Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Huge Swollen Bruise

Yesterday night at around 8.15pm, Shern had an accident in mum's place. He was running very fast and he he accidentally tripped. Unfortunately, his hands was holding a toy car (the red thing in the photo below) and he fell knocking his head on the car.

10 seconds later, you could see the swell in his head. A really swollen bruise. Purple and huge.

Shern was still crying 'pain pain' even after I went to comfort him. It must have hurt him a lot, for he usually cried only a while whenever he falls down.

30 July 2011

Look at the bruise.
I just noticed that Shern was still holding on to his red toy car. Haha.

30 July 2011 - (photos taken using iPhone)

About 1 year ago, I caused Shern to fell out of bed and his forehead ended up with a swollen bruise. It had taken about a week for the swell to go down then.

This time, I applied A-Bruzzy Gel. It is this miracle gel that I'm loving it so much! (click on the link and read more on this miracle gel. haha)

It is because just the next morning, Shern's swollen bruise has subsided. Look at his head. Just a teeny little bump left. And a slight blue black. Isn't it a miracle gel ? :)
But overall, Shern is definitely feeling much better now.

31 July 2011

Shern now says 'head no more pain-pain'! :)

Lumut 2011: Day 3

It has been almost 3 weeks since we came back from Lumut. So let me finish up the Day 3 (last day) post on it.
We left the apartment at around 11am .
26 July 2011

While dad was busy arranging our baggage in his car, we took Shern to the apartment playground for a short play.

Needless to say, Shern was happy going to the playground.

Look at his smiling face.

After that, we drove to Kampung Cina, Setiawan in search of this famous restaurant.
Ah Pek Lee Kou Hock Seafood Restaurant. It took us quite awhile to get to the place even with a map.

We ordered the famous 'Sa Jui Yee' or known as fried small fish. It is very crispy and appetising. You could just gobble up the whole fish, bones and all. It is that crispy and not oily at all.

We also ordered the 'or chien' or deep fried oyster. It is also a very crispy dish but then I didn't quite like it. Too crispy for my liking, but that is me.

Then we ordered the 'Hock Chiew chap chai' or Hock Chiew mixed vegetables. It is a simple dish but done really well. Not too salty.

Then there is the curry octopus. I don't know how they do it, but then the octopus is so well cooked that it is not hard and rubbery at all. Amazing. But the curry powder taste is a tad bit overpowering though, but still I like this dish.

This must be my favourite dish of all. 'Siong Tong Lala' or clam soup with cucumber. The taste is special and no fishy smell at all. This is a must-order dish if you go there.

So how to get there?

Ah Pek Lee Kou Hock Seafood伯利口福椰芭海 Lot 135, Kampung Cina, 32000 Sitiawan Perak GPS: N4 10.775 E100 40.855 Opening hours: 11am to 10pm (Tuesdays off) Telephone: 012-540 9478, 016-597 7756 (Ling Hock Beng)

The bill came out to RM98 for 6 adults who ordered 5 coconuts with 5 plates or rice and all the above dishes.

After that, we continued our journey home to Penang.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lumut 2011: Day 2

I woke up at 9am. Shern was already up since 8am. Lucky he did not make so much noise but just kept turning and tossing around on bed. After bathing in the 'big pom pom' (bathtub), I got him ready because I told him we were going to see some turtles.

He was happy and insisted on wearing the cap. I think he looked like a rapper. Haha.

25 July 2011

To get to Segari Turtle Sanctuary from Swiss-Garden, you have to turn left at the main road. Then drive straight until you see the signboard below. Then turn left and drive straight for another 7km to Segari Turtle Sanctuary after exiting from the main road.

When u reached until the end of the road, u will see a big building. That is NOT the building. Turn left and curve around the building. You will then see the Segari Turtle Sanctuary entrance. We reached there around 11am.

Photo Source:

Kong-kong then carried Shern inside. Shern was using his hand to block his eyes from the sun.

Then we walked to the pond area and saw this big beautiful turtle. Look at the beautiful pattern on its shell. It's a shame they are being hunted for their meat n shell.

Shern got fascinated and stood by the railings of the pond, looking the at turtles swimming. He even tried to imitate the turtles poking their heads out of the water. Haha.

Shern saw them swimming n said he wants to swim too. I told him this pond is only for turles, not for Shern.
My clever baby responds by 'Shern-shern cannot swim, only turtles can swim'. Wakaka. Just like the 'flying sentence'.

There were a few ponds, with some different turtle species. I forgot the names but these are smaller ones which looks more like tortoises.

Kong-kong holding Shern in case he leaned out too much and fall into the pond. Haha.

These baby turtles are so cute. They are really small. So small that they can fit inside your palm.

Shern looking at the baby turtles.

There is also another area at the beach where the turtle eggs are, but unfortunately the place was closed when we were there. Well, some other time then.

Besides learning about turtles, Shern also learnt about our National Flower. We saw some Hibiscus plants in there. (I will have to ask him again and see if he remembers)

And he said this fish is a seahorse. I guess he was referring to the sharp pointy nose which resembles a seahorse, yes, no? ;)

Then there is this giant stone turtle and we all sat on top of it for some photo-taking sessions.

After that, it was bye-bye time to the turtles.

Segari Turtle Sanctuary/Hatchery (Pusat Penetasan Penyu Segari)
Address: Pantai Pasir Panjang, Segari, Perak
Open daily / Free Admission
Operating Hours:
1000-1230/1400-1700 - Monday to Sunday (except Friday)
1000-1200/1430-1700 - Friday

Our next stop was to find the Mangrove Swamp Garden (Taman Paya Bakau).
To get to Sitiawan, you have to cross three beautiful bridges. The river there is Sungai Dinding.

After the three bridges, just go straight ahead all the way. Then there will be a sign which asks u to turn right and not far later you will see the Mangrove Swamp Garden on the right. The entrance is quite grand and you won't miss it.

There is an elevated parkway made of concrete and wood, which allows visitor to leisurely walk into the mangrove swamp garden.

The place is beautiful. Look at below photo of the mangrove swamp. No photoshop! Taken raw from my point-and-shoot auto function camera. Isn't it beautiful?

Shern refused to walk then. He wanted to be carried. He is getting really heavy you know.

Walk further in and take a left turn on the parkway. You will see a hanging bridge there. It was my turn to carry the whiny son of mine. He was whining 'mummy carry' all the way until I gave up and carried him.

On the hanging bridge, it says 5 person at one time. To tell the truth, I was a bit scared to walk on the hanging bridge. Besides us and some monkeys, there seemed to be no one there at all. We didn't see any park attendees. And I doubt the maintainance of this place. I was afraid that the hanging bridge would just collapse any time. Luckily, it didn't and we managed to walk through it safely. :)

There were also many monkeys monkeying around. So make sure you don't carry any food with you. Those monkeys are aggressive enough to snatch them out of your hands.

Next, we went to Sitiawan to search for James Cendol. The famous cendol is situated right at the entrance of Seri Mariaman temple. It was quite difficult for us to locate the place. Miss Garmin could not find the temple and I do not have the temple address.

We asked around and the locals guided us the right place. It is actually walking distance from The Store shopping mall. You can't miss the the stall. The owners manning the stall are wearing long-sleeved white shirt with a red bow. There is a portrait of James with the Sultant of Perak.

There are 2 types of cendol; with pulut or without pulut. We order both types. The pulut tasted fragrant according to my mum (I don't fancy pulut). I like the normal one, quite good comparing to the Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol. I like that they were served using those stainless steel bowls. So it was really cold to the touch. I like it.

However, it is quite pricey. Portion wise is a little smaller. 2 pulut cendols and 3 normal cendols cost us RM10.20.

Then as we drove back, we stopped by the first stall we saw selling Gong Pian or some called it Hock Chew biscuit. The stall is located in a shop behind The Store.
There are a few types ; plain, chopped onions, char siew, etc.

Besides that, the stall also sells 'and chiew and ang chao, or red wine yeast, and also the famous Kampung Kok Chili sauce (not in the photo).

After that, we drove back to our apartment.
We rested and Shern had his nap. I napped with Shern too. Sometimes, I love this kind of holidays where I just eat and sleep and play, and don't have to rush here and there. :)

When all of us were fresh and happy and well-rested, off we went to the beach area again.

And Shern had fun in the playground near the beach.

We collected many siput, much more than the previous day. We planned to bring some back for MIL and others. So we put them out in a big container so that they could breathe.

After a while, I noticed that their 'tongues' are sticking out.

Zooming in...

Zooming in more....

So needless to say, we ate another huge bowl of siput for dinner that night. satisfying.
Ok, End of Day 2. :)

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