Sunday, September 12, 2010

@15 months - Ain't He A Big Boy Now?

Ok, let's take a break from all the food posts. :P

Let's see the handsome little guy in the house. Ain't he a big boy now?
He just turned 15 months last week.

12 September 2010

And he is getting more and more cute. Haha.
Well, let's see what things he learnt since last month.

- Shern recently learnt the gesture for 'cheng-cheng' (cantonese slang) which means praying. Shern will look towards the alter sitting atop in mum's place and will put his two palms together, moving them in praying motion.

- Shern learnt this almost a month or two ago. He surprised us when he shows the action of 'playing golf'...yes, you heard me right! Kong-kong and pho-pho loves watching the golf action and he picked up the gesture of hitting a golf ball, much to his kong-kong's delight!

- At 15 months, he has got more than 10 teeth. In fact, he has 13 teeth as of now. You can see more are erupting soon! You can check out his tooth chart.

- Shern finally knows how to do 'flying kiss'. This is one gesture which he refused to do before recently although we tried teaching him many months ago. Now, when he is in the mood, he will give a 'flying kiss' after 'bye-bye'.

- Shern knows 2 body parts now - nose and tongue. Haha. Yes, when you ask him where is his tongue, he will stick it out for you while smiling!

- He almost outgrew his only shoe. We have to get him another pair soon. His feet are getting longer and bigger.

- When you ask Shern whether he is 'full-full', he will rub his tummy. :)

I am sometimes rather surprised that time passes by so quickly nowadays. In a blink of an eye, the year is coming to an end. And my son is now 15 months old! Wow!

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