Thursday, October 26, 2017

Khye's 5yo POPSICLE (No Cream) Birthday Cake

Khye's 5yo Popsicle Birthday Cake (Photo Credits: Alex yeap)

Khye celebrated his birthday last month September.

He wanted a Popsicle Party, but then he told me he wanted a no-cream chocolate cake!
It seems like a simple request, but then I was scratching my head on how to decorate a no cream cake!

In the end, after googling for some inspiration, I managed to get 2 Chocolate Loaf Cakes from Jenny's at RM16 each.
Arranged them side by side, then poked in some ice-cream sticks in it.

I cut 2 slices out with an ice-cream stick in each, and then sprinkled the cut ones with some Rainbow Rice confetti, sprinkles and hearts. 
Hope they look like Chocolate Ice-Cream Popsicles!

Did a birthday banner tag HAPPY BIRTHDAY YIU-KHYE and stuck a number "5" Candle on it!
Very, very simple indeed and also the cheapest birthday cake I've decorated!

Ta awesome One-of-a-kind POPSICLE no-cream Birthday Cake for my beloved Khye!

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