Friday, February 5, 2016

Celebrating 34th and I was Hubby's Girlfriend for 2 Hours!

Just hubby & me!

It was a fabulous birthday because I felt like hubby's girlfriend again!
Well, let me clarify what I meant by that.

1. We got to spend 2 1/2 hours for lunch just the two of us! (yes, without the baby!)
2. I got to sit in the front seat next to the driver. (and not on the 2nd row with Vern)
3. I got to wear a dress which doesn't have any 'secret' opening slit because I didn't need to breastfeed Vern.
4. I got to wear heels, because I didn't need to wear flats for fear of toppling over myself and baby.
5. And lastly, I got to eat with BOTH my hands (and not with one hand carrying the baby).

Haha, yes it was all because of Vern!
But because mum agreed to babysit him for 2 hours in which I got some alone time with hubby, which I super appreciate. Thanks mum!

But look at this face. How can I be angry at him?

Hubby took his girlfriend for the day (a.k.a me!) to Farquhar Mansion for my first ever self-paying fine dining experience!

And so with me in my dress and heels, we both went phak thor! haha.

Once we were there, we took a rare selfie of the two of us. No kids photobombed our selfie. ;)

This was our menu of the day. 5-course menu of RM138. Price is per pax + 6% and you just choose your main. 
Most expensive lunch we paid for. 

It was ages ago since I took a selfie in the restroom. Haha. It felt good. 

Being on a weekday, we had the small room all by ourselves when we first arrived. Halfway through though, another couple came in. 

And we were the cheapo people that did not order any wine. Sorry, no alcohol for the breastfeeding lady, and hubby doesn't like wine. So we drank this water only. lol.

The Farquhar Mansion bread roll that came with these butters were delicious.
The homemade unsalted butter sounded plain, but it was buttery and creamy. And as a bread lover, I loved it with the herbed butter and sundried tomato butter and almost wanted to ask for more bread.

The first appetiser that came was the Duck Breast Cappacio, and it was my favourite dish. I don't know if I was hungry by then, but it tasted super nice.
The duck breasts cappacio came with balsamic dressing with some spots of mustard dressing, and a little mix-green, air dry garlic, feta cheese and poached pear.
The combination in my mouth was sooooo good.

Next was the Half-Grill Salmon.
I loved the seared scallop that came with it almost as much as the salmon, which was half-grilled to perfection. I love the quail egg as well and the whole appetiser came with micro herb, wakame, salmon skin and house special dressing.
This was hubby's favourite dish of the day.

The soup was a letdown. It was Asparagus Volute.
I prefer my soup to be served piping hot and it was not.
The milk foam was weird for me and the crispy leek tasted rubbery and not chewable. Eeek.

After the appetisers and soup, there was a mini strawberry sorbet for us to cleanse our mouth. This was delicious too, haha.

Hubby ordered this Salmon Trout as his main. 
The skin was crispy and flesh juice inside. It was marinated perfectly too, with the right amount of salt. Yes, I know because I ate half of his main. :)

Mine was the Beef Loin and it tasted delicious. Tender and juicy and medium rare.
Hubby didn't like the pinkish colour but I loved it.

Desert was a perfect end to our perfect lunch .

Oh ya, they served us coffee or tea too. ;)

A photo of the happy us dining!
Overall, it was a great lunch. I would recommend it to anyone who can pay the price because it tasted great.
But ambience wise, I think Macalister Mansion was better but the food was not that nice.

On the way driving back, we already received a phone call from mum telling us Vern was wailing away for mummy. Haha.
It was all ok because I miss him too after 2 hours! :)

And after the kids were back from school, we celebrated my birthday round 2!
It was at Creameal, a new cafe I discovered a week ago.
See my photos of Creameal in my Facebook here and here. (nope, I don't own Creameal, just in case you are wondering!).

How can I not celebrate with my noisy brood? They are my life, my 3 boisterous boys! ;)

Yes, I ate my favourite Waffle with Ice-Cream there!

They gave us 2 pcs of cake to wish me Happy Birthday too. Thank you Creameal!

And lastly a photo with my beloved extended family (minus Min and Wen). =)

Happy Birthday to me.
I am 34 this year and feeling great! (Ok, I feel old too!)  =)