Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's 31st Once Again!

Today is the 31st what is so great about today? is Baskin Robbin's 31% discount day! As usual, the Baskin Robbin's Prima Tanjung outlet is full of ice-cream lovers. I had to squeezed my way into the outlet to get a queue number. Mine was #370. "Was I the 370th customer they served today?" I had no idea.

You know what I like most about Baskin Robbin's? I love Baskin Robbin's Rum & Raisin flavour. It is absolutely mouth-watering and irresistable. It never fails to cheer me up whenever I am down with this 'rum flavoured ice cream with yummy raisins'.

Anyway, I find the service there terrible and there is something wrong with the system they are currently using to attend to the customers.

First of all, everyone is required to get a queue number. Ok, nothing wrong with this.
Then, once your number is called, go up to them and let them know what size and flavour you want. Then they will issue you a order slip with your number stated on it. They will then pack your orders for you.

Now, comes the messy part. The cashier also calls out numbers for you to proceed to the payment counter to make payments. So as long as you number is not called, you are not allowed to make payments.
Then there is this guy next to the cashier who distributes out the ice-creams which are already packed. The cashier called out "#658!" Customer#658 person went to payment to counter. "#659!" Customer#659 went forward, and so on and so forth.

The guy next to the cashier then called out "#675" seeing this ice-cream already in the fridge being packed.
How stupid...the cashier is calling up 'til #659 and the guy is asking the Customer#675 to collect his/her ice-creams. How ridiculous! Calling a "future" number whom the customer obviously have not make his payment.
The guy then continue to call other "future" numbers, when he can obviously hear what number the cashier is calling out! And the cashier is also not correcting him! Arghh.!

I couldn't wait for my turn to be called and just got out of there asap. I complained it to Peter the second I saw him outside the outlet.

I don't know if any of you understand what I am complaining about - now that I am re-reading my entry, i find it confusing to understand. Haha..but then I feel that I must post this. I don't care if nobody understands it!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Home-made yummy & delicious Pizzas!

Yummy...delicious! I made pizzas today for dinner. A very simple recipe (thanks to Janette sis!) and with some modification...hey, presto!...dinner was served!

Step 1: First, buy a loaf of white bread. Mine is Gardenia's.
Step 2: Spread it with ketchup/tomato sauce.
Step 3: Add in the ingredients (chopped onions, button mushrooms, sausage pieces & chopped pineapple cubes) - anything up to you!
Step 4: Spread it with shredded cheese (i used Kraft singles cheese slices b'coz I dont have shredded cheese)
Step 5: Bake it in the oven for around 15 mins @ 180 degree celcius temperature.
Step 6: Pizza is served piping hot with melted cheese!
Pizza with all the ingredientsTopped with s slice of cheeseEnd product...yummy!Eaten together with Chicken soup
Ah-yee & Shu-Min came to my house and tried them as well. I cut them into bite-size and ate it with Campbell's Chicken Soup...ahh..."mou tak teng"!

Iron Man

Peter & I must be the last few people who watch Iron Man movie. I mean...we asked everyone and they all told us the same answer "Watched already lah". Peter's butt was itching and he couldn't wait to lay his eyes on this supposedly action-packed movie.

We then checked and decided to watch the 11.45am movie. To our surprised, it was only RM6/ticket as it was a 'before 12noon screening'.

So how was the movie? It was AWESOME, way better than i expected. It lived up to Peter's expectations as everyone else said it is a nice movie (with the exception of ChoonHung :P).

I personally like Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia "Pepper" Potts in Iron Man. I find her fresh and witty and loyal. Peter complains that there is not enough action/fighting scene though, but I think it is OK. The director took enough time to build up the characters.

All in all, we think it is one of the best movie we've watched in 2008! And with just RM6/ticket, it was a steal!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa @ Pavilion, KL

entrance I want to dedicate a post to the experience Peter & I had during our trip to Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa @ Pavilion, KL in March 2008.

It is a really interesting spa where little fish called Garra Rufa exfoliate the dead skin on your feet by nibbling them. They are commonly known as “Doctor Fish” for their effectiveness in assisting eczema and psoriasis patients in their healing process.

With RM38 for 1/2 hour treatment, all you have to do is to dip your feet into the water tank and a school of fish will come to you and start nibbling your feet until it is silkily smooth and clean!

Peter & I joined many curious onlookers as the customers dipped their feet into the water tank. I feel that RM38 is a little expensive especially when we have to x2 for 2 person. And we are also quite ticklish people. Surprisingly, we see no one wiggling or pulling their feet away. So we decided to come back the next day to try it out as it was quite full by that time!

The following morning, nice and fresh, we were the first few customers and were eager to try it out. After getting a queue receipt, we were asked to go to a special corner to wash out feet and to put our shoes on a shoe rack. Then, we were being seated at a very nice japanese-style theme area and....time to put our feet into the water tank.

Oh my was so ticklish...haha. Maybe it was just me...but no...Peter was ticklish as well. We forced our feet to stay under the we already paid RM76! Our toes were all curled up as they were very ticklish.

However...after about 5 mins, we started relaxing and I started to feel good. The nibbling feeling was getting nicer and more enjoyable and we were reluctant to take our feet up after 30 mins.

Once your 30 mins are up, a staff will come around with towels for you to dry your feet and lead you back to the washing corner to clean your feet again.

Did my feet feel any smoother and silkier? It surprisingly did and felt really nice, smooth and silky! Will I be back again? Definitely!
All in all...I think it is worth it for the experience and once you can get past the ticklish feeling during the first 5 mins, you will LOVE it!

(watch our video - these sexy legs being nibbled by "Doctor Fish" belong to Peter and me)


In my quest to become a General Insurance agent, I need to finish an assignment of submitting 100 names together with their car plate# & road tax expiry date. Up til now, I only have around 25 complete details. And my due date is on this coming Mon...die!
The AHA Manager just called me to confirm the due date of this assignment. When my mobile rang and his name kept blinking on my mobile, i was so reluctant to answer his call...arrghh!

So hey guys...I need your help. If you don't mind, please give me some names (together with car plate# & road tax expiry date). Rest assured that the details you provide me will be confidential (used by ME only) and will not be distributed to the company.

And if you wish to support me and let me renew your car insurance now or in the future, I will be grinning from ear to ear and happy to service you. And will get FREE...yes...FREE AAM membership (worth rm110 i was told), and I will also renew your road tax for you for free as a value-added service. :D

All in is still OK if you do not wish to renew your car insurance with me. I just need names to complete my assignment which is due very soon....

Places I've been this year 2008 thus far

I feel so fortunate to be able to travel to so many places. Peter & I even went to visit the tourist places in Penang (smtg I wanted to do for a long time)
Places I've been this year 2008 thus far:

Jan '08
Siem Reap & Phnom Penh, Cambodia (pic: Siem Reap-gateway to the millennium-old temple ruins of the Khmer Empire)
Mar '08
Fort Cornwallis, Pg (pic: by the canon)
Khoo Kongsi, Pg (pic: by the articulate carvings of Khoo Kongsi)
Cheong Fatt Sze Mansion, Pg (pic: in front of the famed blue building)
Langkawi (pic: Oriental Village)
KL (pic: Fish Spa)
May '08
Penang Hill (pic: view of the funicular train)
Jiangnan & Shanghai, China (pic: Lion Forest Garden)
Alor Setar (pic: Alor Setar tower)

CambodiaFort CornwallisKhoo Kongsi Cheong Fatt Sze mansionOriental Village, LangkawiFish Spa @ PavilionPenang Hill

Lion Forest Garden, SuzhouAlor Setar Tower

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Knee Hurts

"Ligament tear" is what the doctor said. I didn't know that I can tear my ligaments while sleeping. I practically did nothing to exert pressure on my knee ligaments.

My knee is hurting now. Everytime i bend my knees, it hurts. And once it is bended, I cannot straighten it, it hurts.

Dr. Jit prescribed anti-flammable pills for me and some liquid to apply. "Come back and see me in 2 days' time if you don't get better" was what he said.

Jamie's drawingBut I did go swimming yesterday. Actually, i did not swim. I was just bobbing on the swimming pool taking care of my niece, Jamie.
She just came back from Singapore and she drew us a really cute drawing with Peter & I in a house. (pls click for a larger image)
She is only 4+ yrs old and she is very manja. She just learned how to swim so she was eager to show off her swimming skills to us. I was surprised that she can dive too. Talk about guts!

I was so afraid of water when I was a kid. I only learned how to swim when I was in secondary school *blushes*.

My Blogging History

I'm not sure if this is my 3rd or 4th personal blog. My first ever blog was BUILT FROM SCRATCH (with friends' help of coz) using Macromedia Dreamweaver software - and I am still very proud of the blog.

I started blogging in year 2003 (after much persuasion from Ndru Tan) when I was in Melbourne, Australia. I met many new friends and was hooked to the blogging world. Unfortunately, my blog became dead after I came home to Penang and started working. In Melb, i have loads of time. Back in Penang, i didn't seem to have time to do anything - 24 hrs a day wasn't enough for me.

Then i evolved and when I was engaged, i started a Wedding Blog (thanks to Mindy Loo) and had fun blogging about my wedding preparation. After my wedding on 27 Oct 2007, the blog became obsolete. Sigh...

And now my fingers are itching to blog here I am again! :)