Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chef Shu-Yin for 9 Days

Dad & Mum & Ah Yee was away from home for 9 days. They went back to kampung in Fuzhou, China. So what does that mean? It means that there will be no one to cook meals for us.

So I am the chef for 9 days.

So what did I cook? Well, I cooked almost every day. I cooked.....


Pork Herbal Soup

Chicken Dishes

Roasted Butter Chicken Drumsticks, Oven Baked Honey Chicken Drumsticks, Mandarin Orange Chicken

Pork Dish
Plum Sauce Pork

Beef Dish

Marinated Stir Fry Beef

Tofu & Egg Dish

Japanese Tofu with Black Beans and Chili Sauce, Omelette with Onions

Vege Dishes

Brocolli, Cauliflower, Pea Sprouts, Kailan, Brocolli

I made breakfast / brunch

Omelette, Black Pepper Fish Fillet, Creamy Carbonara, Rosti with Sausages

Fruits / Salads
Mixed Fruit Salas, Fruits


Koonyaku Jelly, Guai Leng Gou, Longan Muffins with Hot Syrup

A rather good mixture of dishes, don't you all think so?

I am rather proud of myself.
At least I don't starve myself and hubby and sis!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yiu-Shern - Week 28 to Week 36

Watching him as he grows...

For Week 1 to Week 9, click here
For Week 10 to Week 18, click here
For Week 19 to Week 27, click here

Shern Being Angelic

I had dinner appointment with friends on Sunday night. It was raining rather heavily an hour before and Shern was still sleeping. I was afraid that Shern's nap and the rain might delay us. Knew from experience that it just wouldn't do to wake up a sleeping child. Thankfully, Shern woke up on time and the rain stopped when we were about to leave the house.

Dinner was at No Eyed Deer in Prima Tanjung. Did not make any reservation and thus indoor dining with aircond was full. So we had no choice but to sit outside without aircond. I was afraid that our humid weather would make Shern sweat and be cranky later.

But it was an airy night. Thanks to the rain earlier. And Shern behaved really well too. He sat in the baby chair while playing some toys I brought for him. I fed him his broth and he finished them. Gave him a biscuit to nibble while he entertained himself.

It was really an enjoyable dinner.

Both hubby and I got to eat our dinner in peace and relaxation. No need to take turns to carry him while the other gobbled up dinner asap.

25 April 2010 - No Eyed Deer
l to r: Moi Yin, Yee Ching, Chin Peng, me, Shern & Peter

Thanks Shern for being so angelic.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm Using Cloth Pads Now

Since I put Shern on Cloth Diapers, I've always wanted to try out Cloth Pads.

I bought 2 pcs of Cloth Pads initially to try them out, just in case I'm not comfortable in using them.
After using them, I'm game. I'm now a Cloth Pad convert. Not fully yet though. Slowly.

The first time I've heard of Cloth Pads was when my best friend told me that her sis is using cloth pads. At that time, I was all in awe of her sis. I could not imagine anyone would want to use Cloth Pads instead of Disposables.
It is really irony that I am now one of the Cloth Pad fans!

I bought mine from Mama Patch when they were having their 1st Anniversary 28% sales off all items. They are all exclusively handmade and their designs and colours are simply irresistable.

Regular Plain Colour Pads & Night Pads

Regular Floral Pads & Premium Fleece Pads

Wetbag for Pads & Cloth Diapers

My stash of purchase from Mama Patch

The first time I used Mama Patch's Cloth Pads, the first difference I felt was 'no more plastic-sy feeling down there'.
It feels like I am just wearing another panty - so soft and comfortable.

Washing them is a breeze too.
Just rinse off the blood to remove stain. Then I dump it in a pail and wait for my next wash.

However, I do feel that fresh blood stain are easier to rinse off compared to stale brownish blood stain. Therefore, I opt to wear darker colour pads on lighter days.

I am happy with my decision to use Cloth Pads.
Besides environmental and economical benefits, I also feel healthier - no more plastic and chemical.

I also happen to feel good knowing that the pads I am wearing are so beautiful and colourful.
That makes me feel good. :D

Friday, April 23, 2010

Koi Fish

Sometimes during the evening, hubby would bring Shern down to our apartment's garden to see the Koi fish in the pond.

They are colourful and you can see them swimming actively in the pond, which quickly attracted Shern's attention.

So what time do Peter bring Shern down?
Usually when Shern starts to whine or wants to cling to me when it is time for me to cook dinner!
So hubby brings Shern down to divert his attention. :)

Yiu-Shern - 9 months

21 March 2010

Yiu-Shern's 9 months Milestone

These 2 photos show Shern such a big boy now. I love the way he looks at the camera through the playpen nettings. I love these 2 photos.


Shern's growth measurement:

Age - 9 months @ 10 March 2010
Weight - 8.70 kg
Length/Height - 73 cm
Head Circumference - 45cm

Shern was being measured just a few days after he fell sick for the 1st time. His weight was down by 100g.
Look at his gloomy face when he was sick.

2 April 2010

Hanky Affair

Min-yee was the one who put the hanky on top of his head. Min says this made him look like a girl. Is it so?
To me, he still looks boy-ish.

10 March 2010

Sleeping With Style

Shern sleeps with style. Shern sleeping on the bouncer stylishly with his right leg up.

2 April 2010

And yes, he drools too...sometimes. :P

19 March 2010

Bath Time

Bath time is still a fun time for Shern. He loves to splash the water. Many times I get myself all wet after I finish bathing him.
17 March 2010

However, the after-bath time is always a headache for me. Shern refuses to lie down a nd struggles to get up while I wrestled with him to get his clothes and diapers on. He usually ended up howling.

Below is one of the rare moments that he was being a good boy and even allowed me to capture his photo while he is lying down quietly.

17 March 2010

Laughed Non-Stop

Shern is ticklish. Look at how daddy snuggled his head into Shern's tummy which tickled him and sent him into fits of laughter.

1 April 2010

Below are the photos captured during the Apom Balik moments by pho-pho. View the video here.

4 April 2010

Clothes Pegs

Shern has this thing for the clothes pegs. The basketful of colourful pegs fascinate him. He couldn't get enough of it every night when yee-pho brings them out. Shern likes emptying the whole basket and throw the pegs everywhere.

4 April 2010 & 12 March 2010

Min-yee's CAT Grad

Shern witnessed Mn-yee's grad. He even got to hold the scroll and take a photo with the 'star' :)

6 March 2010

Flipping Pages of Books

Shern can now flip pages of books. He cleverly flips them over and over again.

We still read books together every night before he sleeps. Actually, we read books to him whole day long. Just a few books are kept just for night time reading.

7 March 2010

Pointing His Index Finger

Shern now uses his index finger to point at everything. He points at things he wants. He points at the directions he wants you to go. He points this. He points that. Everything.


Took Shern to Gurney Plaza's Kiddie Rides at the Basement near the foodcourt. He did not really understand the rides but he enjoyed touching all the buttons and steering wheels, etc.

13 March 2010

Playing With Toys I Did Not Buy

I think Shern likes going to the mall with us. Because there, he gets to play with all the toys in Parkson, Toys 'R' Us, etc. Though of course sometimes he made a fuss when we had to take it away from him as we are leaving the shop.
We would just distract him with a pamphlet or other stuff and show him his next toy.

13 March 2010

Grasping Objects Using Thumb and Index Finger

Yes, Shern has mastered this skill. He can do this even with very small objects.

Crawling On Uneven Surfaces

Shern can now climb on uneven surfaces easily. Easy-peasy for him!

21 March 2010

Big Boss

Shern sitting like a big boss - with us being his humble servants. Haha

14 March 2010

Photo With Mummy & Daddy

17 March 2010 & 13 March 2010

Shern Shouting With Glee

Lastly, I will post a photo of Shern shouting with glee. It is so happy being a child.

22 March 2010

How Is Mummy Doing?

Is still having lack of sleep because Shern still does not sleep through the night. Sigh.