Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yiu-Shern - week 17

3 Oct 2009

Yiu-Shern's 17 weeks Milestone

This was the week where the whole family (except the 3 of us) packed and went for a 8-day holidays in Phuket.

Mother & Son
The whole weekend was just Shern & me.
Peter went to lecture on CFA @ KDU on the whole of Sat 9am-5pm. By the time he bought dinner and reached home, it was almost 7pm.

On Sun, Peter went to Sunway Carnival to join the KFC's Catur Bistari boardgame. He went off at 8am and came back at around 5pm.

Shern is now drooling all the time. I started to let him wear bibs. If not, he would wet his top and I would need to change it often which I was lazy to. Anyhow, his bibs were all drenched wet as well so I still needed to change his bibs twice or thrice a day.

l to r: 28 Sep 2009 - mummy mummy...I'm so happy to see u!
29 Sep 2009 - Why is Daddy's cartoon show so boring?
30 Sep 2009 - oops...I think I am the one who broke the toy

I could see a white-ish thingy in his gums where his 2 teeth are supposed to be. However when I put my finger inside I could not feel the teeth yet. Isn't it too early for him to be teething? He is just almost 4 months old.

I then read somewhere that it says although these are signs of teething, usually the teeth won't sprout out yet for another month or two.

Hmmm...I guess that explains his 'super-wet drooling'.

Rattle Teether
Mum bought Shern his 1st Rattler Teether before she went off to Phuket. Shern loves his new Nuby Rattler Teether. It is just the right size for his little fingers. He will just grab hold of it and a second later it is in his mouth. Look at his drools.

1 Oct 2009 - Shern with his Nuby Rattler Teether

iPood Onesie
This cute 'lil iPood onesie by Munchkins is from Soo Huey. Everytime I see Shern wearing it, I will smile. He looks so damn cute wearing it. I can't help reading it 'iPood' everytime I turn to Shern to carry him.

1 Oct 2009 - Shern in his iPood onesie

Bumbo Seat
I tried putting Shern into his Bumbo Seat and he seems to sit in pretty well. (will blog more about the Bumbo Seat after Shern sits on it for a longer while.)

3 Oct 2009 - Shern in his Bumbo Seat

How Is Mummy Doing?

The week started well. I managed to pump 8oz at one go!
Too bad it is just for that one time :=)

The weekend which was just Shern & me, I had no time to express milk. Could not bear to see Shern cries for 20 minutes while I express. Anyhow, his crying will make me so tense that it will affect my letdown.
So I was direct-feeding Shern for the whole weekend.


Shu-Min said...

the main picture of shern here.. looks like he's doing.. bu bu CHAK! :)

Peter Lim said...

me lecture CFP la, not CFA. :-)