Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Breastfeeding Experience - Part 2.5 (5th Month)

Saw this article today in and I feel so proud:

If you're able to hang in there (exclusive breatfeeding) for at least four months, it makes a big health difference for your baby. "Breastfeeding for one month may offer some benefit, " says Nancy Krebs, a pediatrician and nutrition specialist, "but the studies that show reductions in ear infections, diarrhea, and so on, are for babies who were breastfed exclusively (or close to it) for the first four months." (

Reading this makes me feel so satisfied. At least all my sacrifices are worth it.

I am currently breastfeeding Shern for almost 5 months and am hoping to reach the 6 months period minimum.

This week, I feel that my breastmilk supply is less than usual. Either I dont drink enough water or my milk supply is dwindling down gradually. I hope it will last for at least another month or so.

I am so so so proud and satisfied everytime people ask:

Aunty: Wow, you baby looks so healthy. What formula do you feed him?
me: mummy's milk @ breastmilk
Aunty: Fully? never mix with formula ar? Not many people can do that!
me: *nod head - feeling so proud* *beaming non-stop*

She just made my day! :D

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