Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Review: Skip Hop's Layette

Vern @ 8mo - 6 March 2016
Another one of my favourite baby brand is Skip Hop.
I am no stranger to this brand as I'm already using some of Skip Hop products in my house; such as the Zoo Packs Little Kids Backpacks, Insulated Food Jar, and their Grab and Go Stroller Organizer. I like their products so far. So I'm happy when I was being sent Skip Hop's new product range - Layette.


Skip Hop creates unique, innovative and highly functional products that make. parenting easier, better and more fun. 

Skip Hop re-think, re-energize and re-engineer products to infuse joy. Endlessly curious, Skip Hop constantly questions functionality, form and design. As a global lifestyle brand their core philosophy begins and ends with "Must-Haves Made Better"- an unwavering passion for well-curated, smartly designed essentials for parents, babies and toddlers. 


The kind people from Bloom & Grow sent me these layettes together with the Ergobaby Wrap which I'd reviewed earlier

I'd got the Blanket and several short and long sleeve onesiesbody suit sets.
Love all the colours. 


Let's start by talking about this Reversible Welcome Home Blanket for Boys, which is one of my favourites. 
The colour is so pleasing to the eye, soft and subtle yet boyish

As the name suggests, this piece is reversible/two-sided which added more functionability. One side is blue-ish-grey chevron, and the other side is the mixture of colours in chevron. 

This blanket is ultra-cozy and is double-layered for warmth
It is also made from 100% breathable cotton, so baby will feel really comfortable in this luxury cloth.

I packed this piece into my hospital bag, and so I used this blanket to wrap my precious little Vern in it when he was discharged from the hospital when he was just a few days old. 

This is my little donut when he was a few days old, all wrapped up like a little burrito in this super comfy blanket. 

The blanket is thick enough so it is easier to wrap him up easily compared to flimsy materials.
So Im glad to have this when we are in an air-conditioned room. 

This blanket is really useful in providing warmth for my little Vern especially in the cold hospital. I used it to wrap him up when I needed to bring him back and forth to the hospital due to him having prolonged jaundice. I knew he was being all warm and cozy wrapped in this receiving blanket.

And I am also glad that little Vern could also be in stylish comfort as the blanket is reversible.
It looks like he is being wrapped in two different wraps at the two pics below. ;)

Sometimes we also use it as a head support to elevate baby Vern's head a little til higher. Not too much but just nice. The thick and strong material ensures that it won't flip and 'fly' about easily. 


Next is the Side-Snap Long Sleeve Bodysuit Set for Boys. It came in a set of 2. 
This is an absolute must-haves in my opinion. Let me tell you why. 

This bodysuit features quick-snap side buttons for easy on and off
The snap buttons are strong and snaps well. 

 I love that the labels are printed on the bodysuit itself, which makes it scratch-free!

For the Newborn and 3months size, there are fold-over mittens which I super love. 
This makes it so easy and best of all, baby Vern can't pull it out! ;)

It is 100% cotton so it is very comfortable, and is machine-washable. 

Let's see how Vern donned in them. Look at how tiny my little Donut was. 

The feature I love most, the fold-over mitten. 


There was no chance that little Vern could pull out his mittens (which he does a lot to his other mittens!), and cheers that I didn't have to hunt for all the mittens he pulled out! 

I also like that I had the flexibility of adding on a long pants for baby when it gets cold, and to remove the pants when it gets hot. Love the layering flexibility on his bottom. 

I just added on a long pants for him when I took him for his monthly jab at the hospital. 


This Side-snap short sleeve bodysuit for boys  comes in a set of 3s. 
This set little Vern wore it the most, mainly because it is short-sleeved so really perfect for our hot and humid weather. 
They are also good for layering if you are in a colder place.

And they also have the strong quick-snap side buttons for easy on and off. And also the scratch-free labels. 

And because we wear these short-sleeve bodysuit a lot, I have many pics of little Vern in it.

This one's of my little donut in his stars bodysuit. 

And my favourite one of all, in grey chevron. 

Vern with mummy in the car while daddy went to buy coconut water.

I was a little sad when Vern got bigger and longer and couldn't really fit into them anymore. The snap buttons kept on popping open and I knew he was too big for it then.
And then I found another solution. I let him wear with the bottom buttons unsnapped

And to make him more presentable, just wear a pants for him over it, hiding the unsnap buttons and it works. My baby could continue to wear these adorable bodysuits a little longer. Hurrah! Haha

 Look how happy he was! LOL. 


 The Side-Snap Footie for Boys come in one piece only. 

It has the same awesome features of the quick-snap side buttons, scratch-free label and 100% cotton. 
The only difference is that it comes with long footie snaps.
This is useful when we go for air-conditioned or colder places. 

The only complaints I have of these bodysuits is that one of two pieces of the snap buttons turns a little faded, maybe due to the frequent washing in the washing machine. 
Anyway, this does NOT affect the functionality of these snap buttons. They continue to remain strong. It is just that it looks a little unsightly

All in all, Vern and I super love these Skip Hop layette. Love the design and that baby can wear these in comfort yet in style. 
Let me end with Vern's super smiley faces wearing the Skip Hop Bodysuit in Grey Chevron! 


Please visit Bloom & Grow Asia for their list of retailers.
You can also visit their Facebook page for more info. 

* Disclosure: I received an Skip Hop Layette mentioned above for review purpose, but no monetary incentive was received. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).