Thursday, October 3, 2013

Khye's 1st 'You Are My SUNSHINE' Themed Birthday Party!

Khye @ 1yo - 14 September 2013

Ok, I think it is about time I blog about Khye's first birthday, which we celebrated on the day itself, 14 September 2013 !

First things first, the birthday theme.
As usual, I worked with my dearest buddy Josie, and I decided on a SUNSHINE theme for my little cutey pie because he is so smiley and full of sunshine!

I'm also currently falling in love with yellow and blue, so that's it. Yellow and blue sunshine theme.
We wanted a dreamy-storylike feel to it, and so Josie came out with this invitation card.
I super love it.

And what's up next? Deco of course.
I decided to keep it simple this round, because we are doing it in our humble little apartment. As a tradition, for 1st birthdays I always invite our relatives and just a handful of friends.
And so I needed to keep the party size small, if not everyone will not be able to fit into the living room of our home.

So the deco will be just the desert table with a backdrop, and a side little table to feature some photos of Khye.

This is how the Desert Table looked like, with the backdrop.

And this is the backdrop, of blue and white clouds, and a golden sun shining brightly.
The Happy Birthday Yiu-Khye banner is so pretty. All done by Josie.

And this is the side table with photo albums, and also a sunshine garland feature Khye's photo throughout the 1st year of his life.

Zooming in...
The albumsof Khye and our family portraiture by Karen Sim of K Studio.

The little photos of Khye hanging on the sunshine garlands.

The washi-fied party hat done by Josie, requested by me. ;)

And the cardboard stand I did for Khye just the night before, listing out his favourite things!

And then there were the food!

Passion fruit marshmallows by Huey & Wah.

Yummy carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting by Oritta Cakehouse.

Chocolate Chip Muffins by my sis, Shu-Min.

The compulsary red eggs by Josie / Favor-It-Shop
And the awesome one-of-a-kind Sunshine Birthday Cake.
And there were also sardines and egg sandwiches, corn custard cream puffs and Konyaku jellies by my ex-colleagues Sok Im, corn on cobs and a passion fruit salad by my mum, and some jars of orange juice as well on the Desert Table.

And there were also fried bee hoon, curry chicken, and satays as mains.
There were actually enough food to feed an army. lol.

After that came the group photos.
Firstly, a photo of Daddy & Mummy with the Birthday Boy, Khye.

And then the 4 of us!

One with the grandparents.
(Pity mama and papa and Janette sis and family were all in Singapore.)
Yee-pho and Yee-yee joining in. (miss you Wen and Ian!)
A photo with the cousins, the Mah family.

And the rest of the Cheong family joining in.
Shern loves Chooi Ting ee-ee and gave her a big hug.

One with my group of school friends.
(erm...where is Chia Chong ar?)

And another when YB Soo Huey arrived. :)

And this is dear Josie with her hubby Alex. 

A group photo with hubby's friends and family.

And then it was time to sing the birthday song.

Guess what? Shern sang the loudest. Actually he was being very cheeky and was kinda shouting the song the whole time. Look at his expression.

And Shern blew the candle for Khye. lol

Nevermind, at least Khye got to cut his own cake. ;)

Khye had his first taste of his own birthday cake.
Being a picky eater, Khye looked like he was not very amused by it. lol.

And when Khye was given one of the carrot cupcakes as his Smash Cake, he barely touched it, and didn't even want to look at it, let alone taste it. lol.
Smash Cake session failed!

Shern on the other hand was busy playing with bubbles with his friends, Ashley, Marcus and Chao-chao.
Ok, Bubble Pack from Daiso did the job to entertain the bigger kids. :)

And what about Khye?
He was not really his wide smiley self. He had kinda a shocked face the whole time, I guess he was shocked to see so many people bombarding his house. lol.
So on most photos, he looked like this:

Or like this:

And he kept on showing the 'Hello' sign by putting his hand near his ear, whenever people comes in and the adults greet each other Hello.
He thought we were all talking to him. It was quite a funny sight to see him stopped playing suddenly and put his hands near his ear. lol.

There were some nicer photos of him

Some photos of Khye with Daddy.

And some photos of Khye with mummy.

Ok, so let me end this birthday post, with a grinning smile from the birthday boy himself!

Thank you all for taking your time to attend and make Khye's 1st birthday such a success!

You can also view the mini video clip of the party (done by talented Josie!) here!

Fyi, most of the party ideas I got from Pinterest. I pinned everything to my Sunshine Pinterest Board and then worked with Josie to get the ideas to life.
Follow me on Pinterest if you like my pins and boards! ;)

Photo credits: Alex of Pixous Photography
Deco credits: Josie of Favor-It-Shop


Serenely said...

One year! Happy birthday Khye! A Big milestone indeed... Love the sunshine theme. I also noticed that you and your three boys are all dressed in Sunshine Yellow too. Nice effect in all the pics

tanshuyin said...

Thanks Serene.

Yes, we all dressed up in yellow to match the theme colour ;)