Monday, September 6, 2010

Colourful Monday

Good morning Monday. I woke up with the sky's all grey. Strong wind was blowing through the front door, making my wooden wind-chimes clanged so loudly. It looked like it was about to rain.
And by that time I left Shern to my ah-yee, I knew that I needed something colourful to perk my Monday blues before I leave the house.

So I whipped out some bruschettas. Colourful Bruschettas to be exact.

6 September 2010 - Bruschettas

Don't they just look so colourful and fun? I chopped some chunks of my favourite Kiwi fruits and serve as a side to make me happier. ;)

The bruschettas are savoury, with garlic butter spread, small pieces of cured honey chicken ham and sliced cherry tomatoes.
The kiwi fruits served as a side is just perfect to eat it, as it is sweet with just a twist of sour.

Hubby & I had this for breakfast. It already made my day! No worries if there is a stupid person who cuts my queue or Shern whines whole day later. I am already happy! :D

Recipe: Bruschettas

1/2 a loaf of Baguettes
Garlic Butter spread
Ham of your choice, chopped into small pieces
Cherry Tomatoes, chopped into thin slices
1 Kiwi fruit (optional), chopped into chunks

1. Cut the baguette diagonally into slice of about 1-inch thickness. Toast them in the oven at 150 degree C for about 3 minutes or until crispy and brown.
2. Spread the garlic butter spread on the hot baguette slices.
3. Spread the ham pieces on the slices. Topped with a few slices of tomatoes.
4. Serve the kiwi fruit as a side.

Happy Colourful Monday peeps!


Kate said...

I'm making bruschettas too, but mine is a bit more traditional. :)

tanshuyin said...

haha. mine i used what i have in the fridge. :)