Friday, October 19, 2018

Vern's 3yo BABY SHARK Themed Birthday Party

Vern's 3yo BABY SHARK Birthday Party - 22 July 2018

As I now have 3 kids and 3 birthday parties to plan, I get more and more slack.
For this party, I planned and prepped the deco just a week before. *gulp*
And now the posting of the party. 3 mths late. *erm, sorry guys*

And also thanks to my dearest friend Josie for the jpg of the sharks. 

Made some cupcakes and food toppers and a frame, birthday cake topper, and the compulsary bunting. That was about all.

And last minute, I made the mini golden brown with the "3" for the birthday boy!

As for the awesome one-of-a-kind BABY SHARK Birthday Cake for Vern, click to read all about it.

And look at our ad-hoc Baby Shark Video Invitation. lol.

Prepping of the dessert table was on the morning itself, and we got everything ready by the time the guests started arriving at 12noon.

I always felt that the bunting (except the cake!) is the most important deco of the whole place. It sets the mood.  

A few closed up of the decos I made.

A dish broughy by one of the guest....our good friend Linda and Saiful. ;)
My kids' favourite food. 

One of our little family of 5.

3 of us. 

Birthday boy. 

Vern proudly showing that he is 3 years old with his fingers. 


The 3 brothers *brothers are forever*

With Ah Kong & Pho-pho

With Ah Kong & Ah-Ma

With gramps and Min-yee & Yee-Pho

With mummy & daddy included in it.

Min-yee wanted a photo with him alone.

With our very good friends Justin & family.

With our good friends Linda & Saiful & family. 

With the Mah-s.

With the Cheong-s kaufus and kaumous and yee-yees.

Singing of the birthday song.

A short clip of the birthday song.

Make a wish.
One. Two. Three. Blow.


Presents. :)

Thank you all for coming and thank you for the presents and angpows.

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