tub in perfect condition! Thumbs up Amazin' Graze on the secure packaging!

So these are the products I chose from Amazin' Graze website. 

For the 2 granolas, I chose the Hazelnut Blackforest and the Blueberry Goji Coconut.
For the Nut Mixes, I chose the Berry-licious Trail Nut Mix.
And for the Nut Butter, I chose the All Natural Almond Butter. 

Let's talk about their Granolas first.

So what is a granola?
Granola is an oat-based cereal commonly eaten at breakfast or as a snack. Amazin' Graze's granola contains rolled oats with nuts, fruits and other superfoods baked into crunchy clusters.

Their granolas has no preservatives, free of any refined sugar, is all-natural and free of any artificial additives.

I heard that these two granola flavours are one of their bestsellers, so I couldn't wait to try them!

For the Blueberry Goji Coconut Flavour, it comes in a 250g packaging with a zip-lock resealable opening to ensure freshness.

You can see that the ingredient list are listed at the front of the packaging.
Almonds, Organic Chia Seeds, Wild Blueberries, Goji Berries, and Coconut. 
Wholly awesome good!

The Blueberry Goji Coconut Granola tasted amazing. My 2 elder kids like this one. They can munch on them just like that! 
It is overall a much healthier snack than many others, so for that I give this a thumbs up even if my kids wanna snack on this whole day!

I, on the other hand loves to add these to my bowl of yogurt. 
On a bowl, I scooped some natural yogurt, then top it with half an avocado, some fresh blueberries and then sprinkled some Blueberry Goji Coconut Granola on  it.
The granola added a crunch and some sweetness into my otherwise rather tard yogurt. Love it!

I also lke to add them to my bowl of smoothies. 
The left photo, I blended some frozen dragonfruit with a little yogurt, and then topped it with some bananas, blueberries and the Granola! 
On the right photo, I blended the frozen mango with some frozen bananas and some yogurt, then just topped it with the granola.
Super yums and refreshing indeed. I could eat them ALL DAY EVERY DAY 24/7 haha!

Even Vern couldn't help but to steal some spoonfuls of it from me!

As for the other flavour, the Hazelnut Blackforest Granola, it also comes in a 250g packaging with the same resealable zip-lock opening to ensure freshness. 

For this Hazelnut Blackforest Granola flavour, the ingredient list consists of dark cocoa powder, buckwheat, organic chia seeds, hazelnuts and cranberries. 

And because of the dark cocoa powder, the colour of this granola is dark black in colour. And for that, I love it and my kids loved it too. Look at Vern enjoying it and refusing to pass the whole packet back to me haha!

I also loved to eat the granola as it is because the dark cocoa makes it so choc-aromatic.
But then I did try pairing it with my fruit salad and it tasted amazing as well.

Now to the Berry-licious Trail Nut Mix.
Well, this one a keeper of you like all things naturale! There is no sweet taste to it.
It comes in a smaller packaging of 120g.

The ingredient list shows just walnuts, almonds, mulberries, cranberries, and black raisins. 

Because there is no oats or such in it, this is also a gluten-free option!

Baby Vern loves this as a snack. I bring this out for him to snack on whenever we dine out. I break them into small pieces and he loves snacking on them while waiting for our food to come. 
(Besides the rather hard Almond, the rest he can eat them just like that!)

This is a unsweetened option and is really a great snack for everyone who don't have such a sweet tooth!

And lastly, their nut butter. 
Their nut butters are 100% stone ground to preserve the nutrients and flavours of the nuts while mantaining a silky-smooth texture. 

I chose the All Natural Almond Nut Butter.

This All Natural Almond Butter is just purely almonds lightly roasted and stone-ground into a silky-smooth butter. That's it - there is no added salt, sugar or any other oil!

There are actually many ways to eat this. 
The most common is to spread it on toasts, swirl some onto your oatmeal or even use it as a substitute of butter in baked goods! 
I haven't tried the last suggestion, but maybe I should!

Firstly, I spread it on toast and make it into a Beary Toast for baby Vern!

But to tell the truth, he ate the blueberries, then threw away the avocado and banana slices and the side and just ate the bread! haha

So these are the masterpieces that I managed to create for this review post.
I actually have more but I think these photos are enough to make you hungry for Amazin' Graze's awesomely delicious granolas, mixed nuts and their nut butters!

So what are you people waiting for?
Just hop on to Amazin' Graze's website to get your hands on their amazin' products!

I think it is a great way to start eating healthily by eating right, and not less!

And just like they always sign off with, Happy Grazing people!


Please visit Amazin' Graze's Website and register to receive RM10 off your first online purchase
You can also visit their Facebook Page for more info. 

* Disclosure: I received the Amazin' Graze products mentioned above for review purpose, but no monetary incentive was received. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).