Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shern's 3yo Mini Birthday Party At Home

We had a mini birthday party for Shern at home. We wanted a small scale party, so we decided to keep it to only family and relatives. So we had about 15 ppl in our home last Saturday.

This is the food spread. Not a lot but more than enough. Mostly ordered from my ex-colleague who make very delicious food. I always order from her.

Hubby & I decided to let Shern open the birthday pressie we bought for him, so that he has something to occupy his time throughout the whole party. He was ecstatic with the pressie of course.

This is our home and you can see Shern playing with his new pressie while we ate and chat.

And halfway through, Shern asked 'Where is my birthday party?' (Birthday party is all about cake and singing the birthday song). :)
I told him to wait for 4-kau kong to come and then we will cut the cake.

Then it was time to bring out the cake.
This cake is the cake I bought but decorated it ourselves.
It's an awesome one-of-a-kind COLOURFUL 3rd Birthday Cake!

First of all, photos of the 3 of us!

A photo with Ah-Kong and Ah-Ma!

A photo with Pho-pho, Yee-Pho and Min-Yee!

A photo with Irene & Siew Phaik ee-ee!

The whole group of us!

A photo with Min-yee, who is a very valuable photographer of the night! ;)

Shern is so much more aware of his birthday this year, compared to the previous years. He can now sing his own birthday song and blow all the 3 candles off the cake all by himself!

Then comes the cake cutting part. Even before this, Shern had popped a few M&Ms off the cake. He just couldn't wait!

So all in all, I'm so glad I prepared this mini birthday party for Shern. He was in a good mood the whole night and really enjoyed himself.
Thank you so much for those who took time off to attend the party.

Happy Birthday Yiu-Shern. May you be blessed with good health and happiness!
We love you very much!

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