Monday, October 31, 2016

Kids Halloween Costume - Dragon Cape & Mask

My 3 Little Dragons for Halloween - October 2016

So Shern requested to be a dragon for this year's Halloween. He wanted a dragon cape. But I suck at sewing and so I requested my mum's help to sew the dragon cape for Shern.

And the super awesome pho-pho who loves my kids to bits very happily sewed the dragon cape for them. Below is what I got from Pinterest to give her an inspiration.
And together we brainstormed on how to make it given the limited time and resources we had.

And she came up with these awesome dragon capes.
Of course she couldn't just make for Shern, she had to make one for Khye as well coz she loves them both dearly. My kids are soooo lucky, right, to have such a doting pho-pho!

I couldn't tell you in detail how she sewed that. (Hmm....I should ask her to be a guest blogger for this, shall I? :P)

Anyway, I made Dragon Masks to go along with the Dragon Capes.
For the Dragon Masks, I can tell you how I did it. It is sooo easy even for a noob at sewing person like me. Minimal sewing skills needed, I promise!

I browsed through Pinterest as usual and I got this free dragon mask template from Mummykins website.
Printed it out and then cut them according to the template.

Then you traced it on the pieces of felts and just cut it out accordingly.
And then what I did was I UHU glued the pieces of felt together to make the mask.

The green one's for Shern and the yellow one for Khye.
I used the colour according to the Dragon Cape colours that Pho-pho made for them. 


And then I did the easiest sewing I know, tacking the thread together on some of the parts to make sure they hold together, that was all. 

And then I sewed the rubber string behind like this. 

The end results of the masks are like this. 

 When paired together the mask and the cape, this is how it looks like...a complete set!

And then I added in baby Vern's dragon costume, a cape and mask too which I bought quite some time ago.


Let's see the kids trying out and posing with their Dragon Costumes!

Khye and his Dragon Costumes.  

Shern and his Dragon Costumes. 

And not to be left Vern and his costume!!! So cute right ! haha

3 of them together.

On Sunday, we went to Straits Quay for some Trick or Treat session.



A pose of me with my 3 little dragons.

This was what I posted on my FB page:

"Me & My 3 dragons - Tan Shu-Yin, First of her name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals, and the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and MOTHER OF DRAGONS !!! 😂😂😂#gameofthrones #got #shernkhyevernmummy#shernkhyevern #halloween2016 #halloweencostume"

 Let me end this blog post with this cutest little dragon superhero.

Happy Halloween people and hope you enjoy dressing up as much as my kids did!

And thank you again to my super awesome mum who sewed the awesome Dragon Capes for my kids! You are the best! Mwahhhh!!!!

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kids Halloween Costume - The Making of Rain Cloud (with Rainbow & Lightning) Costumes

Rain Cloud Costumes with Rainbow & Lightning

Now that Shern is 7 and Khye is 4, both of them are big enough to know that Halloween is approaching. Besides that, their schools and classes are having Halloween party and so they each requested for a Halloween costume.

Halloween to my kids are just a fun day to dress up to their favourite current thing, and not about scary ghosts or eerie stuff, although they do link Halloween to pumpkins and bats.

Just like the previous years, I indulged my kids into making their dreams come true. (as best as I could!).
Nothing beats their smiles when they see their dreams turn real into a 3D! 
And also is a fun craft session with the kids too!

Anyway, Khye is into this rainbow obsession. (Remember his recent 4th Rainbow birthday party?) 
Yes, my Khye is still very much into rainbows and so he requested for a Rainbow costume.
Me, on the other hand sucks at sewing and I didn't want to make a cardboard rainbow and so after looking at Pinterests, I persuaded Khye to settle for a Rain Cloud Rainbow costume.

To my relief, Khye was very game and excited to be dressed as a Rain Cloud Rainbow!

Based on this costume I saw on Pinterest for inspiration, I gathered the materials. 



> Find a hat with a brim.
> Some polyster batting/cotton wool
> Blue felt
> Blue yarn
> Strong Glue
> Cloth Scissors

I went to Daiso and Mr. DIY and some party shops but couldn't find any wide brimmed party hats. So I settled for this hat that Khye used for his kindy concert.

Glue the polyster batting onto the hat. I did that by adding the polyster batting in small clumps, and then slowly build it up until it covered the whole hat.

Next, fold your felt into half so that you are cutting two layers of the raindrops at the same time. You need them identical so that you could stick them together onto the yarn strings. 

Cut the yarn strings into the length that will suit your kid. I varied the length. Some I had it short and some long. Some yarn strings I glued one rain drop, some two and even three for the longer strings.

 Next, glue the strings onto the hat brim and make sure they are covered by the polyster batting.

Once you are done, it should look like this.

Cut out the lighting or the rainbow shape to add onto your cloud.
The rainbow I had Khye coloured it himself because he so love drawing and colouring rainbows!

This is optional but because Khye requested for a rainbow and so I added a rainbow on the cloud for Khye, and a lightning for Shern.
Tada, these are how they look like.


Shern saw how cute and fun Khye and I had making it and he wanted one too. (He initially requested for another Halloween costume. More about that later!).

And so I got this bigger and old, wide-brimmed hat from Min-yee and used that to make one for Shern too.

The same method applies and I got this done for Shern too.

So these 2 boys of mine are the proud owners of the Rain Cloud costumes.

I love their very happy expressions when they try on their costumes. 

Both of them were sharing a joke and they were so tickled over it they couldn't stop laughing as they modeled in their costumes for me. 
It is so nice to have a sibling to share your joke, isn't it?

And I kept on clicking the camera because I love their very happy expressions. 

Khye then wore the costume to one of his class' party. 

Khye with some of his teachers there.
They love him there and they loved his costume too. ;)

Khye with some of his friends in their witch and superheroes costumes. 

A very happy Khye came home with lotsa goodies and even a prize for having the most creative costume!
Of course he was very happy!

A litte teary face because he was having a crying fit just a minute ago before this photo was taken. haha. 
He loves his prize and couldn't wait to start colouring it. 
He was very happy with his candies and shared them with his brother so generously.  

 The result of eating the halloween coloured lollipop. Ewwww....hahaha

That's all for now, 
This post is the tutorial to make your own Easy No-Sew Rain Cloud Costume.

Next, is the costume of Shern's choice. And that one his beloved Pho-pho made most of it as I suck at sewing. 
So stay tuned for the blog post of Shern's costume of choice!

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