Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Breastfeeding Experience - Part 7 (16th Month)

Shern is a week short of 16-months old, and I am STILL breastfeeding him. Yes, we are still going strong. But I have not been touching my Avent Manual Pump for a month or so - it's all direct feed now.

Actually, I had started giving Shern Anmum Essential formula for about a couple of months already. I started doing so because I initially wanted to wean him off gradually and introducing formula was one of the way to do so. But then Shern had chicken pox and thus, weaning plans were delayed.

Introducing Shern to formula needs a lot of patience. He refused it initially. But I kept on making him formula milk (about 2-3oz) every time he asks for milk. He took a sip and then refused it. But after two weeks or so, he started drinking a little of it. Just like Dr. Chiah advised, baby needs time to get used to the formula taste.

Up until now, he will drink the formula only when I am not around. If he sees me, he sees his 'milk-milk' underneath my clothes and will tug at my clothes to ask for it.
So since I have plans to wean him off real soon, I stop expressing and just let him suckle whenever he wants to.

And these few days, since Shern eats a lot of other different food, he suckles only for fun. Not because of hunger. And he seldom suckle during the night. The pacifier does the job to soothe him back to sleep. So I guess this is a good sign that he is ready to be weaned off my breasts completely.

Well, wish me luck peeps!

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MieVee @ said...

My boy was the opposite, suckled for comfort at night but not in the day. So day-weaning was easy. After day-weaning succeeded, he weaned himself off the night suckling too. Woo hoo!

All the best to you! :)

tanshuyin said... son's attitude is 'no see my problem'.
so at nite he closes eyes dont see my dont ask for milk lor.
day time, he knows that his milk-milk is underneath my clothes..therefore asks for it! hehe