Monday, March 26, 2012

Pee Accident-Free Day

Yesterday, Sunday, which is Day 4 of potty training was an accident-free day!
We had no pee accidents at all yesterday, so no mess to wipe and clean. Yay!

But of course throughout the day, I reminded Shern to let mummy know when he wants to shi-shi, especially when he is engrossed with his toys or something. Because I noticed, accidents tend to happen when he becomes too engrossed with his toys.
So I was the broken record throughout the day, saying 'Shern, tell mummy when you wanna shi-shi ok?' He will reply, 'OK'.

Even at night time after I put on diaper for him, and when he is not yet asleep and tells me he wants to pee, I will still quickly bring him to the bathroom and remove his diapers for him to pee in the potty. I do not want to give him mixed signals and ask him to pee in his diapers.
My job is to let him alert me whenever he wants to pee. And I want him to do so every waking hours.

So now seems like pee potty-training is going well. And now to better manage the poo potty training. Shern used to poo every single day. But since potty training started, he poos only once every alternate days. Is it him holding his poo because he does not want to sit in the potty? Hmm....we will have to see.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Potty Training At Last

I just started potty training Shern at 33 months, which was actually yestyerday. Yes, I know it is late. I have friends who started potty training their kids at less than a year old and I am still bewildered on how they did it!

We delayed potty training him for many reasons. First of all because of the South Africa trip and then him going to Playschool once we came back. But the main reason of all is because his mum is lazy! It was so easy just chuck him a diaper and voila, no mess in the house. (yes, I am the guilty one.)

But then I got tired of using my hands and cleaning his poo on his bum and him being the last kid in the universe to be potty trained. And also seeing that Shern was ready. He knows it when he pees and poos (because he will not allow people to go near him when he poos).

So yesterday, I told Shern that I am taking out his diapers and he will be only wearing his pants. And he must tell mummy when he wants to 'shi shi'. If not he will wet his pants and the floor and mummy will get upset. He said 'ok' so this was how it went!

He will tell me 'mummy, Shern-shern wants to shi shi already'. Then I will quickly bring him to the bathroom and then let him pee in his small potty. The big toilet is a little bit too high for him to aim at the moment.

Yesterday alone, we got 6 successful pees in the potty, and 2 accidents. Well, accidents are expected especially on Day 1 of potty training. He was playing the iPad and I guess he got too engrossed with it. We did not scold him but just reminded him to tell us when he wants to pee.
But overall, I think he did a great job! I am proud of him.

We still put a diaper on him before his afternoon nap (diaper came out clean and dry) and also during his sleeptime at night. All I want to achieve now is to let him tell us when he wants to pee while he is awake and aware. We will deal with sleeptime potty training later.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Disney On Ice

At the last minute, my cousins gave us free tickets to Disney On Ice. We did not purchase the tickets because we think that Shern is too young to be able to sit through the whole session. And the tickets don't come cheap too.

But since we got free tickets, no harm trying. Those tickets were for the 2.30pm show. Straightaway I knew it would be a problem because that is Shern's nap time. So I got prepared and let Shern sleep a little later the night before, hoping that he he would wake up later, and thus won't take his nap so early. But I was so wrong!
Although Shern slept at 11pm+, he woke up at 8am on the day of the show. Oh oh...I'm sure by 2.30pm, he would be sleepy and cranky.

We went to McD for breakfast and then let him played there for an hour or so. And by noon, I told Shern to have a nap. He really fell asleep. He slept for 1 hour and then it was time to scoop him to the car for the show. Traffic was bad so it took us almost 1 hour to reach there.

Shern was happy and pretty excited because I told him he would see Mickey Mouse and Gang once we reached there. The show just started when we walked into the stadium. Shern was excited and kept pointing to Mickey Mouse. And what's more, he even swayed his body to the music!

This is the only photo I took. I didn't want to keep on taking photos because me too wanted to enjoy the show.

Disney On Ice @ Pisa - 11 March 2012

It was good to see him happy. About half an hour, Shern started fidgeting. I was glad I was well prepared. I brought many snacks in so that Shern would be happy. I gave Shern a packet of mini pretzels, which he happily munched on. When other characters came out which he is not familiar, he kept on asking me 'Where is Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck?'. I told him they went to change clothes.

He could recognize Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Captain Hook, Cinderella, erm...that's about all. So I guess he got pretty bored when Snow White and Tinkerbell and the others came out.
And 5 minutes to 1 hour, which is the break time, Shern asked Daddy to carry him to the back of the stadium.

But after the break, Shern came back to his seat and asked for another snack. I gave him peanuts and it lasted him for the next 45 minutes 'til the end of the show. So overall, he was a good boy who did not make much fuss, but he was definitely too young to sit through the whole show without any snacks! Haha

So how was the show? Well, I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous one which I attended a few years ago. But it was still a good show nonetheless.

And oh, those super expensive Disney merchandise were selling like hot cakes. I'm so glad Shern is still too young to ask me to buy this and that. He just waved to the toys and said bye-bye. Phew... :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brewing Baby# 2

Yes, I am pregnant.
I'm 12 weeks pregnant as of now to be precise. So Little Bub is 12 weeks old now.

Besides family and relatives, I haven't told many people yet. Though I think some may noticed as my body grew rounder, but hadn't the heart to tell me face-to-face that I'm getting fat! ;)

Anyway, I actually lost 4kg since the first day I visited the gynae in week 5. The culprit this time is due to my very gassy and windy stomach. I lost much appetite but I still eat. And the nausea feeling is there too.

Anyway, I'm happy to share my news with you all.

I've been typing drafts about my pregnancy updates and now I can finally publish them now. But they may be lost within so many blog posts because of the dates. Anyway, if you are interested to read my last 3 months journey, just click here!

Yiu-Shern - 29 Months

9 November 2011

The above 2 photos are proof that Shern really loves to eat sushi rice. He really loves them and could gobble up 4-5 pcs of those easy-peasy.

Shern likes to eat rice too, as in the normal rice we cook at home. He likes it with sauce. And usually I will throw in small pieces of fish or meat(which he calls bak-bak). Vege he is not so keen, but if in small pieces and he doesn't notice much then is ok.

This is the first haircut that he didn't end up having a crew cut. So no more spiky hair for Shern from then onwards. No more botak Shern.

House Monitor
Shern has become the house monitor. He would be the one who said these to us:
'Pho-pho, please don't out your leg on the table'
'Mummy, please wear shoes' - when we are in the car
'Daddy, please wear clothes' - when hubby wants to take of his shirt to cool himself

These are the things we asked him to do. So in return, he now checks on us.
Now we must all really do what we say, coz there is a monitor in the house now! :)

South Africa
Yes, this is the month which Shern flew off earlier with my Pho-pho, Kong-kong & Yee-pho to Cape Town, South Africa. And he spent the whole 6 weeks there, which I joined them later.

So since he flew off beginning of the month, there is not much updates of him in Penang. Most of the updates are of him in South Africa.
There, Shern loves the house there, where there is a huge garden and a swimming pool. He plays ball in the garden often and he loves the 2 dogs there.

Wen yee-yee and Ian Yee-cheung love him to bits. They couldn't stop pampering him, buying him treats often. And Wen yee-yee was looking for places to bring him there so that he would be happy. But overall, he loves it in Cape Town, because of the wide spaces for him to run about and also the cool weather.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ah-Ma Taking Out Ants From The Ears

Ok, this is not what happened. But that was what we told Shern! Haha.

He didn't want me to touch his ears. So it has been 2 1/2 years of accumulated shit inside his ears.
But one day when we went back to Ah-Ma's house, my MIL told Shern that inside his ears, there were ants and she needed to take them out. And surprisingly, Shern obliged!
So with a small torchlight in her mouth, Ah-Ma successfully digged out some of those dirt inside his ears.

Shern looked a little constipated here. Haha. Maybe it's the feeling of first time his ears being invaded and it felt funny. But nonetheless, I'm so glad it went OK.
3 January 2011

2 weeks later, Ah-Ma tried again and it worked again! But this time he took my handphone and didn't want to let go. Ah-Ma mentioned that not much dirt inside anymore.
15 January 2011

And 2 months later, just a few days ago we went back again and Shern was still a good boy and let Ah-Ma 'took out ants' from his ears. And Ah-Ma said no more dirt inside already. Hurrah!
1 March 2011

Friday, March 2, 2012

Vineyards & Wineries @ Stellenbosch, Cape Town - 6 December 2011

We spent the afternoon at Stellenbosch visiting vineyards and wineries. Stellenbosch has many leading Wine Estates. First on our list was Ernie Else Wine Estate since my parents are fond of the sport.

This is dad doing the golfing pose. :)

This is the entrance of the Ernie Els Wine Estate. The place is huge.

We just stopped wherever we saw anything that interests us. For example, these little wine grapes. That was the first time I saw grapevines actually. I didn't know the grapes are so small. Or is it that they are still in the baby stage and could grow bigger?

Anyway, Shern was fascinated by it too. Look at how small and tiny those wine grapes are.

We also made a stop when we saw the beautiful scenery there. Very green and lush.

Shern was so happy to run about the free open space and he didn't even mind posting for the many cameras. Look at my handsome baby.

3 of us took a photo on the rock too.

We saw a pebble stream and Shern was fascinated with everything.

This is Shern with Wen yee-yee.

Then down the slope we saw a scenic spot to take photos. Shern was in such a good mood that he ran down so many times to take photos with each and everyone of us and with big smile on his face!

Take#1: Shern with Yee-pho
Take#2: Shern with Min yee-yee

Take#3: Shern with Uncle Ian and Wen yee-yee
Take#4: Shern with Pho-pho and Kong-kong.

Take #5: Shern with Mummy & Daddy.

Take#6: Shern with us 3 sisters!

Look at Shern playing and monkeying around with Kong-kong.

Then we left the estate and to our next destination: Asara Vineyard.
These scenery are taken on our way to Asara Vineyard. It is really beautiful. Look at that! No photoshop. Amazing?

This is inside the Asara Vineyard. Another picturesque place!
The blue sky with the mountains in the background, coupled by the lake and the flowers. Wow!

A photo of me with my mum!

A photo of Shern (still in a good mood) with Pho-pho.

Shern then sat down on the grass to have some snacks of biscotti and cornflakes.

And after the snack, Shern decided to take a poo. And I had to spend the next 10 minutes cleaning his bum!

And then we all decided to have some wine tasting there. Is cheap.
3 types of wine for R20 (less than RM10), or 5 types of wine for R30(less than RM15).

We 3 sisters took the 3 types, while the alcoholic (mum, dad and Ian) took the 5 types!
Peter and Ah-yee were the only sober ones there. :)
This is the smiling waiter serving us our wines!

I'm proud to say I drank all of mine, though it did gave me a little headache towards the end. Haha.

From where we were seating, we had a lovely view. The view of the lake, where you could see a duck here and there.

These are our wine glasses. Empty glasses.

So what did Shern do when we were all drinking wine? We bribed him with Smarties chocolates so he was sitting down quietly eating his treat. Haha.
And we told him our drinks were all 'spicy-spicy' so he did not want it!

After that we proceed to Neethlingshof Wine Estate for a quick look because Ian told us the trees there are beautiful.

They were indeed beautiful. Tall and lanky and paved the road.

Shern was also busy trying to kick the big stone. He ended up realizing it wont move and only his leg hurts. Is good that he learnt it by trying it out himself because he would not believe when I told him he would hurt his leg is he kicked it! ;)

On our way back to the main road, we saw a rainbow due to the reflection of the fountain. Lovely end to our vineyard and winery tour ;)

p/s - To read more about our trip to Cape Town, South Africa, pls click here.