Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Breastfeeding - Part 5 (12th Month - 1 Year)

Yay! I have surpassed my goal of exclusively breastfeeding Shern for 1 year!

Shern has been drinking mummy's milk for the first year of his life.
And of course he has also been munching on porridge, breads, cakes, biscuits and practically everything we eat as long as they are not too sweet or salty.

I'm so glad I managed to come this far. It is all thanks to my sheer determination to breastfeed (I am a mum who has to work very hard to breastfeed), thanks to my Avent Manual Breastpump and ultimately thanks to Shern who doesn't bite my nipples! *touch wood

Due to my dwindling milk supply as mentioned in my previous post, the bottles of breastmilk in my freezer are now down to less than 50 bottles.

8 June 2010

This is because I express only 1-2 bottles during the day but Shern drinks 2-3 bottles during the day. My freezer supply is going to dry up real soon.

Now that Shern is so aware of his surrounding, he is smart enough to know that his milk is hidden underneath mummy's clothes. Sometimes when I lift my top up, he smiles cheekily and crawls towards me and open his mouth agape! haha

Thankfully, he drinks from the bottle too. This gives me the freedom to go out and sometimes to leave Shern overnight to mum & ah-yee.

Many people are shocked when they know that I am still breastfeeding Shern. They are afraid that Shern does not have enough nutrition because breastmilk are diluted. Little do they know that breastmilk is the most nutritious milk for a baby!

Some were horrified because Shern is a boy and they commented that it is not nice for boys to suckle on mummy's breast.
Hey, Shern is still a baby. And babies usually have no distinctive memories of what they do until they are about 3 years old.

Anyway, I find breastfeeding the most natural thing in the world. And I like the bonding I share with Shern.

Usually Shern is a monster at home. But whenever Shern suckles, he calms down immediately and looks like the most angelic baby.
You can never see him this kuai except for the few minutes when he suckles my breast!

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Shurainian said...

even got place to put ice cream now..

blubbieMs said...

u mean he doesnt even attempt to bite? Mine would suddenly nip me out of mischief just to test reaction and would sadistically laugh! haiz.. i tell u they are not angels! =) *grin* hahahah

tanshuyin said...

wen...yes. got place for even 2 tubs of icecrem :")

emily...nope. there was once he bit me but that was coz he sneezed while suckling and then the teeth landed on my nipple. damn pain man but i know it was not done intentionally.and i try not to make a scene out of it for fear that he will wanna do it again juz to see my reactions :D

sertyan said...

wow! you have so many bumble bee bottles! haha. I used to freeze my milk in those special milk bags. But my daughter never got to drink them. She only drank those in the fridge, not in the freezer. THere was once I let her try the thawed one from the freezer she didn't like it. But still I froze my extra milk anyway. But..i think I threw away A LOT of frozen milk like whole freezer of them on 3 separate ocassions coz they were more than 3 months old and unused. After that I didn't freeze anymore coz my daughter never drinks it. who drinks it? I drink the excess myself after that. haha. but now i just produce ngam ngam for her so no more drinking my own milk (hope didn't make anyone nauseous here). :)

WendyinKK said...

Hah? Boys shouldn't suckle? What sort of thinking is that?
Weird people with distorted minds.

tanshuyin said...

Sertyan...i do drink my own milk too at times :p

Wendy...yes, usually the elders tell me that!