Friday, October 9, 2009

One Week of Shern All By Ourselves

I've mentioned that I've got my hands full at the moment, didn't I?
Well, it is because the little prince of my house is asking for attention 24/7.
The whole family (except Peter, Shern & I) went to Phuket for a holiday.

It has been QUITE a good week I must say. Shern did not behave well ALL the time. But I must mention that he behaved well MOST of the time.

He did have a crying fit at one time - when Mich, Wai Min & their daughter Yi Jie came for a visit. He was howling away and just would not stop not matter what I did. I guess they were also shocked to see my son crying his head off for dunno-what-reason. Haha.

I had to take care of him all by myself when hubby needs to go out for work.

No more EBM via bottle then because I had no time to express out my milk. Shern would cry if I leave him too long...and I would be too tensed trying to hurry my pumping session which resulted in less milk anyway. SoI gave up! Direct-fed Shern the whole day when hubby went to work!

Besides taking care of Shern, I still need to do laundry and somehow cleaned the mess in my house. And darn...The washing machine chose this week to go dead! I had to use my hands to rinse all the clothes, towels, etc.

I did not cook (where would I find enough time?). We had microwaved fried rice mum prepared earlier, instant noodles, take-aways & sandwiches with ham & cheese, instant pasta....
Not a bad week for food - just that most were unhealthy but yummy food!

Anyway, we had quite a number of visitors last week. Namely, Pat, Mich & family, Chiao Ju, and Ee Lyn. That is considered quite a many considering that we don't usually have visitors.

And of course all of them came to see Shern!

7 Oct 2009 - It's not easy being this cute

Isn't he absolutely cute?
Anyway, I took plenty of photos of Shern last week. I still smile and grin when I look back at all his funny expressions.


chiaoju said...

well, i came to see the mummy too! hahahaha...

and yes he is adorable. he and his many face making session. :)

pat said...

where's the pic he took with sista pat? :P

tanshuyin said...

chiaoju....muaks :)

pat...SISTA pat? haha..aunty pat