Friday, September 24, 2010

Noisy Little Car Makes Shern So Happy

Was shopping at Tesco this afternoon when I decided to sign up for this credit card where I would get a free toy racing car for Shern.

It was one of those made-in-China kind in which runs on AA batteries, with very loud music and knows how to turn and reverse when knocked onto something.

When Shern sees it, he was ecstatic. He loves it. Loves its loud music (I ended up taking a Scotch Tape to cover 'speakers' to minimize the irritating music).

Look at his smiles while watching the car go to and forth, left and right.

After seeing Shern running after the car in the house, hubby & I ended up using our legs to make a circle so that Shern can watch the car in a small area.

Shern even tried to avoid letting the car knocking onto him.

Father and son playing happily. Shern loves it.

I guess no harm applying for credit card when I can get a free car to make my son so happy.
In fact, this card even gives me RM188 cash upon approval. And even after being charged rm50 for the bank fees, I still get to pocket RM138!

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