Friday, October 30, 2009

Shopping Craze!

I spent about 7 hours shopping at Parkson, Gurney Plaza! This is the longest time I've ever spent shopping since Shern pop out nearly 5 months ago. (thanks to my parents & ah yee who took care of Shern)

Parkson is celebrating it's 22nd Anniversary and Bonus Link members who spent RM200 and above in a single receipt will get 22x Bonus Link points. In addition, you will also get RM10 Parkson voucher for every RM150 spent.

Pls dont ask me how much I spent. *blush*
Let me give you a hint - I am eligible to apply for Parkson Elite Card.

Ok. Not every item I bough is mine. I bought stuff for my mum and my sis which I am gonna demand for my money back.
And almost every item I bought are baby stuff - baby wipes, liquid cleanser, pacifier, etc. Baby items don't come cheap ok.

Oh ya...I splurged on 1 item. I bought Shern a jacket from Pumpkin Patch! If you all know me, I seldom buy clothes for Shern. Other people buy clothes for Shern. :P

Oh ya, I also managed to get myself a FREE Manicure (for those who spent RM200 & above). I was having perfectly manicured hands with pastel pink nails - until I stuffed my hand into my handbag to dig out my handphone. Darn...there goes my left thumb nailpolish! Arghhhh...


Kate said...

RM150 Parkson purchase for RM10 is good. RM100 Jusco purchase (only cosmetic) for RM20 is even better!

p/s: my family has elite card too hahahaha. you and I big shoppers huh? :p

tanshuyin said...

karen..i seldo.m buy cosmetic stuff. so the jusco cosmetic voucher is not applicable to me.

yeah...i love shopping when i have the money!