Friday, August 29, 2008

Deakin Alumni Dinner @ E&O Hotel

Actually, I was never even a member of Deakin Alumni until I received an email invitation from them to a Deakin Alumni stand-up dinner @ E&O Hotel.

I got a little excited and since it was FOC, yes FREE, I asked my ex-uni mates along. It won't be fun going there alone without friends.

In the end, many of us went. Namely, EeLyn, YitFung, Suki, SeowWei, JuMei, Joanna, Ai-Leen, SuLin, Debbie, PhehShean, and Ndru being the only thorn among the roses. There are also a few others which I don't know their names. Haha. Pardon me, but I'd really forgotten their names.

Pardon me for below blur pic. I was not the camera-girl! :P

I just got to know that stand-up dinner means there were practically no chairs available. And they were serving finger-food only. But I must admit that they were quite delicious, with some dishes of quite exotic names.

The whole dinner and presentation was out in the open air. Although it was windy, our Malaysian humid weather made me feel very sticky and sweaty. And my gosh, my feet hurt like hell!

And the presentation got pretty boring after 20 minutes. And staying still on one place while my feet hurts were not helping me either!

But then I must say that I am glad I went. It is a good opportunity to give some of my friends a hug - as some of them whom I haven't seen since I left Disted/Deakin Aus.

We went over to Babylon over at The Garage after that. Needless to say, it was my first time there. I find the it a bistro? Well, I find the place quite nice with a big bed-like cushion for us to lie on. But the drinks prices were exorbitant! Well, I guess I'm just not used to it!


I recently got hooked to Twitter, finding it addictive and amazing. I got to know more about my friends who are on Twitter.

So what is Twitter all about? Many people have heard of it, but don't really know what it is. Well, view below video. I find it real easy to understand.

Video: Twitter in Plain English

So if any of you noticed, I've added a 'Twitter Updates' column on the right side of my blog just below my profile.

So what are you guys waiting for? Join and click follow me on Twitter

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wen in South Africa

Wen is now in South Africa. Hopefully I will have enough money to go visit the country soon before she comes back. If not, no more free lodgings.

Miss you already Wen!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pap smear & Hep B Results

Just gotten my results from the clinic. A big smile on my face :D

OK, be prepared to read medical jargons!

Gynaecological Cytology (Pap smear)
Site: Cervix

Microscopic Appearance: Normal Epithelial cell morphology
Imflammatory Exudate: No evidence of significant leucocyte response
Candida/Trichomonads: Not detected
Micro-Organisms: Normal flora/No significant bacterial presense
Summary: Negative for Intraepithelial lesion or Malignancy

phew...i barely understand anything from above except for the 'No' and 'Not' which puts my heart at ease. Anyway, in conclusion, my Pap smear results turn out to be Normal!

Hepatitis Serology
Hepatitis B Surface antibody - HBsAb 154 IU/L
Evidence of protective immunity to Hepatitis B virus

This Hep B report is shorter and easier to understand. And I am real glad I now have immunity against Hep B virus...AT LAST!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Definition of SPLURGE is to indulge oneself in some luxury or pleasure, esp. a costly one. I must say that I am not someone who splurge very often. I am somewhat careful with money. I don't think I am kiamsiap. I am just careful. For certain things, I can be pretty generous with money as well.

> I can donate to charities without thinking, especially if the amount is not big.
> My heart breaks when I see old men or women selling things by the roadside. I will usually buy from them.
> I think and think and think for a very long time before I decide to spend on something more than RM100.

But I am pretty lenient when it comes to shoes and bags. Hehe. They are my weak points. Anyhow, I do not buy expensive shoes or bags. My shoes are usually less than RM50 and my bags are also usually less than rm100.

However, nowadays I tend to splurge more. Peter & I went for spa treatment last year. And I just spent USD17 for a box of 1 pound chocs. And we are planning for a luxurious wedding anniversary at Casa Del Mar & TRR, Langkawi. Oh ya, there was a Triumph sale in Metrojaya @ Island Plaza just now and I bought 5 bras at one time! Haha.

All in all, I think everyone is entitled to splurge on themselves once in a while. As long as we have already saved a portion of our income before we splurge! For me, savings comes before splurging! :D

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dinner @ CSC

We had dinner at Chinese Swimming Club - a mini dinner celebration because Wen is back! Dad was unable to join us because he had to attend a dinner.

We were quite beat after our day trip to SP, so we chose our dinner venue to be some place close to our home, thus I suggested CSC. The last time I went there, I had good memories of it - good food with reasonable prices.

We reached there at 8pm. The friendly waitress quickly came over to serve us. She started recommending us dishes and we got our orders taken in less than 5 mins. We ordered the Curry Fish, Spring Roll, Lamb Meat (which she insisted us to order), Stir-fry French beans, Claypot Tauhu.

Everything was nice except for the Lamb Meat - which was a tad too salty and also abit 'jun'. And it was the most expensive dish which costs us rm28 for this dish alone. Our total bill came up to be RM80+ with drinks. I shoud say the price is OK if we exclude the Lamb Meat dish...hehe!

Ah well....all went down into our stomachs as well!

Sungai Petani

Wen came back last night - 5am in the middle of the night to be exact! Mum and Min wanted to fetch Wen from the bus terminal but Dad was afraid his 2 girls will be bullied by road thugs in the middle of the night. So he went to fetch Wen back even though he was working the following morning. See how nice my dad is?

The reason Wen came back is because she is a vain pot. Haha. Yes, she came back to Pg all the way from KL so that we can fetch her all the way to SP to get a hair cut! Isn't she a vain pot?

Anyway, Peter agreed to fetch her to SP. So at 9am, we 3 sisters and Peter went to Kuching Lane for breakfast and then headed to SP. Reached Erumae at about 11.30am.

They started on her hair at around noon. The lady boss told us that they need a minimum of 3 hrs plus before they turned her from an ugly duckling to a swan. So Min, Peter & I went out to lunch with Carol and Chia Loon who were so nice to take us out.

They took us to a very famous 'chu char' place in the 2nd street near the SP Town called Yik Wah. The food was delicious. Look at these yummy food! The rice were being steamed instead of the normal way of cooking in a rice cooker. Both Min & I had 2 helpings of rice. Peter was being weird that day as he only had 1 bowl of rice.

The stall outside the shop sells desert. And it was my first time tasting 'Xue Li Gao'. Haha..forgotten what is it called. The chendol was cold and nice too.

After lunch, as we still had time to kill, Carol & Chia Loon took us to Lembah Bujang Archeology Museum. It was quite off the track as I believed it was all the way near Merbok.

It was an eye-opener for me. There were not only artifacts to see and read, but there were many 'Candi' as well in the site nearby the building. The best part is that it is FREE! Hehe.

Anyway, my feet hurts after I reached home because I was wearing heels and not proper walking shoes (there were lotsa stairs to climb btw)

After that, they fetched us back to Erumae and we reached at about 3.15pm. I had my fringe trimmed shorter as well. Then we all left SP (together with Emah) at about 4pm.

So tired. And my feet hurts.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Line Dance Jam @ IDT

Last Monday, during darlin' Peter's birthday, his notty wife went off to Line Dance Jam @ IDT. His notty wife could not change the Jam's date as it was the most convenient time for everyone's else. :P

The line dance jam started a little late, at about 6.30pm. We danced, ate and took photos the whole time. About 13 dancers were there....enjoying ourselves. We even made polo-tee uniforms for ourselves, with our names embroidered on it.

Don't get me started on the delicious food. If not, I will not stop! Haha..there were Ah Leng's fried chickens, fried beehoon, pohpiahs, Sok Im's fruit tarts, cream puffs, koonyaku jellies, tuna egg roll, strawberry cheeesecake, etc.

I don't have all the picstures yet. Lee Sun only sent me 2 photos for now. So see below for the beautiful and handsome dancers :)

(top row fr l to r: LW Kang, Ting Ting, Pei Hoon & Jasmine.
2nd row fr l to r: Poh Leng, Woon Tyng, Chin Huey & PS Liew.
Bottom row fr l to r: WL Liew, Kah Mun, Shu-Yin, Gan Lee Sun & Esther)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

20.08.2008 - RIP

20.08.2008 - Rest In Peace Tan Mong Fei.

A Taste of See's Candies

I just received my golden box of See's Candies - all the way from U.S...thanks to Alan & Bee Wooi!

Anyway, this should be my 2nd time tasting See's Candies. First time was when one of my IDT US counterpart gave one of us as souvenirs.

Anyway, this 1 pound box costs me a freaking USD17 - which is almost RM58. Expensive huh? Well, being a chocolate lover, and considering that it is not often you can get people to help you buy it from US, it should be worth it ya?

I haven't told Peter that I just spent USD17 for a box of chocolates! But then come to think of it, even if I tell him, I don't think he will scold me, coz See's Candies is owned by Berkshire Hathaway! Hahaha....

Look at the amazing wrapping on the box. It was wrapped in gold.

And look at all those irresistable mouth-watering chocolates.....

However, when I actually have a taste of them, I find them too sweet for my liking. These chocs are smooth and rich, which means a quality chocolate, but I really find them a tad too sweet.
I don't remember them being this sweet when I first tasted a piece last time. Well, either they make them sweeter now, or eating just a piece the last time I didn't quite taste the sweetness.

So, nah, they are not my favourite chocs!

Pap smear & Hepatitis B Vaccine

I went for my first ever Pap smear test @ Koe Clinic. My heart was beating so loudly I am sure the other patients sitting next to me can hear them. The last time I was this nervous was when I was waiting for my SPM results when I was in Secondary 5.

So what is Pap smear or some called it Pap test? A Pap smear is a simple test that screens for cervical cancer. The test involves the collection of cells from the cervix to be examined under a microscope. It is not a diagnostic test, however, and if any abnormalities are discovered, more testing may be needed.

Since Peter & I are planning to start a family soon, I reckon we better check and ensure we are fit before we conceive. So besides Pap smear, I asked Dr. Sally Ong if there are any other tests we may have to do (i.e HIV, STDs tests). She said there is no such need as long as both of us are not in the 'concerned' group. Hmmm....both was staring hard at Peter at that time! :)

So I ended up doing only Pap smear test and had my blood taken for the checking of my Hepatitis B antibody. *prays that this time my body does not reject the antibodies*

Peter ended up taking his 1st jab of his course of Hepatitis B vaccine (3 jabs in total). His 2nd jab will be in a month's time.

My results will only be out next week. Pray for me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Darlin' Peter's 28th Birthday @ Korea Palace

Darlin's birthday was on the 18th August, Monday. I could not celebrate birthday with him on that day because I was having a line dancing jam in IDT that night. This line dancing jam was planned quite some time ago and it took us many days to agree on this date.

And I also could not celebrate it one day earlier as we were rushing back to mum's hse to watch Astro Live Badminton Finals of Lee Chong Wei.

So we only celebrated on Tuesday night. Luckily Peter was a good sport. He did not grumble but he insisted in being the 'king' on his birthday. Everything he said, I need to say 'YES darlin'. Hahaha...

We went to Korea Palace - BBQ Restaurant in Tanjung Tokong, somewhere opposite Subaidah. I believe the restaurant is quite new. When we stepped in, everyone greeting us in Korean (we guessed so as we could not understand a word!). The place was not full.

The waiter from Myanmar was very friendly. He helped us make some choices on what to order and recommended a few dishes. As Peter is not fond of beef, we skipped that. We decided on having barbecued Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce and barbecued Pork with Soya sauce.

(barbecued Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce and barbecued Pork with Soya sauce)

We were being served free flow of cold Korean tea. Kim Chi started coming in - eight dishes I remembered. One of the waitress then brought out a complimentary Korean pancake for us to nice of them!


(complimentary Korean pancake)

As usual, the waiter barbecued the pork and chicken pieces in front of us. One thing we noticed is that they don't have those smoke thingy (smtg like 'kebuk wasap' which was supposed to suck out all the smoke from the barbecue. Luckily, there were only a few tables having barbecue, if not it will sure leave a smell in our clothes and hair.

It was a big portion. We kept on ordering the fresh vegetable to wrap the meat. We were very full by the time we finished everything. There were free deserts - a slice of watermelon each and a cup of sweet cold soup!

(unlimited flow of fresh vege for wraps)

(complimentary desert)

All in all, the service there was excellent and the price was fine too. And I like the environment. Classy yet cosy. Taste-wise, it was so-so!

Would we go again? Well...maybe!

Miraku @ G-Hotel

Peen suggested the outing. Peen also suggested the venue. Peen, MY, EeLyn, Pat, Karen & I nodded our heads in unison and decided on Miraku @ G-Hotel 3 weeks ago. Three weeks passed by so quicky and before we realized, last Saturday was our outing day.

I reached there at 7pm sharp and was a little surprised when I saw no one. Picked up my mobile to dial their numbers. Voicemail on Pat's. Voicemail on MY's. Karen picked up but said she was just on her way picking Pat up. *nearly fainted*. Luckily MY returned my call and said she was manuevering her car to park when I called. *thank goodness someone reached dee I thought*.

MY and I decided to head directly to Miraku coz was afraid that our reservation at 7pm may be cancelled if we were way too late. Was surprised to see Ee Lyn sitting at our table already.

The waiter gave us the menu and we had a hard time deciding on what we to order. There was one separate menu which was all in Japanese - crazy, he thinks we are so pro in the Jap language. We tosses the Jap menu aside and just continued looking at the menu with English definitions and some pics :)

At last, MY & I decided to share. We ordered the gigantic sushi set called Miraku Gozen - there were sashimi, tempura, assorted nigiri sushi, grilled fish, a bowl of salad, chawan mushi, red bean desert, etc. All sets came with appetizer and green tea ice-cream as desert. We also ordered a side dish of hand-rolled sushi called Futomaki. It was also a BEEG portion and it tasted delicious.

(our BEEG set of Miraku Gozen)


(appetizer of erm..mixture of weird stuff)

(green tea ice-cream for desert)

Karen and Pat shared SushiZen which is a mini version of our Miraku Gozen but they have 2 handrolls. Peen ordered the same as them too. Ee Lyn ordered Tori Teriyaki Zen. The pic in the menu showed that it was fried but it came out grilled. I was rather surprised that Ee Lyn never complained though.

(Sushi Zen - Pat, Karen & Peen chose this)

(Ee Lyn's Tori Teriyaki Zen)

Oh ya...i've forgotten to mention that Peen was super late. The organizer not only booked this Miraku place for us, but she also booked herself a facial. So she was late! :P

While eating, we were busy taking photos of ourselves, posing one by one, and then with friends, etc. Haha...we were having a great time taking photos of our vain selves.

(MY & I)

(Peen & I - one of our rare pics together)

(Ee Lyn & I - aiks...I look so old compared to her!)

(Karen & I - they say we look like sis..hmm)

(Pat & I)
We had a very good time that night. We were all super full by the time we left the place. We decided to have a makan outing monthly and the next venue will be determined by - ME!
So where should we go? *scratches head*

What a hectic weekend!

What a hectic weekend for me....i barely had time to breathe. However, one achievement is this > I did not even switch on my laptop for 3 days - Sat, Sun and Mon!

This is gonna be one long post for me. Many things to blog about. Many outings. Met many friends. Ok, let's get started...

Met up with Win Win after the Peter's fortnightly trainings on Sat mornings. She gave me the 2 albums she did for me. Pretty nice and we love it. Kinda wish we can have our wedding all over again :D

(Wedding albums by Win Win)

Next, met up with Justin & SS, Mich & Wai Min, Chun Hoer and Karen Ooi in Secret Recipe @ Gurney Plaza. Celebrated 3 persons' birthdays - Mich, Karen & Peter. The food was okok - normal SecretRecipe taste. I had Prawn Macaroni while Peter ate "greeny" Fish which looks kinda disgusting but tasted ok :) Peter kept on 'pushing' his greeny fish to me and he 'stole' my delicious prawn macaroni. Haha.

(from l to r: Siow Sen, Justin, Chun Hoer, Karen, me, Peter, Michael & Waimin)

(the 'greeny' Fish that Peter kept asking me to help him eat!)

(my delicious prawn macaroni)

Oh ya...Wai Min's baby will be due in 3 weeks' time. fast! She does not look as huge as I thought she would. And she still has a good apetite ;D

Went back and parents fetched me to Miraku @ G-Hotel to meet up with the gang - CPTarians good 'ol gang! Luckily MY arrived there on time (just like me!). The rest was late...with Peen being the latest (still doing facial, kononnya!)...hahaha!
OK...dowanna say so much bout this. I feel like dedicating a post just for this outing!

(from l to r: Pat, Karen, Ee Lyn, MY, me & Peen)

I wokeup on Sunday with a headache. Slept til late morning and then watched a few episodes of Smallville Season 7. We ordered Pizza Hut delivery - 1300 88 2525. I need to sing the song of the delivery number before I start dialing. Yummy...sweet and spicy wings!

Reached Gurney Plaza at 2.15pm just in time for our movie The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Watched it with Justin, SS, Chun Hoer and Karen (yesterday's secret recipe gang minus Mich & WaiMin). Before I watched it, everyone else was telling me how bad is the show. So I went in there with low expectations. But then watching halfway, it was kinda! :D

After the movie, we went over to Midlands 1-stop for the Popular Sale. Stayed there for 2-3 hrs and went home with our hands full and pockets empty. Spent RM250...of books and CDs!

Rushed home to watch Lee Chong Wei in action to grab Malaysia's first ever gold medal in Olympics! But it was a disappointment. Chong Wei was not up to Lin Dan's standard at all during the finals! Anyway, he still did a great job by going this far and he succeeded in bringing home the only silver medal for Malaysia in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games!

Fuyoh....whole weekend gone in a blink of an eye! :D