Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Breastfeeding Experience - Part 2 (4th Month)

27 October 2009 - My breastmilk storage in the freezer

Looking at the photo below, one seems to think that I produce a lot of breastmilk for Shern. In actual, I don't have that much. I only have enough for Shern for the time being. I have just about a week+ supply with the ~50 bottles in the freezer.

I am not those fortunate mums where milk comes easy to them. I went through a very difficult time before I reach here.
I had longer than normal engorgement period. I experienced pumping out blood. Nipple crack and sore nipples were a normal thing for me initially.
I'm glad I persevered.

And although I'm into my 4th month which supposedly should be my peak, I can only express 4-6 oz every 3 hourly.
Most mum can express 10 oz during their peak. So I am not those mums who have so much milk. But I have enough for Shern and that is all that matters.

To exclusively breastfeed my baby is not easy. I try to express every 3 hourly. Which means no matter where am I, I need to do the job. Before I go anywhere, I need to make sure there is a suitable place for me to pump. When there is no suitable baby room, I make do with wherever I can find.

I have pumped in FOS changing room, Nichii Changing Room, Jusco's Baby Room, toilets (clean ones of coz) and even in a moving car on the highway (with car shades blocking the windows)! :)
Basically, I can't go to places where I can't find a decent place for me to pump.

I am a cow now actually. Kinda no life.

Anyway, many soon-to-be mums ask me how do I store my breastmilk and how do I prepare them for baby. I think it is good to explain briefly how I go about feeding my son breastmilk thus far.

I keep all my expressed breastmilk in the freezer, which they can lasts for 3 months.
The night before, I bring out tomorrow's feed and keep in the the fridge to defrost/to be thawed. It takes about 12 hours to be thawed in the fridge.
And about half an hour before my baby's next feed, I pop the bottle into my Lindam Food & Bottle Warmer. It takes about 5-6 mins to warm 4 oz if it's from the fridge.

Lindam Food & Bottle Warmer - something I cannot do without

There was once when I was in KL's Swiss Garden Resort where my room was not equipped with a freezer. I brought my own icebox and requested the hotel staff to keep my breastmilk in their freezer.

I am very proud when people ask what formula do I feed my son as he looks very healthy. I told them I feed Shern with 'Shu-Yin brand' - he is an exclusively breastfed baby.

I hope I can reach my 6 months exclusive breastfeed milestone!


Soo Huey said...

hey, i'm curious. what happens when u transition from breastmilk to cow's milk? do u start by mixing the milk or alternately feeding with each type? when does a child start to eat solids or semisolid (those puree things)? u gonna breastfeed till then? or 6 mths is the limit? so then when will u start slowly getting him used to milk/food other than breastmilk?

he does look very healthy! a big strong boy!

tanshuyin said... u really mean cow's milk or formula?
baby cannot take cow's milk (those normal milk we drink...Dutch Lady, etc) til he is at least 1 yr old.

breastmilk is the best for baby's 1st yr of life.

solids/semisolids are usually introduced when he is 6 mths. but is only a supplement. breastmilk/formula is still his main diet.

scarediechickenme said...

well, it's already enough to make me green with envy when I saw your freezer :)

enough shern is all that matters....yes, and shern does look healthy and strong. I just love to squeeze their arms and legs. feel so solid :)

Soo Huey said...

hehe. see, i dont know anything! i actually meant formula milk.. :$